Efootball 2022 brings brand-new 1.0 variation, currently wishes to do whatever much better

That’s what the designers say to the new update: In an open message to the players Konami is stimulating as well as gives understandings right into the errors that have been made to release. Also then, the designers have apologized and positioned what they are doing again.

The release showed: The game remained in a catastrophic state. On Vapor it is now 6 months after the beginning, the title on the penultimate location in the reviews. The feedback from the gamer diminished troubling.

Currently Konami has announced a resurgence test and Efootball receives his 2nd 1.0 version in April.

As Konami has actually confirmed, Efootball obtains 2022, the Free2Play offshoot of Pro Evolution Soccer, a kind of re-release.

What is Efootball 2022 at all? After PES 21 followers actually have actually expected a PES 22 as a follower as common.

Efootball is to be a sort of long-lasting football platform that is gradually increased. There is an Ingame shop where various points can be acquired with real money, as you understand currently from virtually any kind of totally free online video game.

It was for that reason fallen short to the ambitions and also have actually approximated preparation from high quality. This brought the video game prematurely on the market:

Well, 6 months after release, you really feel all set and also intend to release an actual 1.0 variation. Therefore, Efootball is ultimately in the launch state that you desired.

You work hard to restore self-confidence. The gamers would have played a significant function and also their feedback would aid to boost the game.

We desire to offer football followers worldwide the possibility to enjoy a brand-new football video game that is as realistic as never ever before.
With this intent in the rear of mind, we began the two-year development time of Efootball 2022. We were too concentrated on bringing the game to the market in excellent time as that we had lost view of the most vital thing – the high quality.
Of training course, we were crucial of also disappointed followers.

Yet the update is only the start of the actual strategies for Efootball 2022, for which there is currently a roadmap.

What’s being available in the upgrade? The 1.0 version contains a lengthy checklist of fixes and also improvements. Here is a short overview:

When is the new version 1.0? The update comes on April 14 for all systems except mobile. When it is supplied with the update is not understood.

At the same time there was additionally a trouble for mobile players. They have to hold your horses longer until the upgrade comes.

  • The protective control as well as actions of the protection were revised.
  • Passes were boosted and also there is currently a command for a “magnificent pass”

* Boosted shots
* Boosted oozing
* Much better stability of on the internet networks
* There is likewise a new setting “Dream Team”, where you can develop your very own team.

According to Konami, this must only be the idea of the iceberg in the patch notes. You discover the previous, widely known material in the message office of the programmer.

Gamers rise and fall in between skepticism, dissatisfaction and also hope

The reason for this are the missing out on offline content. There are no cooperative modes in the F2P game. Particularly this factor is a disappointment for PES experts as well as likewise among the reasons they prefer PES 21 till today.

Some fear that Konami will certainly concentrate primarily on the new All-star team setting. They additionally think that the after-hanging mobile version consumes a great deal of time the programmer and hence delay brand-new modes and also content for the other versions.

The gamers react to the statement: in the official blog post to the upgrade from the subreddit to Efootball 2022 come generally hesitant voices.

There are additionally favorable voices. They are eagerly anticipating the brand-new web content and hope that it is currently back up with the football simulation.

While some specific hope can draw as well as eagerly anticipate the update, lots of do not think that EFOOTBall can be conserved.

What do you consider the announcement? Have you ever take care of Efootball? Or was the game passed to you due to the messed up start?

Name of following FIFA, most likely does not mean “FIFA 23”

As Konami has actually validated, Efootball gets 2022, the Free2Play offshoot of Pro Evolution Soccer, a kind of re-release. What is Efootball 2022 at all? The 1.0 version consists of a lengthy listing of enhancements and also solutions. When is the brand-new variation 1.0? ** The update comes on April 14 for all systems except mobile.