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Xbox vs. Playstation: New numbers reveal clear winners

The PlayStation 4 clearly defeats the Xbox One.

Nevertheless, Microsoft now needs to show to Brazilian governing authorities that this mega bargain will not create a syndicate. For this, the technology group is likewise prepared to confess a defeat in the duel between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 . According to this, Sony was able to offer more than twice as many last generation gaming consoles, says Microsoft (resource: Gameluster).

Also if it might no longer be a console war, Xbox and also PlayStation are still rivals. Currently new numbers have come to light, which reveals that it was never actually scarce in between PS4 and also Xbox One

_ God of Battle is only readily available on the PlayStation. Right here you can see the new trailer: _

Typically, it is Microsoft and Sony that face each other in the battle of the game consoles, while Nintendo is even more of its very own method. A few months back, the Xbox manufacturer Microsoft got a fantastic benefit . He wishes to purchase Activision Snowstorm for the record-breaking amount of $ 68 billion.


God of Battle Ragnarök- Father as well as Kid Cinematic Trailer

Nintendo Switch can defeat the PS4

A few months earlier, the Xbox manufacturer Microsoft obtained an excellent advantage . For this, the tech group is likewise all set to confess a defeat in the duel in between Xbox One and also PlayStation 4 . It can be examined from the declaration that possibly concerning 50-60 million players have actually purchased an Xbox One .

Microsoft still does not disclose any type of specific sales figures. It can be evaluated from the declaration that most likely concerning 50-60 million gamers have bought an Xbox One . Sony announced that around 117 million duplicates of PlayStation 4 were marketed as of March 2022 (resource: Daniel Ahmad on Twitter).

The PS4 is in second place in the very popular gaming consoles ever. It might not be long prior to the Nintendo Switch Sony’s console displaced from this rank. The dispute over the purchase of Activision Blizzard has already promoted some more interesting information. In an effort to minimize the importance of the games of the publisher, Microsoft definitely did not put a leaf off his mouth.

Multiversus: Obviously currently outdoors

As reported on the primarily exact tracking web site Tracker.GG, the open beta, which started on July 19, 2022, now offers 10,255,000 registered accounts.

The designers of Player First Games are currently planning for the begin of the initial season of Multiversus, which was postponed to an uncertain date at the end of last week.


According to their own statements, the studio wishes to utilize the extra development time to give the most effective feasible gaming experience with the first season. Interested gamers have actually already had the chance to take an initial consider Multiversus in the past few weeks. An opportunity that countless customers used the present reports.

Season 1 with a gallery mode and also more

As Dataminer figured out, Multiversus might be given with divisible battle passes that allow you to connect you to the Battle Pass of one more player or an additional player as well as with each other in the progress of the Battle pass.

Today, the manufacturers of Player First Games currently discussed the web content that will certainly be discovered in Multiversus throughout the initial season. These consist of an arcade mode, the ranking listing duelle or the characters Rick as well as Morty. An also 9.50 euros-expensive season pass is also used, which is made up of 50 steps with corresponding rewards such as aesthetic bonus.

More records on the topic :

More records on multiversus.
| Begin of the initial season postponed to an indefinite visit
New beta update is ready-Bugs Rabbit is soothed **

Multiversus is under growth for the computer, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, the Xbox One as well as the Xbox Series X/S.

Even a lazy person can become a hermit!? Restful Hakusura Sennin Training RPG Zenjin Shusen Den 2 [Chinese Game Viewing]

The 103rd Chinese Game Viewing Record will deliver the hermit training RPG Zenjin Shusenbuden 2 with craft and hakusura elements.

In this work, the early access version was distributed by Steam on June 22, 2022 by Shura. The predecessor is a hermit training game called Jinjin Shusen Den distributed on STEAM on November 15, 2018. This work is the sequel. It took three years to develop, incorporating elements that could not be realized by 1, and approached the ideal game.

Popular game genres in China include martial arts, but there are also many hermit training games in the genre Shusen and are gaining popularity. The Sengo Monogatari and Explainful Shusen Memories introduced in Chinese Game Watching are also Shusen games. In a sense, the training for immortality itself is a genre that has become popular from ancient China.

It is the content of this work, but it is a negligible simulation game (by the way, the title 懶 means lazy). The previous work was mainly textbook, but this time he is also focusing on graphics. Let’s play what kind of game it is!

To the Sennin Training Journey!

First, choose difficulty. Casual mode or hardcore mode . In the hardcore mode, the enemy seems to be more difficult, such as the enemies become stronger or having to eat. It’s the first play, so let’s go casually this time.

Next is the character makeup. You can choose the gender of the character used. Six types of parameters and three types of characteristics are set randomly. If you don’t like it, you can reset as many times as you want by clicking the dice icon. Although it is a parameter, body (constitution, HP related), Shin (MP-related), Takeshi , Spirit (Spirit power. The strength of the so-called magic), body (self-quick), machine ** (machine, luck). By the way, more detailed parameters are prepared in the game.

For those of the characteristics, Kikai Niyo (true +10), Riki no Saddle (force +10), Family goods (copper plate (copper plate) It was 10000) of this work. Start playing with the initial setting for the time being. The name is Spa-kun .

Spa-kun is suddenly thrown into the field and does not know what to do. Visually, it has evolved a lot from the previous work. There is a quest called Talk to a mysterious elder person , so let’s try it. There is a mysterious elderly icon on the map, so click this.

A mysterious man hurts his legs and cannot move. He told him that he got his feet on his way to get the fruit. Please take three fruits instead, so let’s head to the nearby forest. It’s like an ordinary old man, although it is a mysterious old man.

When you enter the forest, the battle starts suddenly. In the left frame on the left of the screen, Spa-kun’s life (HP), legal power (MP), attack power, and on the left are enemy HP and attack power. The battle is automatically performed, and a new enemy appears when the enemy is defeated. There is no need to do anything, and if left unattended, the battle will be repeated. At the bottom of the screen is a battle log, and damage can be confirmed. The enemies are foxes, rabbits, and animals.

If you defeat the enemy, equipment and items may be dropped. They are automatically accumulated in the inventory at the bottom right of the screen. It can be equipped even during battle, so if you have a strong weapon, let’s equip it more and more. Depending on the item, it is necessary to judge.

Encounter the boss of the forest stage, fox king . I tried to fight, but because I had a small remaining HP of Spa, I sank for the time being. There seems to be no penalty even if you die, but you have to wait 10 minutes in real time to rematch with the boss. Considering the loss of time, it seems better to properly prepare the equipment.

Fight with your friends (rabbit)!

He continued to defeat enemies in the forest and accumulated three drop items. Once on the map, let’s deliver it to the mysterious elder. I received meat bun as a reward from a mysterious man. When eaten, one of the six parameters rises by one.

In addition to meat buns, you can also get training skills curing . If you set it in the Training item, the parameters of the constitution will increase as you age 1. By setting other items, you can get bonuses with each year. And in this work, after 10 minutes in real time, it takes 1 year (10 years old at the start of the game).

As a drop item of battle, you may be able to get a friend. In the forest, rabbit became a friend. Friends will be able to participate in the battle up to 1. There are also parameters and characteristics, and level up. It’s a good idea to find your favorite friends and train them. By being together for a long time, the intimacy with the ability bonus will also rise.

Re-challenge the boss’s King of the Fox. This time, the equipment is substantial, and there are also rabbits among friends. Because it is a two-on-one battle, almost one-sided attacks and victory! After all, if you have friends, the battle will be much easier.

Defeat the boss and proceed to the next stage. Of course, you can also earn levels on the previous stage. You can rematch with the boss, but you have to wait 10 minutes. Let’s proceed for the time being.

The days of hermit training!

It is an automatic battle on the next stage. The enemy is different and stronger than before. In a blink of an eye, the HP was gone and died many times. If you leave it as it is, you will not be able to earn experience, so you will return to the previous stage to earn levels.

By the way, the equipment dropped by the enemy can be compared with the current equipment as shown in the image. Like Hakusura RPG, there is an interesting way to replace it with stronger equipment. Depending on the equipment, there are various additional abilities, so it cannot be determined simply by simply attacking and high defense.

The weapons have both hands and one hand, and small weapons that can be equipped on the left hand. There are various options, such as using a high-powered two-handed weapon, such as a large hammer, an orthodox style of a sword / shield, or fighting in a two-sword style.

This work also has a craft element. It is possible to make food and items by combining enemy dropped materials. If you eat food, the parameters will rise, so let’s make it more and more. Cooking is important because it is hungry in hardcore mode.

By paying money (copper plate), you can enhance your equipment. However, note that the failure rate will increase more and more as the reinforcement level goes up. In the beginning, it seems more efficient to defeat the enemy and get new equipment than to spend money on strengthening.

A travel merchant appears. He said, I want you to take that enemy because I was terribly hit by the gorotsuki. It is said that rewards will also bounce. It looks really fragrant, but let’s take it. It was a mission to defeat 20 people, but after achieving it, I was told that there was no money, and I could not get the promised reward. Instead, get the skill of selling items. I had to throw away items that I didn’t need until now, so I don’t have to waste them.

Get the recovery skill wrapping by clearing the stage. In this work, there are four skills of Agency, Martial arts, Senjutsu, and Life , and it is effective by equipping it. Skills can be leveled up by consuming practice (experience value). Let’s make use of the synergistic effect by combining multiple skills well.

The bridge was broken and I couldn’t go ahead. When I talked to the girl on the river, she said, Water Yui appears and needs a treasure sword to defeat. Let’s go to search immediately.

When you go to the forest, you encounter a hunter. I want my brothers to be eaten by the tiger, so I want them to fight. Obtain the training skill hunting by achieving. When you equip it, you get the quickness as you get older.

There are some stages where you have to go to the goal without resurrection. If you die on the way without changing the equipment, start over again from the beginning of the stage. Let’s get ready and challenge.

Obtain treasure sword around various places. When I returned to the girl, he said, Fighting the water, and became a friend. When I challenged the water, the opponent was also in addition to the two water days and Kawakami appeared. It was a two-to-three battle. Please check with your own eyes if you can win the spa.

Highly addictive abandoned Hakusura RPG

This work is a hermit training game where you can play comfortably, such as thinking about the combination of equipment and skills while leaving the battle. As a play feeling, there is addiction like Hakusura RPG such as Diablo. Even those who are not good at action can enjoy a wide variety of characters, such as pursuing the strongest equipment and training skills.

There are stories and quests, and it is a good point that you can enjoy it as an RPG. If you clear the map introduced this time, a new map will appear and you can enjoy further adventure. New elements will be added as the story progresses. Currently only Chinese, if you can’t read the story and item skill effects, will it be difficult to play? Since it is still early access, I would like to look forward to future developments.

Product information

  • Some of the game titles and proper nouns used in this article are replaced with simplified and traditional characters with technical restrictions.

Closed alpha testing of the Royal Battle of Hypesquad will take place in June

Netmarble announced the start of preliminary registration for the global closed alpha test of the Royal Battle of Hypesquad, which will be held from June 13 to 20, 2022. Anyone can sign up through the official website of the game. For participation in the upcoming testing, developers promise to give a special skin.

HypeSquad | ???? Alpha test info in the description!
In Hypesquad, players will unite in teams up to 3 people and will fight with other detachments for the right to stay alive. In just one match, 60 users will participate in one match, that is, 20 teams.

In total, 6 different heroes will be presented, each of which can have two types of weapons in the arsenal. During the battle, players will be able to use various items and improvements to turn the course of the game. Also, various objects will be installed throughout the map that accelerate or thrown a hero.

The date of the Hypesquad release has not yet been announced, just like all available platforms. The upcoming closed alpha test will only be held on a PC.

The first hyper scape cosmetic skin is a corsair link

This Battle Royale is Shutting Down Forever..
It seems that the new Royal Battle of Ubisoft Hyper Scape takes its CyberPunk environment very seriously. The game opposes players to a mortal virtual reality contest organized by a giant shaded company, rightly, its first cosmetic products offer something you can buy IRL.

As revealed by the Bladebakes streamer, who declares to have been invited by Ubisoft to broadcast the game during anticipated access, the first known cosmetic in Hyper Scape is Kehinde Corsair’s skin. The character is shown bearing a wireless headset Corsair Void Elite, which is really something you can buy in real life. The involvement is that Corsair will appear in the tradition of the game, and may be a sponsor of the Crown Rush event.

The cyberpunk fiction likes to remind us that the future of humanity is in the hands of invasive mega-body, so this corsair link is ideal for immersion, right?

Product investments in games are not exactly a new concept, but it’s still interesting Hyper Scape is it eager to break the fourth wall. If this first glance is an indication, the game will have more cosmetics announcing actual gaming equipment to players.

Some observers have already streamlined this as a new step in the evolution of the Free-To-Play model. If everyone is also welcoming to the idea, I think we are about to see much more in the games.

Fortnite: Clint Barton and Kate Bishop (Hawk / Marvel) will arrive soon

The 19.10 patch of Fortnite , which came to the game on 01/18/2022 hinteresting things brought with it many interesting things. An added file with it hinteresting things been discovered that it is discovered that We tell you everything we know about these new skins of the seinteresting thingson 1 of battle pinteresting thingss of Fortnite chapter 3 :

Fortnite: Hawk Eye Skins will soon arrive according to filtration

One of the files added to Fortnite Battle Royale file system with patch 19.10 of January 18, 2022, is a strange wallpaper with several concentric circles and purple t1. This is the image in question:

It turns out that this image will be the bottom of Clint Barton and Kate Bishop , skins that are currently encrypted in Fortnite, and they would be releinteresting thingsed very soon:

The Data miner Ifiremonkey published on his Twitter account the interesting thingspect they have Clint Barton and Kate Bishop in-Game , and Hyper published images of the full set of objects of these characters in Fortnite:

We know, therefore, that the objects of this collaboration are the following:

  • Skin Clint Barton
  • Skin Kate Bishop
  • Accessory Backpack Hawk guy’s Arsenal
  • Kate’s Quiver Backpacking Accessory
  • Across Bow Collection Tool
  • True Slicer collection tool
  • ALA Delta Aerial Archer
  • Hakka charging screen


For the rest, it is the umpteenth collaboration in Fortnite Battle Royale. In fact, on the same patch 19.10, it hinteresting things been found to vi , of arcane: League of Legends , who hinteresting thingse to Fortnite with his own Skin and Set of Accessories. In any cinteresting thingse, we will inform you about Clint Barton and Kate Bishop in Fortnite when you arrive at the store.

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