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Sales of package version are still strong! UK ERA announces game sales statistics for 2021

In the UK music, video, retail and wholesale departments of physical and digital media such as games, “ ERA (The Digital Ntertainment and Retail Association) announces game title sales statistics in UK in 2021 Did. There are also interesting numbers about the download and package version, in addition to simple sales.

This page of ERA (linked English, clicking links from within the page allows you to check the statistics PDF), and you can check the list with the top 20 titles. At the top, Big Titles such as “FIFA 22” and “COD: Vanguard” and “GTA V” are lined up, especially for “FIFA 22”, with a head-out sales, even more than two latters The numbers record the double score .

Other than this, the overall sales by the download version are growing, and the package version is more than half of the list. .

However, for the “Mario” and “Pokemon” series, the details are unknown because Nintendo has not announced the specific sales number of the downloaded version. However, as long as the graph (page 26) in the PDF is checked, 46% of the total package version in the UK account for 46% of the company. Turning it, the number of package versions may be considerable numbers.

Epic Buys Bandcamp | 5 Minute Gaming News
The impact of new coronavirus infections or demand for download versions may still be more often in the UK, even if the demand for download is increasing gradually.

Steam establishes a new record, reaches more than 28 million simultaneous users

This short article includes a list of phrases as well as four-character phrases (letters or numbers).

Steam, the Valve digital distribution platform, has actually established an additional new record of simultaneous users. A lot more especially, Steam surpassed 28 million simultaneous users today to develop a historical peak of 28,230,661. As kept in mind over, the brand-new record of simultaneous users for STEAM is established at 28,230,661.

What do you think of Steam evidently damaging documents of simultaneous users every 2 weeks? Have you been playing with Steam this month? Let us understand in the comments, or really feel cost-free to connect and contact me directly on Twitter in @rollinbishop to speak about whatever pertaining to games!

As noted above, the new record of simultaneous users for STEAM is developed at 28,230,661. He had established at 27,942,036 until today, although that number was only reached last weekend. You can examine all our previous Steam insurance coverage a lot more extensively here.

Steam, the Valve digital distribution platform, has actually developed one more new record of simultaneous users. A lot more specifically, Steam exceeded 28 million simultaneous users today to develop a historic top of 28,230,661.

Steam Sets New Record, Hits Over 28 Million Concurrent Users
It is challenging to state if the pattern will certainly continue up on the upcoming weekend break, but according to Analyst Daniel Ahmad, the month of January frequently serves as a good development sign for Steam. Ahmad additionally aimed out that, as a whole, Steam’s simultaneous users had a strong development throughout 2022 thanks in part to the existing Covid-19 pandemic.

As for which video games are individuals playing in Steam at this time, the popular Counter Strike Offensive International is preserved at the top of the group with 797,438 players. All that comes from the extremely public page of Steam.

Free Lo-Fi Healing Game Chill Corner in Steam is popular. Interactive work BGM just looking at the room with cats

Chill Corner is under distributed cost-free for the PC at Steam.

For this work at first, it had actually also been directed out troubles.

Considering that the variation 1.0.5 as well as later on ended up being feasible to transform the ceiling of the graphics quality and also fps, allowed the establishing to suit the player of the environment. Was shown in the trial, the case of the writers of the center specification GPU (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER), the default setup display size 1280 × 800, graphic quality high, 60fps GPU use rate of about 9%. Maximum collection of screen dimension 1920 × 1080, graphic high quality Ultra, 120fps was a GPU use 33%. It could be a great be changed according to the application and also its very own atmosphere.

At Heavy steam, it appears the application of the phrase healing and teeth system has ended up being popular higher. Chill Corner is, leisure game that began distribution on December 18 in 2015. In the corresponding platform PC, it can be downloaded cost free. Likewise, it corresponds to the Japanese.

Room of the atmosphere can be differed in many methods. It can be chosen, such as also the room and living as an interior of the area.

Feel free to think ~ Chill Lofi Hip-Hop Beats ✨???? [Chillhop / Lofi hip hop music / lofi beats]

The materials of the Chill Corner is basic. Cube-shaped little room is displayed on the screen. The room and also family pet one pet kick back To grumbling, residents character is the one individual some work.

Practically with game elements minimal work that Sogiotoshi likewise, this work won the 1000 of more than Heavy steam store review in 3 weeks from the distribution begin. Due to the fact that of this work there is additionally a function that permits you to set the alarm after a particular time, I question some people are making use of as a tool to concentrate on work or research.

The game components, if entrusted to begin this work, we built up the money to be slowly called Chirutaimu. By eating this, such as ornamental plants as well as fish tank to place Several of the area, it is feasible to acquire a selection of furniture. Some furnishings, such as it is watering at the click, even those where there is a moderate interacting elements. For it is also possible to start with the room to finish vacant residences, most likely also have the ability to coordinate the preferences of the space. Songs moving in this work, also recorded 22 songs in the default album. On top of that, it is additionally feasible to get a brand-new album as a paid DLC.

For it is likewise feasible to begin with the area to complete vacant residences, likely likewise be able to coordinate the choices of the room. Music flowing in this work, additionally recorded 22 tracks in the default album. Nearly with game aspects minimalist work that Sogiotoshi additionally, this work won the 1000 of even more than Steam shop review in 3 weeks from the circulation beginning. Since of this work there is likewise a function that permits you to set the alarm system after a certain time, I ask yourself some people are making use of as a tool to concentrate on work or research study.

For this work initially, it had likewise been directed out problems. It appears GPU use is really high for some people. Initially look, although the director-consuming concern is not seen in all, according to the Heavy steam store testimonial, it appears there was additionally the case that reveals the GPU usage rate of 50% or more. From this, from the component of the user it had actually likewise more than suspected that it is a cryptographic money mining tools.

He says, in the version 1.0.5 and also earlier, the game is constantly running in graphics setting Ultra, there was no upper limit to fps. It claims the developer, this is the default setting of the Unity video game, not a point in the extent programmers can control.

Eiichiro Oda talks about the end of Wano in One Piece

From red, the following anime motion picture, to the end result of the Want arc, one of the lengthiest and most challenging stories of this whole sleeve. This is why The author exposed that the final thought of this chapter is ending up being more detailed, as well as he can not wait for the public to enjoy the special scene in which he is working.

For many years, followers of one piece have been stranded on Want Island in Luffy business et cetera of the straw hat pirates. However, with each new chapter this problem advances to an end, which, Ericeira Odd, Managua accountable for this job, can not wait to reveal it to the public.

I marvel that Want Arc has actually not completed yet! I was distressed to attract ‘that’ final scene of Want ARC!

Those who rise with the manga will know that currently Luffy and Died are in the climax of their battle by Want Taking into consideration that ODD has planned to end One Item In the following 5 years, the result of these events will definitely have a wonderful effect at the final thought of this job.

Editor’s note:.

On associated topics, these are the stars of the Live Action variation of One Item. Similarly, hence he commemorated Banzai NAMC the episode a countless anime.

Half-Life: Alyx: VR

This week Sony has revealed lots of new information regarding PlayStation VR2. Beside the specs, there was also a very first game that will show up on PS5 for the VR headset. Currently, reports have actually shown up by another virtual reality title, which must hike from the computer to PSVR2

Expert asserts: Half-Life Alex stands for PSVR2.

According to the info of @ special nick Valve as well as Sony plan a PS5 release of Half-Life: Alex on PlayStation VR2. We have thrown a look at the new history in the Half-Life Universe in the Evaluate.

Steam has actually recently obtained several PlayStation games

In one week, the release of God of War is additionally on. Uncharted celebrates its debut on the Computer with the Tradition of Burglars Collection.

What do we understand regarding PlayStation VR2?

Gamers might look forward to a new VR headset with 4K resolution and also HDR. Further info concerning the VR headset can you check out in our message from Wednesday.

When does PlayStation VR2 show up in the trade?

From Dominik Wingman
07.01.2022 at 15:00



Currently, Sony has not yet introduced a release for PSVR2. However, the presentation of the specifications in addition to an initial game recommend that the Advertising campaign may currently be rolled. Most recently, there were reports around the upcoming beginning of automation in China.

1 2 Half-Life: Alex: VR-Shooter by Shutoff need to be for PS5 appearance gallery for Half-Life: Alex: VR-Shooter by Valve ought to stand for PS5

Following to the specs, there was additionally an initial game that will certainly show up on PS5 for the Virtual reality headset. According to the information of @ special nick Shutoff as well as Sony prepare a PS5 launch of Half-Life: Alex on PlayStation VR2. More information about the VR headset can you read in our message from Wednesday.

Currently, Sony has not yet announced a launch for PSVR2. The presentation of the specs as well as a very first video game suggest that the Advertising campaign might currently be rolled.

DHB selection consists of first EM

Against the extremely effective challenger about Star Director Andy Schmidt from the Rhine-Neckar Lower, the DUB team refueled self-confidence for the finals in Hungary and Slovakia (13 to 30 January).

Ideal thrower for the group of national coach Alfred Gílson was left outside Marcel Schiller with 7 goals. On Sunday, the EM-General sample versus record world champion and also Olympic champ France increases in Regular, before the German team flies to Bratislava next Wednesday. There Belarus, Austria and Poland are the preliminary round challengers.

Wolff well established

The stressful training days in the EM-Preparatory Camp in Großwallstadt went to initial barely to be deceived by the German group. From the start, the DUB group was vast awake and determined the rhythm of the game.

The protection was cool in the start-up phase — and can additionally rely upon a reputable Andreas Wolff in the goal. The 30-year-old, which was not at the start of November in both global suits against Portugal, revealed a solid performance in the first fifty percent and emphatically underpinned its insurance claim as a leading between the blog posts.

The strike ran a lot over the outside Schiller and Time Fastening. The back location, except Sebastian Haman, created inadequate pressure. Nevertheless, the DUB option resulted in the 6-3 after 10 minutes for the very first time with 3 goals.

Candidate selection: What happens in the first stage of application screening? #HalloGermany
Fewer against Schmidt

However, as in the first passage, some blunders dropped because of this, to make sure that Switzerland was back to a goal for 10 mins prior to the end. The DUB choice showed no nerves and went as been entitled to champions from the parquet. In the last mins of operation, Young person Julian Foster by Secondly division Gummersbach advertising and marketing in our own thing.

After the break, Gílson totally changed Johannes Golda with the exemption of round joggers. In eviction, Till Glimpse, who presented himself equally well with some ceremonies as well as therefore placed the structure for the initial five-goal lead (22: 17/40.). In the offensive, Lukas Martens recommended in this stage. The left outside from the Sovereign Bundesliga Table Guide SC Magdeburg achieved success three times.

Finest thrower for the group of national instructor Alfred Gílson was left outside Marcel Schiller with seven objectives. On Sunday, the EM-General example versus record globe champ as well as Olympic champion France increases in Regular, before the German group flies to Bratislava next Wednesday. The DUB choice resulted in the 6-3 after 10 mins for the very first time with three objectives.

With boosting season, the German team got issues in the defensive, because the Swiss Hidden acted constantly with 7 field gamers in the attack. There we have actually not succeeded in executing the essential work versus the circular runner, DUB sporting activities board Axel Kramer in the half-time break.

Germany: Film (DARK Leipzig), T. Glimpse (SG Regular), Wolff (KS Five Piece) — Schiller (fresh on Göttingen) 7/4, Haman (fresh on Göttingen) 3, Casting (Mt Messenger) 3, Martens (SC Magdeburg) 3, Steiner (HC Erlangen) 3, Golda (SG Flensburg-Handewitt) 2, Michenengue (FC Porto) 2, pH. Weber (SC Magdeburg) 2, Wiener (THE Kiel) 2, Foster (VFL Gummersbach) 1, Kuhn (Mt Messenger) 1, Were (TV Lego Lipped) 1, Ernst (DARK Leipzig), K. Hefner (Mt Messenger), Withe (DARK Leipzig).
Switzerland: Ravioli, Partner — Rubin 6, Schmidt 5/1, Master 3, Rothenberger 3, Minkowski 3, Rae my 2, Ben Roman 1, Kitten 1, Lair 1, Sidorowicz 1, Attender, Arbor, ZO. Markovic, Marks, Shelter, Gender.
Referee: Andreas Bethany (Greece)/ Michelin Tzaferopoulos (Greece).
Lawbreaker minutes: 4/6.
Incompetency: \ -/ -.

With increasing period, the German team obtained troubles in the defensive, because the Swiss Hidden acted constantly with seven field gamers in the attack. There we have actually not been successful in performing the essential work against the round runner, DUB sporting activities board Axel Kramer in the half-time break.

Germany — Switzerland 30:26 (15:14).

How to choose glasses for gamers not just glasses-Games will be prepared from vision New Year specialty

Modern TV games are played, tactile, tactile and vision. Eighty percent of them is said to be enjoying visual. So if you have a TV monitor or game console, you may also enjoy the game you are usually playing!

Do you change glasses to game specifications? Do you think that vision 1.0 is the best? I made it to be told by the person of the shop, but it was noisy and I’m tired when playing games In this article, How to choose glasses for gamers I think that I want to do it.

· Glasses and contact lenses

The opinions of the readers who say… Eyebrows? Contact Lens? However, in this article, it is with glasses. First, let’s look at the comparison with the contact lens.

  1. Contact lens
    · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
    · Dissipation: Cost performance is a bad thing that requires an ophthalmologist, which is far worse compared to glasses.
  2. Glasses
    · Advantages: There is no need for bean health, and it can be attached to more than contact lenses
    · Disadvantages: Inappropriate for intense exercise, and if the degree is stronger, you may struggle to select lenses.

Contact lenses are also good, but when concentrated, the number of blinks also decreases, so glasses are very effective in gamers.

· Grasp your vision and frequency

There are many kinds of saying that vision is bad in a word. It may be difficult to see by approaching, far-speed and astigmatism, or multiple matches.

Here, let’s first explain the people with good vision. The good vision refers to how long the light incoming light is focused on the retina.


The light coming into the eye is focused in front of the retina. The front looks good, but it looks good far.

  1. Leave
    The light coming into the eyes will focus on the retina behind the retina. It is easy to get tired because you use eye adjustment to see things.
  2. Astigmatism
    There is vertical blur, horizontal blur, diagonal blur.
    A person who will be blurred, a vertical value like a telegraph pole looks thicker than the real thing, and the horizontal object looks longer. Vertical brief is vice versa.

If you are a combination of myopia + astigmatism, far-speed + astigmatism, you should pay attention to how to choose a lens. I will go to a glasses shop to know early, and I think it would be nice to see it with a machine called Aubrey. Most shops will be measured free of charge.

This is the frequency taken in my autoref.

It is a bit difficult to understand in the series of numbers, but it is very easy, 1° = indicates the visible distance (m).

Specifically, in the image above, the right eye and the left eye are about -5.00 as close as it is approximately -5.00, so it is not visible when it comes to 1 ÷ 5 = 0.2, i.e. 20 cm or more. That’s about the frequency.

PC monitor and visual acuity and age relationship

When looking at the PC monitor, it is easy to get tired and easy to get tired and fatigue. This is because humans can only combine their focus. For example, if you focus on a distance of 10 meters, you will be ready to see what you are at hand. Some people say No, look at! That’s right. However, this is because you can see the focal length with muscle strength in the eye. The more the focus is matched, the more you use the muscle strength in the eyes, so it may be under ocular fatigue.

The important thing is that you know your PC environment as much as possible, rather than correcting vision.

Some elements also act largely. Adjusters in the eyes are younger enough to work if they are young. As the adjustment power is made to be a young, it will weaken as soon as possible, it will be necessary to put it in the eyes while working. Furthermore, it is the position of the monitor that I have to think one more thing. From the place where the monitor was placed from the monitor screen vertical width 1.5 to 2.5 minutes, the eyes are easy to see and tired.

As a point of use, Aiming for 0.6, 40s in 0.7, 40s in 20 generations to 0.5 will be very less burdened.

How to choose a lens

By the way, if you already have glasses, have you choose a lens?

I think that there are some people who will receive a detailed explanation from the shop people when choosing, but if you go to the eyeglass shop of the rope rice, I think that it is often not possible to get the thinness. Understanding what lens is used, and what lenses are appropriate will greatly affect how to wear glasses.

Moreover, if the lens goes to the shop and chooses, it costs such knowledge. If you carry a foot to the shop without much knowledge, you can get caught by a clerk who can only recommend high-value things… (I’m also a real experience of the author)

So, in the rest of this article, let’s save its knowledge. First, it is a lens type, but it is only the following three types of things.

  1. Spherical lens
    Design of pretty old lenses existing from 400 years ago. In order to draw a curve for your eyes, the middle is visible, but it looks like something distorted to see at the end of the lens. As the old Brown tube television was adopted this, there was also something that the face of the person was visible. Overseas spectacles and low price sunglasses often use spherical lenses.
  2. Non-spherical lens
    This is also a lens design that has been about 100 years ago. By flattening the outside of the lens, the field of view is easier to spread than the spherical lens. Eighty percent of Japanese spectacles are dealt with mainstream.
  3. Double-sided aspheric lens
    It has been about 25 years since developed, and little by little here is the mainstream. Since the lens is flat on the eyes, it is a lens with a low distortion and a wide view. It is recommended for people with strong potential people and astigmatism, and people with strong levels. After that, those who use the Ultra-wide monitor are especially called this double-sided aspheric lens. Although it is a monitor with a wide visual field, it is a loss that is difficult to see with glasses, so double-sided aspheric lenses of a more widely visible design are ideal.

How to choose a coating

If the lens is decided, this is a coating that is on the lens. It is currently recommended for the monitor, Blue Light cut Regard Court Nets Peck Court.

Computer Glasses VS Blue Light Glasses (Which Do You Need?)

  1. Blue Light cut Court
    This is quite famous, but briefly explain to those who don’t know it is a coating that cuts blue white wavelength light. There is one thing that it is necessary to be careful, and the influence of the blue light itself on the human body may not be effective due to people because there is still no medical basis.

(Reference: bluelight.pdf? Tabmodule796 = 0)

  1. Regard coat
    It is also called a new blue light cut coat, and it is a coating that cuts the light of a pale wavelength more powerfully and including ultraviolet cut. Blue Light cut Coat is a bit brown lens that color comes into a lens, but if the Regard coat can also put a color, you can also make it slightly darker but a transparent feeling.


  1. Nets Peck Court
    Personally, it is the coating that you want to recommend most. The coatings that are usually used are often not like patterns and no patterns. This is coated with bee’s nest. I usually look at the sun and I can not see it very dazzling, but the trees are overlapping with the sun. This is a coating that reproduces this. It has only the required light, and extra light is not passing through.


Frame adjustment is firmly cleaning of glasses

The frame is easy compared to the previous two. It is only that it is important to make fine adjustments. There are much freedom in adjustment in the frame when the price is low.

Frame adjustment is almost possible if it is a metal type, but there are many things that can not be made of plastic. It is recommended to purchase while checking in the shop firmly in the form of your face.

This is also forgetting, but if you do not care for glasses, the lens is worse and the frame will be very painful. Then, I would like to be aware that it is good to gradually fall, though I bought it was good.

Also, dryness is strictly prohibited to maintain glasses. Since the lens gets into the lens immediately, let’s wipe it with a tissue using a spray type cleaner as much as possible. If you say that it is troublesome to go to the house without any spray type, put a lot of water in a large bowl, put a lot of water and wash the dishes, and in that it is Jambalaya and Usu. It is good. It will be liked because the dust riding on the sebum oil or lens can be dropped.


  1. Check if there is astigmatism, myopia, and far-speed on your frequency.
  2. Let’s decide the vision when you put glasses by adding the distance between the monitor and your age.
  3. The lens is ideal for any person if you choose a double-sided aspheric lens as much as possible. Nets Peck Court is the most recommended coating because there are few risks.
  4. Be sure to look at the shop people and carry a foot to the shop for some maintenance.


The thickness of the lens is recommended. It looks like it looks, but if there is a thickness when playing a VR game, it is too close to the eyes, I’m rubbing with eyelashes, it’s easy to get into scratches or dirt. It would be nice if the lens thickness will be obtained after purchasing it to calculate if the shop is necessarily about.

BHUTTO Gaming Glasses BGG-01-BK



TELECOM [Properer · swans joint development] gaming glass G-G01G80BK



Unity Global VFX Studio Weta Digital acquires to 1 9 trillion won

Original text too short.

[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] Unity announced 10 days that we have agreed to acquire tools, technology, pipelines and engineering technologies of Wet Digital. The acquisition is $1625 million (about 1.9 trillion won).

This acquisition is ultimately aiming to integrate Wet Digital VFX tools into Unity platforms and aims to aim to implement the future of met averse more creatively through real-time 3D technology.

Wet Digital is a company that has the technology of visual effects and animation sectors. Avatar, Black Widow, Game of the Throne, The Lord of the Ring, The Lord of the Ring, Craft, Escape, The Craft I have made it.

Are you also interested in topics related to Weta Digital Games?

Unity Acquires Weta Digital - Official VFX Tools Sharing Announcement Trailer

The Wet Digital VFX team remains in the independent corporation called Getafe (Wet AFX), and is expected to become the largest customer of Unity in the media entertainment field.

Peter Jackson Wet Digital Chairman and Joint Founder said, Thanks to the tools of Wet Digital, we have gained a great opportunity to create the world and creatures that existed in imagination, and Unity and Wet Digital cooperate to coefficient of artists in any industry I will also get an opportunity to use efficient tools.

John Pickerel Unity Chairman and Chief Executive Officer said, I am glad to popularize the industry s leading tools and share the amazing engineering technologies of Peter Jackson and the Artist all over the world. Unity and Wet Digital Keane, Wonder Woman, a symbol and technology created in a symbolic film, will be able to produce, convert, and distribute real-time 3D contents to the next generation of creators.

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