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Call of Duty: Mobile has practically equal in popularity with the older brother

Activision Blizzard showed excellent results of the mobile version of Call of Duty: more than 650 million downloads and about $ 1 billion income from sales of intra -game items. In addition, the game was equal to monthly active players with Call of Duty for PC and consoles.

Call of Duty: Mobile was released back in 2019 and has not lost players since then, but rather gaining popularity. This is due to the active release of new content and the publication of the game in China.

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The COD series has always been popular, but after the release of free Warzone in 2020, the franchise is going through its best times. For this reason, Activision Blizzard will release the mobile version of Warzone in 2023.

You are no place secure in Cod Warzone – Cheaters Climmed Hill By Melee

An increased position Incall of Duty: Warzone brings you an advantage in most fights and also shields you from cheather if you have an excellent cover. In the meantime, the volcano on Caldera – Cheater just climb the hill.

Cheaters can do a great deal of nonsense with their rip off programs in Call of Duty: Warzone:

But the anti-cheat system ricochet lives dangerous. Also many reports from various other gamers and also as well good data in the game and also rapidly wind up on a checklist of players that are concerning to be an irreversible spell.

  • For a while they were taking a trip with flying cars
  • Then make use of equipment that is in fact not in the video game
  • Some also allow the entire entrance hall collision for a win

Nevertheless, not all cheaters shy away from a spell. Some are still extremely obviously when traveling with unfaithful software application and also the climbing max with account level 5 In the complying with Reddit clip is certainly among the extra noticeable cheather:

As long as a Schummler does not tip on your feet every 2 suits, you can also laugh at such actions. And sometimes the poor cheaters also weld an extremely lobby with each other: cheaters terrorize match in Cod Warzone – until a hero saves the entire lobby

** What do players state? Even if you essentially really feel the stress as well as disappointment with the cheaters in Warzone.

We are likewise curious about your cheater stories. Do you bear in mind a funny encounter or maybe of a cheater who has really worked? We more than happy to review your comments on the subject.

** An increased position Incall of Duty: Warzone brings you an advantage in many battles and also secures you from cheather if you have an excellent cover. In the meantime, the volcano on Caldera – Cheater simply climb the mountain. Even if you literally feel the frustration and frustration with the cheaters in Warz1. We are likewise interested in your cheater stories. Do you remember an amusing experience or perhaps of a cheater who has really worked?

What took place? The thread producer on Reddit, Rip-Falcon, rested with his sniper rifle HDR and also a grey 5.56 at the top of the “Height” scene and also attempted to clean the location of opponents.


  • Magoo1979: “I don’t recognize what I just considered. That was really unusual. “
  • Kunallanuk: “This need to be the hack for enhanced melee range if I am not incorrect. He makes use of that rather creatively when I’m truthful. However still hacking crap. “
  • Beanboy100: “The with each other with the flying cars and truck hack was especially irritating, but in some way amusing compared to a normal rage hacker.”

Also if the topic is aggravating: occasionally experiences with cheather bring a little enjoyable and inevitably it is precisely about having enjoyable.

Sadly, it was second. At the very least there was something worth seeing.

Because the cheater goes up the volcano to Falcon like an insane with the aid of his melee attack as well as mercilessly knocks him out.

Then an opponent sounding him that showed up on the mountain a bit under him and also spied out Falcon. When confrontation, it quickly comes to be clear: the opponent is an actually excellent shooter… or a poor Schummler.

Elden Ring takes advantage of an incredibly successful launch in the Kingdom

We knew that Elden Ring was going to be big, but not so big. The action RPG has risen directly to the top of the British physical rankings earlier this week, but according to the physical and digital data compiled by GSD, Elden Ring, in fact, benefits from the greater launch of all non FIFA or Call of Call of Duty from Red Dead. Redemption 2 in 2018. Wow.

Apparently, Elden Ring sold 2.5 times better than Horizon Forbidden West, who was at the top of the rankings a week earlier – even if it is obviously worth keeping in mind that Horizon is an exclusive title to Playstation.

Elden Ring | 40+ Hours Played - Review
Elden Ring also beat the first big hit strikers Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (November 2020) and CyberPunk 2077 (December 2020), which is incredibly impressive if we consider the massive attraction of the two games. According to some information, more than 60% of Elden Ring’s sales have been digital, which is logical if we consider the PC version.

The only potential key in the work here is that Nintendo does not share digital data, so it is possible that the exclusive Switch titles have also surpassed the latest titles of fromSoftware over the last two years.

Yet this sacred success story. The souls games are popular enough since the era of original Dark Souls, but they have never received this kind of consumer attention.

Players use a new Warzone Weapon Perk

Players of Call of Duty Warzone are not foreign errors and disorders in the game, but the latest is one of the worst we’ve seen for a long time. The new Warzone Weapons Perk Bug is an easy-to-use exploit and adds a big buff to almost everyone available in the game. This error allows players to equip almost any weapon available in Warzone with an additional Vanguard Perk 1 option – including Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War Weapons.

, Jgod’s trusted name in the community, has explained in a video how the new Warzone Weapon Perk bug works, and examples where this could be useful, and shown how groundbreaking this exploit is.

In Warzone, the selection of the right benefit 1 for a Vanguard weapon is an important part of the establishment of the best Warzone Loadouts. The PERK 1 option adds vanguard weapons an incredible buff, but you can only choose one – it can be a difficult decision and often makes the difference between a mediocre weapons construction and a great ones.

If the PERK 1 options are already available in the game, why is this new exploit then such a problem? Well, it’s a problem because you can add almost every weapon in the game a Vanguard Perk 1 option – that also means that you can double if you use a Vanguard weapon.

In his video you can see below, JGOD Vanguards PPSH uses as an example. He compares a PPSH with a PERK 1 with a faulty PPSH build with two PERK 1 options – and the difference is amazing.

Tightening, a popular choice and an important component in building the best PPSH Warzone Loadouts, increases the accuracy of continuous shooting. If you combine this with the advantages of Gung-HO, another PERK 1 option that allows you to shoot the sprint, an outrageous overmighty SMG, which is almost impossible to counter. You can see both weapons in action around the 2: 10 mark of the video below.

To make the matter worse, this Warzone Weapon Perk bug is not even too difficult to exploit. All you have to do is to pick up a PC player 24 with a fully equipped vanguard weapon to fire a ball from both weapons in your PC player 24, drop them, drop them, and if you then a second PC player 24 cancel, you will find PERK 1 from your first Vanguard PC player 24 is available for the second weapon.

This can be used to make the recoil at almost every weapon in warzone negligible. Raven Software has confirmed this Exploit and updates the Trello board of Warzoneaber It is not to be foreseeable how long this will be a problem in the game.

CALL OF DUTY 2022 will receive important changes for the saga; New experience Warzone.

Just a week ago we tell you that Call of Duty is prepared for what is to come in the future. The only thing we knew for sure is that Infinity Ward is in front of development. Meanwhile, different sources ensured that the title in question would be a sequel to Modern Warfare (2019). And so is: Activision hdetails officially confirmed the existence of the new delivery of the Saga, which is already under development with the creative study of the original game to the head. Below we offer a review of the first details **.


  • The new delivery of the saga is a sequel ** from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019). The responsible study of development is Infinity Ward, authors of it.
  • Activision refers to the next version of the famous Royale Battle details “ New experience Warzone “. They have not transcended more details or it hdetails been specified if we are facing a sequel. Infinity Ward is in front.

  • A new mode called Sandbox ** hdetails been confirmed, although we will have to wait to know how it works. Reference is also made to “a mdetailssive evolution” of the Battle Royale genus.
  • Both titles will be developed by a new graphic engine and will arrive at some point of 2022. The platforms in which it will be launched hdetails been confirmed.

HUGE NEW CALL OF DUTY 2022 NEWS from Activision!

CALL OF DUY: Vanguard | A look at sedetailson 2

While we know more details about everything that is about to arrive, the recent Call of Duty: Vanguard is in full evolution and soon its second sedetailson will begin. Among the most outstanding news is Terra Balecita, a new chapter for zombies mode that will make us travel to the desert edetailst of Egypt. New enemies, weapons and missions will not be lacking, nor the different adjustments in the LOOT. You can check the details in the following link.

COD Warzone Pacific: Best Weapons for Season 1

In this guide at Call of Duty Warzone Pacific you will learn:

  • Which weapons are currently most strongest
  • Through which properties you are characterized
  • How the optimal loadout looks for the respective weapon

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COD Warzone has now over a handsome weapon arsenal , which grows further with every season. In the large number of assault rifles, machine guns and sniper guns and the constant buffs and nerfs, it is no longer so easy to keep track of the overview.

In our guide you will learn which weapons in COD Warzone Pacific are currently best and with which Loadout you get the maximum out of them. We also tell you which shoots in the community are currently among the most popular weapons.

Call of Duty Warzone Pacific: The most popular weapons in Season 1

With the integration of COD Vanguard in Warzone, a lot of new weapons came into play. Currently, the Vanguard weapons are among the most popular weapons at all, including about the MP-40, the BREN or the Cooper Carabiner.

The following table shows the 30 most popular community weapons based on the pick rate. [Data via WZ ranked, as of: January 29, 2022]

Rank Weapon Type Pick-Rate
1 MP 40 (VG) MP 16.35%
2 BREN (VG) LMG 10.19%
3 Cooper Carabiner (VG) SG 7.84%
4 Kar 98K (MW) DMR 7.43%
5 Swiss K31 (CW) Sniper 6.41%
6 STG44 (VG) SG 5.89%
7 Kilo 141 (MW) SG 2.53%
8 Gray 5.56 (MW) SG 2.49%
9 PPSH-41 (VG) MP 2.07%
10 M13 (MW) SG 1.97%
11 M4A1 (MW) SG 1.85%
12 AK-47 (CW) SG 1.83%
13 XM4 (CW) SG 1.66%
Rank Weapon Type Pick-Rate
14 Bar (VG) SG 1.60%
15 Mac-10 (CW) MP 1.48%
16 Robot (VG) SG 1.48%
17 Owen-MP (VG) MP 1.47%
18 KAR98K (VG) Sniper 1.42%
19 Fara 83 (CW) SG 1.33%
20 OTS 9 (CW) MP 1.25%
21 Welgun (VG) MP 1.23%
22 C58 (CW) SG 1.14%
23 HDR (MW) Sniper 1.09%
24 MP5 (MW) MP 1.05%
25 Krig 6 (CW) SG 0.99%

COD Warzone Pacific: The Best Season 1 Weapons with Loadout

MP 40 (VG) [MP]

The MP 40 is currently the most widely used weapon in Call of Duty Warzone Pacific. The machine gun has little recoil, you are very mobile with the weapon and the time-to-kill is under half a second. If the MP 40 still slides as long as possible, because already at the start of Season 2 it could hail nerfs for these over-MP.

Recommended LoadOut:

  • mouth : recoil booster
  • Run : Krausnick 221mm 01b
  • Visor : Krausnickiso1M
  • Shank: Krausnick 33m folding frame
  • underflow : M1930 Strife angled
  • Magazine : 7,62-Gorenko 45-shot magazine
  • Ammunition Type : Brand
  • Handle : Kerbter Handle
  • EXTRA : Quiet
  • Extra 2 : fast


The BREN counts next to the MP 40 in Season 1 to the strongest weapons at all. The lightweight machine gun is a little sluggish, but the damage and the high fire rate of the BREN are absolute madness. In our setup, we trim the machine gun on ZV speed and a lower recoil.

Recommended LoadOut:

  • mouth : mercury silencer
  • Run : Queen’s 705mm Royal
  • Visor : G16 2.5x
  • Shank: Oakenschild 12B
  • underflow : M1941 handstopper
  • Magazine : British.303 100-shot drums
  • Ammunition type : extended
  • Handle : Leather handle
  • EXTRA : Fixed handle
  • EXTRA 2 : Fully charged

KAR 98K (MW) [DMR]

Also in the first season of Cod Warzone Pacific is the Kar 98K from Modern Warfare is still a popular and above all powerful sniper rifle. The strengths of the rifle include the extremely high projectile speed, excellent mobility and enormously high damage. Even on long distances, the Kar 98K kills with only one shot – with a headshot. But even on medium distances, the sniper rifle is a very good weapon thanks to its high ZV speed.

Recommended LoadOut:

  • mouth : Muffler (monolith)
  • Run : Singuard custom-made 27.6 “
  • Laser : Tactical laser
  • Visor: Riflescope
  • Shank : FTAC sports wedge

Cooper Carabiner (VG) [Storm Rifle]

The Cooper Carabiner is a storm rifle from Call of Duty Vanguard, which is especially for short distance. Thanks to its high mobility, it almost feels like a machine gun, but has significantly more wumms and a correspondingly low time-to-kill. Since the Cooper carabiner dominates in melee, but weakened on medium and high distances, we try our loadout to improve the accuracy of the assault rifle at greater distance.

Recommended LoadOut:

  • mouth : MX silencer
  • Run : 22 “Cooper own
  • Visor : G16 2.5x
  • Shank: Cooper 45W
  • underflow : M1941 handstopper
  • Magazine : 9mm 60-Shot Crumble
  • Ammunition type : extended
  • Handle : Leather handle
  • EXTRA : Fixed handle
  • EXTRA 2 : Fully charged

Swiss K31 (CW) [Sniper]

Anyone who is not really warm with the Kar 98k has an excellent alternative with the Sniper rifle KNISTER K31. This repeating bush offers you a high accuracy and a high fire rate. This makes it perfect for aggressive sniping. With our setup you are well equipped for struggles on a medium distance.

Recommended LoadOut:

  • mouth : Gru-muzzle fire damper
  • Run : 24.9 “Combat Enlightenment
  • Laser : SWAT-5MW Laser Marker
  • underflow : grinding bowl handle
  • Handle : snake transition

STG44 (VG) [Storm Rifle]

The STG44 is in Call of Duty Warzone Pacific the second most secure assault rifle according to the Cooper Carabiner – and not without reason. The STG44 has a low TTK and is really nice. In our Loadout we sacrifice a little of mobility, but get better recoil control as well as greater range and accuracy.

Recommended LoadOut:

  • mouth : F8 stabilization
  • Run : VDD 760mm 05b
  • Visor : G16 2.5x
  • Shank: VDD 27 precision
  • underflow : M1941 handstopper
  • Magazine : Short 8mm 60-Shot Drum
  • Ammunition type : extended
  • Handle : Polymer handle
  • Extra : Vital
  • EXTRA 2 : Fully charged

AK-47 (CW) [Storm Rifle]

The AK-47 from Black Ops Cold was one of the most icic weapons of the series and again this season a good pick for assault rifle fans. The rifle is known for its brachial firepower and low TTK. However, you have to accept a pretty high recoil. Our Loadout for the AK-47 is therefore focused mainly on recoil reduction.

Recommended LoadOut:

* mouth : Gru-muzzle fire damper
* Run : 20 “SpecNas RPK Run
* Visor : Axial Arms X3
* underflow : Speznas handle
* Munition: 45 shot

Welgun (VG) [MP]

The Welgun is a new machine gun from Call of Duty Vanguard, which – as usual for machine guns – plays its strength especially for a short distance. With the Welgun you are super mobile on the battlefield, but the fire rate of the machine gun could be slightly higher. We compete this weakness in our loadout.

Recommended LoadOut:

  • mouth : recoil booster
  • Run : 320mm-Sa veil
  • Visor : Slate Reflector
  • Shank: Gawain skeleton
  • underflow : M1941 handstopper
  • Magazine : 9mm 64-Shot Magazine
  • Ammunition Type : Brand
  • Handle : Polymer handle
  • Extra : delusion
  • Extra 2 : fast

Bar (VG) [Storm Rifle]

The bar is currently not in the top 10 most popular weapons in Cod Warzone Pacific, but is a real insider tip. With the right loadout you transform the assault rifle in a killer machine, which even on greater distance opponents.

Recommended LoadOut:

  • mouth : F8 stabilization
  • Run : CGC 27 “2B
  • Visor : G16 2.5x
  • Shank: Cooper SP
  • underflow : M1941 handstopper
  • Magazine :.50-BMG magazine (40 shots)
  • Ammunition type : extended
  • Handle : rubber grip
  • EXTRA : Fingering
  • EXTRA 2 : Fully charged

OTS 9 (CW) [Machine Gun]

High fire rate and low recoil – this combination made the OTS 9 one of the best machine guns in Season 6. And in Season 1 of Warzone Pacific, the weapon is still one of the strongest MPS. Thanks to the nidery TTK, you shaved on short distance your enemies easily.

Recommended LoadOut:

  • mouth : Gru-muzzle fire damper
  • Run : 8.1 “Detailed Command
  • laser : Tiger team headlight
  • Munition : Fast VDV 40-shot magazine
  • Shank: KGB skelea

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Activision reveals cod

On Twitter as well as Co., increasingly more renowned names around Umclal of Duty Warzone report it. Activision has actually offered picked banners as well as Youtubern probably a very early view of Warzone 2. Meinmmo tells you what we currently recognize.

The information, which were probably shown, need to be under embargo. Some information has actually already passed through. Meinmmo summarizes her right here for you

The Battle Royale Cod Warzone obviously obtains a follower soon. At the very least these are the information presently in the COD community on Twitter. Well-known streamer, Youtuber and Influencer have actually most likely been able to see Warzone 2 in development.

This plainly validates the records that with Warzone 2 a follower to Fight Royale remains in growth. With this new video game, persistent troubles that are practically not to enhance will certainly be bypassed. Warzone 2 needs to therefore be a restart of the video game on brand-new as well as much better hardware.

Warzone 2 is to get FOV choice for PS5 and also Xbox

Sony Rolls Out New PS5 Update | Microsoft Talks Activision Blizzard Games On PlayStation | Horizon

What is understood? Activision has probably not just confirmed in a telephone call with Influencern Warzone 2, but additionally shown the video game itself. That claims the popular expert Tom Henderson on Twitter.

Despite stoppage, the adhering to information regarding Warzone 2 is already circulating on social networks. Since these are officially not yet verified, you should appreciate all of them with caution:

Public must probably find out about 11 February at 19:00.

COD Warzone: The best weapons with setups – Mid-Season 1/ February 2022.

When do we find out more? Presently the Influencers who have actually already seen Warzone 2 are already dedicated to silence. The factor for this is a stoppage of Activision.

It is noticeable that the Influencer appears to be in arrangement: what she should have seen from Warzone 2 has actually evidently enthusiastically excited her. So CharliIntel creates on Twitter:.

A Tweet of Modern Warzone recommends that this stoppage will most likely drop from a German time at 19:00. At this time can possibly also see the general public from the video game.

I have actually never been certain and also so fired up regarding the future of Phone call of Obligation. I wish every person a positive day.

@ CharleIntel on Twitter.

If you have loaded now the buzz, you must know which tools on Caldera are presently the ideal. We’ll inform you right here, which are:.

Meinmmo will certainly tell you a lot more as quickly as we understand much more. At regarding 19:00 on Friday, the second of February, we will upgrade this item.

Activision has offered selected banners and also Youtubern most likely a very early sight of Warzone 2. Activision has most likely not just verified in a call with Influencern Warzone 2, but additionally shown the game itself. * It is highly thinking that Warzone 2 will certainly also get a Next-Gen variation for PS5 and also Xbox Collection X | S.
* Warzone 2 should ought to with COD Modern Warfare War. It is not clear whether this takes place to the launch of Modern Warfare 2, or as at Warzone 1 a little after the release of the ‘Key Cod’ (using Twitter).
Currently the Influencers that have already seen Warzone 2 are already devoted to silence.

  • Warzone 2 must have been “due to troubles with the initial warzone ‘from scratch’ brand-new”. These problems are possibly from integration with Cod Black Ops Cold was (via Twitter).
  • Consoles should lastly obtain FOV setups with Warzone 2, which must go up to 120 ° FOV. The neighborhood is quickly longs for the existing warz1. As a result of technical restrictions, this should only be viable with a follower (Via Twitter).
  • It is highly assuming that Warzone 2 will additionally obtain a Next-Gen variation for PS5 as well as Xbox Collection X | S.
  • Warzone 2 must appear with COD Modern Warfare 2. However, it is not clear whether this occurs to the launch of Modern War 2, or as at Warzone 1 a little after the release of the ‘Key Cod’ (using Twitter). Therefore, it is presently uncertain whether the launch of Warzone 2 is to happen 2022 or just 2023.
  • There are unofficial hints that Infinity Ward can be in charge of Warzone 2. This talks a tweet of the designer who reacts to the favorable responses of the Influencer (through Twitter).
  • Proprietors of a PS5 and also Change can be breathable: Regardless of Microsoft’s magnificent purchase of Activision Snowstorm, the COD video games must not just show up on PlayStation, yet also on the Nintendo Switch.

Gamers in COD Warzone believe he has located the new secret weapon – will certainly after that be dissatisfied

Phone Call of Duty: War zone additionally provides cars along with different tools. They are also strong, according to a player, because he made 2 loads kills with an SUV automobile and won a lap. But Reddit swiftly disenchanted his meant secret weapon.

What has it with the secret weapon on themselves? The War zone Player as well as Reddit User Jam cowl was solo in the War zone and had actually broken a thick SUV off-road automobile throughout the game. He looked conveniently over the island map in the endgame as well as whenever he saw opponents, he got out and slammed her off.

In the protection of his automobile he got, according to his own statement, in the fight with the last 6 opponents no results and also could swiftly transform the website.

As a result, he placed the clip of the last mins of his round online as well as declared in the title The SUV remains in Solos Op!

In the long run he won the round with 24 eliminates. That in turn made him suspicious. Because 24 amuses as well as a last victory are not actually on the agenda?


Secret weapon is disenchanted Not the SUV is OP, your opponents do not fire back!

It’s not the SUV, the OP is, stated a customer. Your opponents do not shoot back!

What was the real factor for the strong win? However several viewers reacted to Reddit unlike Jam cowl. Since as opposed to maturing to him, he was explained that his opponents were absolutely not worthwhile.

As a matter of fact, the enemies do not appear to act really brilliant as well as an opponent pity so badly that also a Stormtrooper from Star had harmed. Even Jam cowl itself clears this:

If you intend to control hard in the war zone, after that take a look at our 3 solid attack rifle configurations.

It also covered Jam cowl and appreciated his triumph against the bot lobby. So you call in War zone rounds where exceptionally miserable opponents that practically keep in mind robots. Genuine crawlers, on the various other hand, do not exist in War zone.

I messed it and also revealed to him enormously, however he still missed every shot and also just pressed further into the emptiness. The entire game felt like a very weak crawler lobby, yet that was also shockingly poor.

Then a Reddit user said the adhering to ways words: We all occasionally get such a lobby. You have done what you needed to do and also did you grill. GG!

Call of Obligation: War zone likewise provides lorries in addition to different weapons. What has it with the secret weapon on themselves? The War zone Player as well as Reddit User Jam cowl was solo in the War zone as well as had snapped a thick SUV off-road car during the video game. What was the actual reason for the strong win? Yet several viewers reacted to Reddit unlike Jam cowl.

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