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Appearance date of Destiny 2 season 17, rumors, leaks and more

Season 17 of Destiny 2 is just around the corner, but Bungie is unusually closed in many details. As expected, this has led to some wild speculations in the name of Destiny 2 players, the bungie does not seem to suppress particularly.

We don’t even have a title for the 17th season, a complete list of the expected changes, updates and additions. We don’t even know where the story will lead, but in view of the revelations that fall on the vow of the disciples in the campaign The Witch Queen and the subsequent attack, there are several ways that they could take.

However, a recently published This Week At Bungie Blog revealed some interesting facts to keep the fans happy. So while we are waiting for the last information before the start of the new season, we have compiled everything we know about the knowledge release date of season 17 of Destiny 2 as well as leaks and rumors that we have heard.

publication date of season 17 of Destiny 2

The release date of Destiny 2 season 17 is Tuesday, May 24th. The new season begins with the weekly reset at 10:00 a.m. Pt / 1:00 p.m. ET / 6:00 p.m. GMT. Players who buy or own the Season Pass can join the new seasonal content. A new initiative starts with season 17, in which players can output 2,000 silver for a pass with 10 already activated levels.

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Destiny 2 season 17 iron banners changes

The previously undeniable largest announcement for season 17 is that Bungie completely revised the Iron Banner event. Since Lord Saladin is now a member of the war council of Empress Caiatl, the newly titled Bracus smithy will only visit the tower twice a season. Iron Banner runs only two weeks, the first on May 31 and the second on July 12th begins.

Call rewards are now deserved in the same way as with other providers such as Zavala and Saint-14. Changes to the speed were made with a call, but Bungie’s goal is to make players grind to the banner for a solid week as with other seasonal events.

Destiny 2 season 17 new PvP card

For the first time in years we get a brand new Destiny 2 PvP map. Disjunction is a symmetrical map based on the swamps of Savathun’s Throne World and is based on the concept of the streets. This is partly due to the Rift game mode that returns from Destiny 1.

Rift shares the DNA with Halo’s Oddball mode and sees players who compete, to take a spark and to keep it that will appear in the middle of the card. The longer you can keep the spark, the more points you get. It is even more important that Rift will also be the new Iron banner activity.

Destiny 2 season 17 leaks and rumors

There are not too many official information out there at the moment, but there are many leaks and rumors about Destiny 2 season 17 that are currently floating around.

Although we know that a new dungeon is coming in season 17, we still don’t know what the story will be. Since Saladin now serves Caiatl, we may see the return of Shiro-4, his hunter’s comrade from the Felwinter’s Peak (in fact the returning Trespasser Exotic Sidearm also has connections to Shiro-4, which according to Destiny has the original “Kit-Bashed”.

It is also important to note that Ana Bray, even though she had nothing to do in The Witch Queen campaign, could be seen in several cutscenes. It is rumored that season 17 will concentrate on the fact that Siva and Warmind Rasputin finally get an exo body, which could even mean a return to Felwinter’s Keep.

Bungie said that this year we will receive a Light Subclass 3.0 update every season.


  • Destinytracker ???? (@Destinytrack) 6. May 2022

If this turns out to be true, it gives the rumors credibility that solar will be the next subclass that receives the 3.0 treatment. The Iron Lords have a strong connection to Solar and Bungie has confirmed that one of the two remaining subclasses will receive their upgrade this season.

Since there is so little time between now and the start of season 17, we soon expect some final announcements from Bungie.

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How to Repair Cold Destiny 2 Quest Error

Often, players are stuck on the cold download quota from – for progress error . To correct the quest error Destiny 2 Cold Boot, all you need to do is return to an earlier level.

You will need to go to the point where there is an open hole in the wall with a large number of sparks. Energy charges Arches . Wait near this place near the entrance to the area, and the ghost will begin to talk about the energy of the arch.

When Ghost finish His dialogue, you can progress and complete Cold Download Quest . However, if you still receive an error message, and the ghost is still not talking, try back even further in terms of level.

Passing even further, go ahead until you return to the room with sparks . Stay at the entrance, and the ghost must start talking, give it to finish, and then continue again.

Destiny 2 || Cold Boot Bug Fix

What is the quest Cold Destiny 2 Quest Error

Quest Error “Cold Download” in Destiny 2 is a simple progress error, due to which players cannot execute the quest when talking with a hahan show. Too rapid quest promotion leads to an error when players do not hear the ghost dialog about the charges of the arch.

Additional Destiny manuals see section Who is IMARA in Destiny 2: Queen Witch? And much more in Pro Game Guides.

Create your own exhaust room from the Lord of the Rings

A new board game allows players the opportunity to create their own Restore of the Antilles -Sale to the thematic escape at home. Cosmos and Thames has announced a new version of Samir: the game noble Saliva: The Lord of the Rings — Shadows in the Middle Earth. The game assigns the players the task of helping Sam and Frodo to reach the Mount of Destiny Visiting Several places and eliminating obstacles. The game includes a mixture of riddles, riddles and «strange objects» along with some help letters in case players are stuck on their trip. The new game will have a price of sale to the public of $19.95 and will be launched in June.


Samir: The game is a popular franchise for the Thames and Cosmos, with more than twenty different stories to explore in a box. Each box acts as a living mystery in a box, and players must resolve several riddles and riddles to solve a central mystery before time runs out. The game is one of several similar style games «Escape Room in A Box», but Samir: The game also has puzzle and is now diversifying in licensed properties.

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