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Susess Time Travel: From TikTok to Cities: Skylines on PS4 and PS5

For that reason, you can see images of my second city that I have temporarily underwater because the experiment of developing a dam was stupidly… failed.
Attention, flood!
Foolish if you perform the interior experiments in the middle of the city.

from the PS4 to PS5.

I didn’t understand that on February 15, 2023, Cities: Horizons Remastered for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series will be released.
But think of just how much I enjoyed about journalism release that fluttered into my mailbox a few days ago!
The most gorgeous thing is: If you have Cities: Horizons for PS4 or HBO, you can download to remaster upgrade totally free.
And what does that do?
Instead of 9 tiles per city, 25 tiles can be developed, so the cities really broaden into a megalopolis, and that in trendy!.
And not in squeeze as much as possible.
A fast choice tool is triggered, there are enhancements in the user experience and general increase in graphics efficiency and more.
I’m truly pleased!
And I have not even purchased among the LCS, by the way, the Remastered Release is revised to airports, the following will appear in the next couple of months.
In view of the truth that I just recently came back to Cities, the remastered details was a fantastic surprise.
I will take a few contrast images for you so that you can see if something truly alters with remastered.
To the homepage to the gallery.

I don’t even understand why I recently got the extremely particular requirement to play Cities: Skylines.
Maybe I simply desired to encapsulate myself from all tension and enhance around a virtual city in peace.
I was able to withstand the want a few days, however finally I offered him.
The couple of days also had more to do with the fact that I was thinking about whether I could still play Cities on my PC.
I in fact just configured it for text work years ago, and I thought that even such a basic game as Cities, which has now been around for eight years, would not really run efficiently;
When my city has actually reached a certain size, specifically not.
So I flirted with the console version of Cities: Skylines (now buy EUR 23.99), but terrified a little in front of the idea of an unnecessarily complex or popular control.
A minimum of for another day.
Then I pushed this concern aside and offered 40 euros for cities: horizons on the PS5 in the PS4 variation.
I was actually shocked that there was still no upgrade for the Existing gene consoles.
Do not fret, I’ll come to talk about that later on.
Stress: What will to remaster upgrade on the consoles change to Cities: Horizons?

angular, angular and hypnotizing as ever

Also about the release of Cities: Skylines, the city of the city, first, had no very reasonable look and second of all was relatively flexible in city preparation.
The reality that cities now does not look super bomb also involves the sheer amount of movable items that are shown on the screen.
The somewhat basic look never ever bothered me and I put some Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaange nights on the construction of my cities even back then, in 2015.
It’s not that different now.
I fell back into the Cities bunny hole, invest hours with the placement of individual trees, with a zen-like calm and patience, for which I am not really known.
In specific, I like this micromanagement of little things, which for the most part have no real impact on the video game.
And I am amazed that the keyboard and mouse control of the PC version of Cities: Horizons can be equated to a controller so well.
Yes, maybe a little accuracy in the placement of streets or structures is sometimes missing.
I also had to try to find felt hours for the function with which buildings can be moved.
Essentially, cities works just as well on a console as on the PC.
When you make the most stupid novice mistakes, well… except for the minutes.

still urban dumbness at the start

I had to laugh at myself how silly I have done again.
Each time I make the mistake of contaminating my city’s water system and thus killing 10s of countless my city residents.
I did that on the PC years back.


And this time, after a truly long Cities break, I went back into the greatest fat bowl of everybody.
I had actually picked a card with a bay and without a trusted water flow, so that eventually it was foreseeable that the bay would keep up drainage if I did not open the water treatment plant beforehand.
However, they only exist from 16,000 residents.
So for the time being, I picked the pragmatic method and continued the fresh water pumps as far as possible from the wastewater, in the hope that I would unlock the preparation system before the place would barely have happened to buy brand-new residential or commercial property, but
That’s not the point!
City 2 of SUSE, this time with less water pollution and more trophies source:
At some point the wastewater still reached the fresh water pumps and my whole city population was died, passed away, died, and I did not come after the building of health centers and medical practices.
And I asked myself: WTF, no waste water concerns the pumps, what’s going on here ?!.
Anyone who has already played Cities grins is most likely smiling about the information that I learned after a short Google search.
One of the three (!), Yes, among 3 water towers built for aesthetic factors based on unclean soil which killed half of my city.
Sadly, I only discovered about it after I accepted a bailout from the video game.
After the headless building of ten health structures, I was broke quite quickly thanks to the operating costs.

$50,000 as a bailout is not much, however… well, all right.
Caution: If you take a bailout, trophies will be deactivated.
I discovered that when I conserved after five more hours.

How to Get Horklump Juice in Hogwarts Legacy: Unlocking the Power of Magic

The fantasy world of Hogwarts Legacy is the realization of dreams without adulterating.
Not only can you play a fifth-year student in one of the most iconic internships in literature, but you will also begin your own adventure full of mystery, intrigue and danger at every step.
On his trip, he will meet herbology as a matter of study, which will teach him to prepare his own potions.
With that in mind, then, here is how to get Hoodlum’s juice at Hogwarts Legacy for those looking for this useful ingredient.

Where to get Hoodlum juice at Hogwarts Legacy

In summary, the easiest way to get Hoodlum Juice at Hogwarts Legacy is from J. Pippin’s potion store in Hogsmeade.
When you get here, talk to Parry Pippin and you can trade with him.
Image Source: Warner Bros. Games through
Hoodlum juice is quite economical and will only get back.
50 Pop coins.
On the other hand, if you don’t have money, or you just prefer not to spend your money, you can also find Hoodlum Juice in some underground areas in Hogwarts legacy.

What is Hoodlum juice used in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hoodlum Juice is a magical ingredient that can be used to prepare potions in Hogwarts Legacy. They look like small purple fungi and their main use is in Wiggenweld potions, which are essentially your healing potion for when you feel worse for use.


There you have it.
That is all you need to know how to get Hoodlum juice at Hogwarts Legacy.
To get more information, here there are five things to do first at Hogwarts Legacy to start your adventure with your right foot.
Or if you prefer, feel free to navigate the links below.
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Stardew Valley mit Survival: Steam

If Stardew Valley as well as Animal Crossing got a youngster, it would probably look like Dinkum.

Steam-Charts: Go cozy to Wander off, another adorable journey comes

As in Animal Crossing, it is based in Dinkum on an island, which is based on the Australian wilderness . So tropical woodlands and also scorching deserts await you.

The normal jobs include developing a residence, catching pests, shutting relationships and expanding crops. A vibrant mix of Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing .

In enhancement to the top placement in the top sellers, the Vapor players price the game with absolute top marks similar to Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing. Of the virtually 1,000 evaluations, 95 percent declare .

For some time now, the CyberPunk cat experience Stray is enthroned in starting point on the Heavy steam charts, yet in 2nd location it has actually lately made the LIFE SIM video game Dinkum comfy.

Dinkum, nevertheless, is still being broadened by a couple of survival elements **: quest pets, safe food and also defend on your own against deadly animals.

What else do you require to understand about the Stardew Valley choice?

Dinkum is currently still in a early gain access to version and is anticipated to be in it for one more year. The sole designer James Bendon has actually spent three years of job in the farming game as well as is currently describing the video game as usable. Some core functions, more objects as well as personalities along with other tasks are to be included gradually.

If you already wish to get the experience, you can secure Dinkum by July 21 with a discount rate of 10 percent on Vapor.

What Dinkum makes fantastic fun is the possibility to play with your pals in the co-op as well as thus make your islands unsafe together. However, there is presently no common development. As in Animal Crossing, you can check out each other and also work, for example, to construct the island, but this only profits the proprietor of the same.

_ Ihr would Stardew Valley desire with even more magic? You must take an appearance at Little Witch in the Woods: _


If Stardew Valley and also Animal Crossing got a youngster, it would most likely look like Dinkum.

Dinkum is presently still in a early access variation and also is anticipated to be in it for an additional year. What Dinkum makes terrific enjoyable is the opportunity to play with your pals in the co-op and thus make your islands risky together.

Animal Crossing: Is Tom Nook actually a disguised person?

Tom Nook makes life difficult for us in Animal Crossing. The nasty capitalist takes us to line and thread (even if he supposedly donates the money) and maybe he will do even much darker things. According to a fant theory, it could even be that Tom Nook is actually not the one he pretends to be. Maybe behind the cute facade simply hides a person.

Animal Crossing fans think Tom Nook is a person in the Tanuki suit, but that’s rather unlikely

That’s what it’s about: According to a fant theory, Tom Nook should not be tanuki, but a person. Even if Tom Nook looks like a raccoon, it is officially a tanuki that is also called Japanese marten dogs. The animals are an integral part of mythology and a popular fabulous figure in Japan. Among other things, they can transform themselves and traditionally have very large testicles that serve as lucky charms and tools (yes, really).

How do you get on it? That Tom Nook is supposedly not a tanuki, but only wears a corresponding cladding, goes back to a statement by the Axolotls Samselt aka Shrunk in Animal Crossing: Wild World. There the psychologist and comedian explains that we would all wear masks. Even Tom Nook, although he would actually have a complete raccoon suit.

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Of course that makes you start -up. Actually, the statement about masks should be meant metaphorically, but the Tom Nook is mentioned here again and the whole thing is carried out so far. To stay in the picture: Why shouldn’t Tom Nook also wear a mask, but a whole suit, if not behind it?

More about animal crossing:

Animal Crossing: Why the Cold Tom Nook is actually a dear guy *
The heart -warming story of Tom Nook, Nepp & Schlepp
Animal Crossing: With this trick your Tom Nook cheats millions of stars

If Tom NOOK goes to JAIL, this happens... (Inspo @rajino201 Twitter)

much speaks against it: Apart from the fact that the statement should be a metaphor, there are simply no reasons within the animal crossing world that Tom Nook should withdraw such a show. Some characters like Sina have known him very long and something similar is nowhere else mentioned. At the moment everything actually speaks for the fact that Tom Nook is actually an animal. Of course, the idea still looks amusing (via: screen edge).

What do you say about it? Do you have such a strange feeling at Tom Nook?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – all fish fishing

In this Fish Guide Animal Crossing: New Horizons Leaders:

  • How to get a fishing
  • How fishing works
  • Which places your fishing can be
  • How many and which fish there are
  • What bait you and how they are made

In addition to many other activities, fishing belongs to the basic elements of the game. With fishing you can earn a lot of money in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You can also bring them into the museum to fill it slowly with all fish species .

As you get the museum, we show in our tips guide to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. A nice side effect of collecting is that it fills the faunapädie . By filling the faunapädie, you always receive valuable nook miles.

Extend now as a subscription at Nintendo Switch online!

All fish in April 2022

We reveal you in the following table, Which fish you can catch in Animal Crossing: New Horizons in April. All other fish and when you can catch them, we’ll tell you down in the guide.

Fish LOCATION Selling Price in Sterni Time
Anemone Fish Sea 650 whole day
Anglerfish Sea 2,000 16 – 9 o’clock
Bachschmerle River 400 whole day
Perch River 400 whole day
DÖBEL River 200 9 – 16 o’clock
Falterfish Sea 1,000 whole day
Flux River 300 whole day
Riverbed River 400 16 – 9 o’clock
Cancer Pond 200 16 – 9 o’clock
Flounder Sea 800 whole day
Glass Offish Sea 15,000 21 – 4 o’clock
Goldfish Pond 1,300 whole day
Gold Trout River source and waterfall 15,000 16 – 9 o’clock
Guppy River 1,300 9 – 16 o’clock
Hasel River 240 16 – 9 o’clock
Kaiserschnapper Sea 3,000 whole day
Kalmar Sea 500 whole day
Fighting fish River 2,500 9 – 16 o’clock
Karausche River 160 whole day
Carp Pond 300 whole day
Tadpeat Pond 100 whole day
Kilifisch Pond 300 whole day
Closh Sea 300 whole day
Koi carp Pond 4,000 16 – 9 o’clock
Mackerel Sea 150 whole day
Marlin Steg 10,000 whole day
Masulaches River source and waterfall 1,000 16 – 9 o’clock
NeoSalmler River 500 9 – 16 o’clock
Pallet Doctor Sea 1,000 whole day
Tasselflosser Sea in rain 15,000 whole day
Ranchu Pond 4,500 9 – 16 o’clock
Beltfish Sea 9,000 whole day
Redfire Fish Sea 500 whole day
Saibling River source and waterfall 3,800 16 – 9 o’clock
Sardella Sea 200 4 – 21 clock
Babelbarrow Sea 5.000 whole day
Snap turtle River 5.000 21 – 4 o’clock
Seabarge Sea 400 whole day
Seahorse Sea 1,100 whole day
Sunbard River 180 9 – 16 o’clock
Telescopic eye Pond 1,300 9 – 16 o’clock
Tuna Steg 7,000 whole day

How do I get a fishing?

After you get your tent and slept the first time, talk to Tom Nook. He shows you the workbench and gives you a craft instructions for the Wackelangel . Collects five branches to make them. Branches are located in front of trees on the floor. Jogging at the trees so that further branches fall down.

Another way to get to a fishing way is the purchase via Nepp. He offers the Angel for sale in addition to some other tools. But it is more efficient to produce your own angel and save the staris. A Wackelangel is broken after repeated use . Therefore, saves noook miles for the “Everyday Tools A to Z”.

This will give you further construction instructions, including a more stable fishing by upgrading the Wackelangel. Eisenerz is needed, which she knocks with the shovel of stones. The new Angel is holding longer, but does not provide better fishing results.

How does fishing work?

  1. Look into a waters and looking for shadows in fish form.
  2. Throw the fishing rod with the A button, so that the swimmer lands in front of the fish.
  3. As soon as the fish discovers the swimmer, he approaches this and nibbles first carefully on the hook.
  4. If he stretches, he pulls the float underwater. While the nibbling gives only a soft noise of themselves, the bite will be signaled with a much loud noise. So hear exactly!
  5. Press the A button again at the moment of biting to pull the fish on land.

Where can I catch fish in Animal Crossing?

You can fish everywhere, where there are water. Both on the river, as well as the sea or even at a pond. Everywhere, where you see the shadow of a fish , you can eject your angel. In addition to the obvious fishing sites, you can also fish on the jetty, the waterfall and river mittens to fish specific fish species that there are only there.

List of all fish: locations & prices

Overall 80 fish you can start in Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch (now at Mediamarkt!) Catch.
In order to fill the faunapädie with all fish, must be fished at different seasons and at different times of day.
The size of the fish can previously be recognized by the size of the shadow.
Big fish bring more money than small fish.

Fish Location Selling Price in Sterni Month time
Anemone Fish Sea 650 April – September whole day
Anglerfish Sea 2,000 April – October 16 – 9 o’clock
Arapaima River 10,000 June – September 16 – 9 o’clock
Arowana River 10,000 June – September 16 – 9 o’clock
Ayu River 900 July – September whole day
Bachschmerle River 400 March – May whole day
Perch River 400 January – December whole day
Bitterling River 900 November – March whole day
DÖBEL River 200 January – December 9 – 16 o’clock
Falterfish Sea 1,000 April – September whole day
Flöselsheck River 4,000 June – September 21 – 4 o’clock
Flux River 300 January – December whole day
Riverbed River 400 January – December 16 – 9 o’clock
Cancer Pond 200 April – September 16 – 9 o’clock
Flounder Sea 800 October – April whole day
Frog Pond 120 May – August whole day
Glass Offish Sea 15,000 January – December 21 – 4 o’clock
Goldfish Pond 1,300 January – December whole day
Gold Trout River source and waterfall 15,000 March – May / September – November 16 – 9 o’clock
Gold Macrele Steg 6,000 May – October whole day
Guppy River 1,300 April – November 9 – 16 o’clock
Hai Sea 15,000 June – September 16 – 9 o’clock
Hammerhai Sea 8,000 June – September 16 – 9 o’clock
Hasel River 240 January – December 16 – 9 o’clock
Hecht River 1,800 September – December whole day
Huchen River source and waterfall 15,000 December – March 16 – 9 o’clock
Hedgehog Sea 250 July – September whole day
Kaiserschnapper Sea 3,000 January – December whole day
Kalmar Sea 500 December – August whole day
Fighting fish River 2,500 May – October 9 – 16 o’clock
Karausche River 160 January – December whole day
Carp Pond 300 January – December whole day
Catwel Pond 800 May – October 6 – 9 o’clock
Tadpeat Pond 100 March – July whole day
Kilifisch Pond 300 April – August whole day
Closh Sea 300 October – April whole day
Bone court Pond 6,000 June – September 16 – 9 o’clock
Koi carp Pond 4,000 January – December 16 – 9 o’clock
Königschlachs River mouth 1,800 September whole day
Poppy fish Sea 5.000 November – February 21 – 4 o’clock
Salmon River mouth 700 September whole day
Lachsalmler River 15,000 June – September 4 – 21 clock
Mackerel Sea 150 January – December whole day
Marlin Steg 10,000 November – April / July – September whole day
Masulaches River source and waterfall 1,000 March – June / September – November 16 – 9 o’clock
Sunfish Sea 4,000 July – September 4 – 21 clock
Murean Sea 2,000 August – October whole day
Napoleonfish Sea 10,000 July – August 4 – 21 clock
Nose muran Sea 600 June – October whole day
NeoSalmler River 500 April – November 9 – 16 o’clock
Pallet Doctor Sea 1,000 April – September whole day
Piranha River 2,500 June – September 9 – 4pm / 20 – 4 o’clock
Tasselflosser Sea in rain 15,000 January – December whole day
Ranchu Pond 4,500 January – December 9 – 16 o’clock
Rainbowfish River 800 May – October 9 – 16 o’clock
Beltfish Sea 9,000 December – May whole day
Ray Sea 3,000 August – November 4 – 21 clock
Redfire Fish Sea 500 April – November whole day
Senghai Sea 12,000 June – September 16 – 9 o’clock
Saibling River source and waterfall 3,800 March – June / September – November 16 – 9 o’clock
Sardella Sea 200 January – December 4 – 21 clock
Saugbarbe River 1,500 May – September 9 – 16 o’clock
Ship holder Sea 1,500 June – September whole day
Snake Head Pond 5,500 June – August 9 – 16 o’clock
Babelbarrow Sea 5.000 March – November whole day
Snap turtle River 5.000 April – October 21 – 4 o’clock
Seabarge Sea 400 January – December whole day
See-angel Sea 1,000 December – March whole day
Seahorse Sea 1,100 April – November whole day
Scalar River 3,000 May – October 16 – 9 o’clock
Stoning macrele Steg 4,500 May – October whole day
Sunbard River 180 January – December 9 – 16 o’clock
Stint River 400 December – February whole day
Storing River mouth 10,000 September – March whole day
Telescopic eye Pond 1,300 January – December 9 – 16 o’clock
Tuna Steg 7,000 November – April whole day
Tilapia River 800 June – October whole day
Walhai Sea 13,000 June – September whole day
Soft turtle River 3,750 August – September 16 – 9 o’clock
Wool handcrab River 2,000 September – November

Since some fish appear only at certain points at certain times, it may take a while until a special fish appears. With a bait, you can accelerate the process a little bit . Shafts a bait so that a random new fish appears at this point. So you do not have to walk around every fishing test until a new fish appears at this point.

To make a bait, your carpet mussels needed on the beach. At places where you see small holes and from which water splashes, strolling with the shovel. You will receive a carpet shell as well as the recipe for the bait, which can be made at Nooks Werkbank .

All The Fish You Can Catch In JANUARY | Animal Crossing New Horizons|Northern Hemisphere| KawaiiBeth
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