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Netmarbles new High Squad, Test participants recruitment

Net marble (CEO Won Youngest, Do Kiosk) announced on the 25th that it will unveil the Asia Focus Test of the real-time action Battle Royale PC game ‘HYPESQUAD / Developer Net marble Into’ and recruit participants.


‘Asia Focus Test’ will be conducted for users of Asians such as Korea and Japan from December 5th to 13th, and can apply for participation by downloading ‘High Squad’ before the test ends on the official Steam page.

Net marble will introduce new contents ‘Touchdown’ and ‘High Square’ in this test. ‘Touchdown’ is a new combat mode where five teams form a team to obtain a score by touching the bombs generated in the center of the map to the opposing team base.

‘Hope Square’ is a community mode that allows you to freely explore Ariosto, a map set in the future city. You can enjoy mini-games such as treasure hunt and cross bridge that are implemented throughout the map.

‘Hope Squad’ is a real-time action Battle Royale game in the future, and will be officially serviced through the global game distribution platform Steam and the Epic Games Store. In this game, it is characterized by selecting various weapons to participate in solo or three-person squad battles.

For more information about ‘High Squad’, please visit the Steam Store, the official website, the discoed, and YouTube.

Whatever you wish to the Battle Royale

** Cod: Warzone is the free Battle-Royale offshoot of the “Call of Duty” series.

Leviathan - Chug Jug With You (Fortnite Music Video) | Number One Victory Royale..
We from Meinmmo introduce you to the video game in a brief video.

What is Cod: Warzone and also where can I play it? ** Cod: Warzone is a Battle-Royale shooter with lots of various settings.
The unique feature of Warzone is that you are already starting with upraised loadouts and can deal with back to the game after death concerning a Gulag.
You can play Warzone on the PC by means of, on the Xbox Series X/ S, Xbox One, PS4 as well as PS5.

The video game uses CrossSplay in between the different systems.
We show you the 5 most preferred weapons in Warzone in Mid-Season 2.

COD Warzone Banns 90,000 Cheaters, players claim: Thats not nearly enough

What’s going on in Warzone? From the get go wanders in the PC version of COD Warzone Cheater her selfless. With Aimbots they fulfill ruthless headshots, Wallhacks utilize the fraudsters to see opponents through the walls. These are benefits that make it difficult to “straightforward” gamers, win laps and maintain the fun of this Battle Royale.

The developers are permanently in the fight to upgrade their video game versus the cheaters. For this you utilize devices like Ricochet, which assist to acknowledge the scammers and throw out of the game.

Incall of Duty: Warzone are still the developers on the quest for cheaters. Now they shared the result of a bigger spell on Twitter, however the community is not completely pleased.

Over 90,000 banns in a week

That says the group: On Twitter, the Phone call of Obligation team released a tweet on 19 March as well as explains: “#Teamricochet Update: 90,000 accounts were removed today by spanned waves. Pleasant Friday. “

  • The first led to shaft of Ricochet checked 48,000 players in December in a day

It is now more challenging to produce a brand-new account while using the same Computer that has actually been banned, @ TyronEbiggum5 clarifies in the remarks under the Tweet. There are presently no software program that work for the safety measure of a foreign computer.

Faze Nio admits to cheating in Call of Duty Warzone when caught using walls and aimbot
Incall of Duty: Warzone are still the developers on the quest for cheaters. Currently they shared the result of a bigger spell on Twitter, but the community is not completely satisfied.

As with every other spelling shaft, too, there are players that describe that they were outlawed innocently. They compose that they have actually played regular as well as did not use cheats or other forbidden tools, however still outlawed.

A tactical product in COD Warzon is so damn strong that you need to always utilize it.

The gamers claim: Numerous customers write that these 90,000 people can quickly produce a brand-new account as well as then remain to cheat in the computer variation. Besides, Warzone Free2Play – whoever is prohibited does not shed money usage, however merely creates the next account.

What’s going on in Warzone? From the start wanders in the PC variation of COD Warzone Cheater her unselfish.

For customers @m_paulcezanne on Twitter, nevertheless, the numbers are too reduced. He creates “90,000 a week? Resembles you’re still a bit switching on. “

Just how is it choosing you in Warzone? Do you feel that the programmers need to grab harders or get the trouble already controlled? Compose us your experiences of your last matches right here on Meinmmo in the comments.

On the one hand, the spell of 90,000 accounts is a relatively a great deal. However in connection with the number of gamers, the neighborhood is dissatisfied with it. This is how @its_menieb “one done, millions are still in the past”

Since the cheater problem came to be too large, also Banner relocated back from the Battle Royale.

Hyper Scape, the Battle Royale de Ubisoft, will come to an end in April

EN 2020, UBISOFT Announced that they were working on their own Battle Royale known as Hyper Scape. Months after its release That same year, the French _publisher admitted that this game was not meeting expectations, so that His development team promised that they would be carrying out a series of changes to improve many of their mechanics. Sadly this was not enough, since today ubisoft announced that they will be deactivating their servers forever.

Through a new statement published on the blog of ubisoft , your developers confirmed that from April 28, Hyper Scape servers will be permanently deactivated:

“We have taken the extremely difficult decision to finish the development of Hyper Scape and close its servers as of April 28. We ventured into creating a vertical shooting experience, in closed and high-speed spaces, and we are extremely grateful to the community for accompanying us on this trip. We will be taking key learning from this game for our future products. “

Ubisoft also thanked the community of Hyper Scape for all the support these months, and promise that the legacy of the game, as well as the devotion of the fans, will never be forgotten.

Ubisoft Battle Royale Hyper Scape Bombs & Dies After 1.5 Years & Watch Dogs Legion Ends Support
Editor’s note: If you come to play Hyper Scape at some point, and the truth is that I do not have a great time. The game certainly had potential, but its developers preferred to give more importance to other projects. Who knows, maybe in the future we see some other Royale Battle by Ubisoft.

I like Cod: Warzone not – but since the pandemic it is there for me

For some time I have always made a huge arch around Call of Duty. First, it’s me too dull, and secondly I’m not good in it. At least that’s what I thought until the Corona Pandemic changed everything, so my gaming. COD: War zone appeared at the same time and has been able to process my real apocalypse in the game since then.

Gaming in Corona: The one sought peace, the other stress

The Coronavirus presented all people ahead of a challenge: In order to ensure the best possible protection against infections, the complete everyday life had to be reduced. To deal with this new situation, everyone developed their own strategy, including in gaming. Many people sought and found, for example, relaxation and community in games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I, however, felt a great meaninglessness and boredom. Before the pandemic, I had great fun when I saved kingdoms, worlds and galaxies in video games, but what did that still bring me? It was clear: I had other needs and therefore needed other games.

Cod developed here: War zone to my pandemic game. The Battle Royale booster, which sometimes came out in March 2020 on time for the first Lockdown in Germany, with his gameplay – could not reproduce the eternal fight in a time loop – my real life can not play better. The Iranian: I could never win Call of Duty before. To warble, to stump, too mainstream. And then also a Battle Royale game? Already three years ago, I explained in one of my first game tips articles that even Fortnite consists for me only from stress – and that I do not understand why someone wants to volunteer.

But now I did not want to experience stories, no Open Worlds and no shallow fun in video games: Now stress was the only thing I wanted. How practical that COD served nothing else. It was not only the stress, it was also the seemingly impossible task that irritated me, the task of winning this match as a last survivor. Or to make it better to make it better with another picture: Imagine you, you would like to get out with enough supplies in a bunker and has only a Rubik’s Cube. You know. This chunky cube, which is placed on average always after four minutes of shooting annoyed. Well was Cod: War zone My Rubik’s Cube . If I could not do anything anyway, I also could prove that I was very comfortable to shoot shooters and Battle Royale.

  • With this trailer Cod: War zone was first introduced. Since Verdant has changed a lot, zombies came and went, and meanwhile you are shooting on the tropical caldera map:


Cod: War zone – the wonderful hell, my new sport

The plane crosses Rebirth Island, here reigns eternal sunset. Soon we jump out with the parachute and look how far we come. I do not necessarily want to win, I just want to be thrown into as many hair-raising moments as possible. Since the delightful hiding and deserved in my very first round, two years and many fights have passed. It’s like in the Film Edge of Tomorrow, as well as Tom Cruise I have become better and better in this time loop, by experiencing thousands of situations, lost and sometimes won .

In no other game I will be so much aware of the meaning of my muscle memory: Even on the PS5 I play COD: War zone continues with my PS4 controller because I know this best and with this my thoughts can translate the fastest in movements. A completely new familiarity, on such a basal mechanical level. I do not need to home, I just need sports.

Even though Cod: War zone and I can not belong together as a game and player and I still like someone on the transit, at a time and a place I do not know, I will not be from the other players perceived as outsider or foreign bodies. Of course, it is over and too toxic, but in many cases we go correctly, praise, criticize and talk to us like loose friends, even if we got to know each other a few seconds in the plane. We know each other anyway, because we have the same goal.

Everything is so non-binding and appropriate, so fast-lived and chaotic, but thus mechanical and structured, every defeat is just as quickly forgotten as every victory . For the show continues, and I never wonder if I’m finally good, but only what I did in which situation did wrong. I have a challenge that I would never be completely masters and does not have to, I can arrange my situation, as in real life, I processed defeat better, I process stress better and does not have to be afraid of boredom. Because COD: War zone just eats it .

COD: War zone became my companion in the pandemic. I can play my everyday arrangement with a negative state of permanent condition and burn all emotions in this simulator. Whether Activision, Infinity Ward or Raven software that had in mind, is meaningless. Until the normality returns, I always know where I have a place – without having to like a cod ever.

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