The Ark System Works was Grand Diver! ~ Good luck! Tsuruhashi-kun ~ will be released on June 30. The compatible platform is Nintendo Switch, and the price is 1650 yen including tax. PVs and trailers are released to the announcement.

Grand diver! ~ Good luck! Tsurugashi-kun ~ is a rogue excavation strategy game that deduces a rarear substance that sleeps underground. The stage of this work is one planet in a distant universe. The planet used to have an energy depletion. At one point, a savior who uses a tool called Tsuruhashi appears. The problem solved the problem by digging rare substances from underground, but the savior disappeared later.

On the current planet, the Grand Divers, a mining team that uses search frames for underground search, is active. The player belongs to one of the Grand Divers, Studio Tsurushi. As a pilot of the search frame Tsuruhashi-kun, he dies deep underground in search of rare substances.

As a pilot by Tsuruhashi, the player digs the stratum deep underground. Tsurugashi-kun acts toward the destination when a guide pin is installed on the map. The player sets a progress route for Tsuruhashi-kun, taking into account the various terrain and enemies that exist in the ground. If you get rare substances at the deepest part of the stage, you will clear the stage.

In terms of system, the stage changes randomly with each challenge in this work. Depending on the player’s skills, the difficulty of the stage will gradually rise. I would like to expect a gameplay that combines rogue and strategies to make an important strategy and player judgment.

In addition, this work has a system called Oen Energy. Pressing the button and putting a Tsuruhashi-kun, the support gauge rises. Tsurugashi-kun seems to be able to use the attack power and special move according to the situation of the support gauge.

In addition, Hironob Kageyama is in charge of the theme song for this work. Koyamashigeto, who has participated in the design and character supervision of Tsuruhashi-kun as a character design and original picture in many anime works. The character design is served by illustrator and manga artist Sho Kakeemaru. The gameplay of Ark System Works is a work that is colored by gorgeous creators.

Grand diver! ~ Good luck! Tsuruhashi-kun ~ will be released on June 30 for 1650 yen including tax for Nintendo Switch.