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Call Of Duty Warzone 2 Is Dropping Its Smallest Map Yet: Ashika Island On February 15

The Season 2 of Call of Task: War zone 2 begins February 15 and brings a brand-new map into play-Ashika Island for Fight Royale and DMZ.


Now the first pictures of the map are online, and it shows: The leakages of the past few weeks keep right.
Mango collects the info about the new, little War zone map.
With the Season 2 of Call of Duty: War zone 2, a touch of nostalgia blows through the Battle Royale.
There are many changes to put the mechanics back on the normal War zone 1 uses.
Everybody always has 3 Panzenplatte locations
Loadout drops return two times in the match
There disappear backpacks
Gulag again 1vs1 with flag at the end
Here is all information about Season 2
At the content you likewise utilize known principles.
War zone 2 brings a small map for the popular resuscitation modes.

Here group members return to the match for a particular point in time as long as a team from the team is still alive.
Even with the new Map Ashoka Island, the very first photos of the MAP program parts of the old code card Castle.
We will show you what is understood to the MAP so far.

Cod War zone 2: Ashoka Map-pictures and tactical card

Here is the tactical map of Ashoka Island:
Here are a few photos with impressions for Sights:
What is known to Ashoka Island so far?
The first leakages pertained to the Season 2 early on and illustrated of a Japanese Season topic.
The leakages assured the operator Robin, the Castle map for the multiplayer of COD MW2 and a little War zone map.
At least for the War zone part, one can now say that the info was clearly really precise.
The rescue mode (Renewal) will come together with the brand-new map straight to the Season start on February 15th.
In addition, the little map also comes for DMZ mode.
As quickly as there is brand-new info about Ashoka Island, we upgrade the short article appropriately.
What is your impression of the map?
Do you believe that the resuscitation mode can give War zone 2 a thrust again?
If you believe some content developer, then War zone 2 is currently history: The big YouTuber & Twitch banner say that COD War zone 2 is currently dead-is that real?

Uncovering The Mystery Behind Steams Most Expensive Game: A Surreal Indie That Costs $5,000

Steam, popular PC players platform, has an extensive liary of all genres games.
You can find productions of all kinds at prices ranging from less than $10 to… thousands.
Recently, a game quoted at $5,390.99 appeared on its platform, intriguing many onlookers.

a $5,000 game on Steam?

You read it correctly.
A displayed at a price of $5,390.99 on Steam, The Hidden and Unknown remains very mysterious.
What production can be worth such a price when we find true masterpieces like Elden Ring or God of War Ragnarök at prices that do not exceed $ 500-what is already a high value for many azilians?
In addition to a way to monetize all the effort invested in your game, this colossal value would be a way for pro studios to express themselves.

On the Steam page, the teams behind the production describe him as: A game based on stories aimed at oadening the perception of its audience in the domains of psychology and philosophy.
The Gamer website published an article in which the author played The Hidden and Unknown, telling what the work is about.
The game begins with a text rolling up in Star Wars style that describes an imbalance between male and feminine energy that would be making western men infertile due to the reduced number of testosterone and women getting more and more masculine, which would lead to the end of the
Still according to what was played by Gamer, the game is like a non-interactive visual about a child named ian-and no character appears, only the places where the actions happen, with arts that were obviously created by an
image generator controlled by artificial intelligence.


An intrigue that… intrigue

Obviously, Steam’s repayment system allows players who played a game for less than two hours to be reimbursed within 14 days of purchase.
And the game really lasts just less than two hours, allowing some onlookers to venture… But who has more than $5,000 affording or even on credit for such an experiment?
In the few reviews available on Steam, there are two positive sarcastic saying would buy again 10/10 and worth every penny.
Now, there are more negative analyzes, one of which the user received the game of grace-classifica The Hidden and Unknown as the worst game ever made;
Apparently, the exorbitant price would be nothing more than an attractive to make the game commented, and the developer himself would be distributing copies of the game to a Discord server.
In an interview with the Games website, the creator said the game has this value because he would not sell his life for $100, which reflects the autobiographical value for the author.
It seems surreal to read something in this regard.

Is Uncharted 5 Coming To The PS5? Everything We Know So Far

With the release of the Uncharted: Tradition of Burglars Collection in October in 2015, 2 titles from the iconic series were ported for the PC.
This continues Sony the method of publishing previous special titles for the PC, smash hits such as Horizon: Zero Dawn or God of War have actually currently received effective ports.
With Uncharted 4, the Tradition of Burglars Collection likewise includes the tail end of the 2016 series.
Ever since, it has become silent about the announcement of a brand-new experience.
Since in an advertising clip for PlayStation 5, Sony could inadvertently have scenes from a prospective successor.

What does the PS5 advertising show?

The short promo movie with the name Live from PS5 reveals a number of snips from live messages.
Every series shows a different franchise, including Horizon, God of War or Gran Tourism.
A very particular excerpt from the nearly one-minute clip is currently causing a lot of conversations.
He shows a young woman with a torch in a dark cave.
Later on she appears once again and is shown how dust blows from an apparently ancient artifact.
It is the only excerpt that can not be plainly designated to one of Sony’s games, which recommends that this is a previously unannounced job.


contradictory statement by the Naughty Pet dog CEO triggers doubt

Just last week, the head of the developer studio Naughty Canine Neil Luckmann spoke in an interview that the chapter Uncharted has ended and now wishes to carry on.
This declaration leaves space for speculation.
One chance would be that the deal with a possible Uncharted 5 has simply ended and now wants to concentrate on brand-new jobs.
Otherwise, Brockman could also indicate that the franchise was provided to another studio, after all, numerous spin-offs have actually already been developed by other studios in the past.

The 4th part of the Uncharted series was an excellent financial success, of course there is always the possibility that Sony has actually decided to send the franchise into well-deserved retirement.
Which might also be a legitimate alternative based on the bad sales figures for PC porting.
At the existing time, neither Naughty Pet nor Sony formally talked about the potential leakage.
These are pure speculation that you have to enjoy with caution.
Source: Video game chronicle
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A Comprehensive List Of All The Characters In The DC Cinematic Universe

The DC cinematographic universe has had its share of ups and downs, but one thing is safe: its iconic superheroes and evil villains are a pillar in US comics and entertainment.
With many recently released films and a good amount of old films, it may be difficult to try to keep all heroes and villains in order.
Especially because DC had more successful movies from Superman and Batman long before Marvel formed his shared universe.
That is why we have compiled this guide that covers all DCU characters, listed separately depending on whether they are heroes or villains.

All the current characters of DC Cinematic Universe, listed

During its beginnings, the DCU was greatly influenced by a particular director who, unfortunately, is no longer involved in the configuration of the broader film canon.
Since then, the general composition of the characters that appear in the universe has been a bit different, with different heroes, villains and features making appearances.
We have developed an extensive list that helps you understand all the most important characters that have appeared on the big screen and in official limited series.
This means that you will find all the heroes and villains of DCU main films and extended DCU television programs that are derived properties connected to the main DCU line.

DCU all the main heroes

Source: DC Comics and Warner Brothers
The DCU has a wide variety of superheroes that represent different genres, subjects and ideologies, and that is its main strength.
The only drawback is that there has not been enough to build their personalities and keep them interesting and attractive.
The best part of DCU is that all its most iconic characters are interconnected in many complex and unique ways, and that is something that all comics fans can pay attention.
bat Man
Wonder Woman
The flash
Cyborg (Version of the Justice League)
Black Canary
Marciano Detective
Falcon man
Destination doctor
Atom crusher
Dick Grayson
Jason Todd
Dona Troy
Raquel Roth
Alba Granger
Gar Logan
Hank corridor
Rosa Wilson
Robot Man
Negative man
Red lady
Jane Local
Cyborg (Doom Patrol version)
Rita Far

DCU all the main villains

Image Source: DC Comics and Warner Brothers
Interestingly, the number of villains in the DCU and the extended DCU far exceed the amount of heroes.
This could be due in part to the darkest and darkest image of DC as a brand, but also to the greatest approach to The Suicide Squad and other projects focused on villains in recent years.
Black Adam
the Joker
General God
Flora UL
Led Author
Dead shot
Amanda Waller
Captain Boomerang
Ace sine crocodile
The devil
Sliding knot
Slave Wilson
Doctor Veneto
Ocean teacher
Black blanket
Dr. Sivan
Made Sivan
Lord mind
Romano songs
Maxwell Lorenzo
Dark sad
Bloody sport
Receiver 2
King Shark
Lunar man
The Thinker
He learned
Man calendar
the riddle
Obviously, that is a fairly growing list of characters in the DCU stable.
With luck, most of these properties will continue to win followers and more positive criticism, and the widest series will only improve.

Are Green Lantern in the DCU yet?

One of DC’s most iconic characters is not currently on this list: Green Lantern.
With a live action film in the early 2000s that are not considered part of the modern DCU, this is the final piece that must be added to the DCU to complete the members of the Justice League itself.
There is a rumor that a new series of Green Lantern is being prepared.
However, instead of focusing on Hal Jordan, Alan Scott or Kyle Rather, the program could focus on Guy Gardner or John Stewart.
Whoever is, this change can serve as a good option to bring Green Lantern Corps to the big screen if it is done well.
But for now, that is all the characters of DCU listed for easy reference.
You should see some of our other DC contents while here.
We have a wide variety of articles about the extended universe that you can find below.
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FIFA 23/Fut 23 DME Guide: The Toty Paul Pogba Flashback Challenge – Prices, Players & Step

Paul Pogba has won a FIFA 23 FIFA 23 Flashback Charter. See how to complete DME and how much it costs to make the SBC of the French midfielder’s special selection letter that currently defends Juventus, the Italian Series team.

The letter is in honor of FIFA 16, when Yoga won Tony also in Juventus.
The player later moved to Manchester United, but recently returned to the Turin team.
DME needs four casts to be completed and is expensive.
Total price to complete the DME: 580,000 coins.


FIFA 23 dme paul pogba FLASHBACK: Juventus cast

Approximate price to complete the challenge: 30,000 coins.
Juventus players: minimum 1
Team players (TOW): minimum 1
Team General Classification: Minimum 83
Reward: 1 varied package of players.


Approximate price to complete the challenge: 120,000 coins.
France players: minimum 1
Team General Classification: Minimum 86
Reward: 1 Various Players Prime Package.

FIFA 23 dme paul pogba FLASHBACK: Series A Cast

Approximate price to complete the challenge: 175,000 coins.
Series A TIM players: minimum 1
Team General Classification: Minimum 87
Reward: 1 Prime Electron Players Package.

FIFA 23 dme paul pogba FLASHBACK: Overall Cast 88

Approximate price to complete the challenge: 255,000 coins.
Team General Classification: Minimum 88
Reward: 1 rare electron package of players.

Details of the Flashback Tony of Paul Pogba

Hunting Warzone 2 DMZ Building 21s Weapon Boxes: The Easter Egg

Have you ever wondered what secrets a War zone 2 DMZ map can hide? If you’re looking for an exciting Easter egg that could yield some serious rewards, then look no further than Building 21 on the DMZ map! This article will provide all the information you need to hunt down and unlock the weapon cases that can be found within the building. So get ready to explore and let’s find out what awaits us inside!

With Building 21 now in War zone 2 DMZ there is a certain Easter egg that you can finish throughout the game and which brings you some good benefits and objects.
However, these rewards are available in the type of weapon case, and you have to know the War zone 2 DMZ Building 21 weapon cases places to get them.

Considering that constructing 21 in War zone 2 is not on Al March, you need to develop a technique to cut off well in the challenging location.
However, prior to you can snap one of these weapon cases, you need to get a War zone 2 DMZ Structure 21-access card that describes our guide.

War zone 2 DMZ buildings 21 weapon box locations

A weapon case in War zone 2 DMZ Building 21 can be preserved as quickly as 2 minutes have passed.
Go to the data center and slice the system.
From there, go to the third flooring to open the safe in the weapon chamber and get a weapon case.
You can then either wait and try to survive or chase after an email point to extract it with a weapon case and one of the rewards.
These gun boxes can include one of lots of War zone 2 DMZ Building 21 rewards, from a weapon building strategy to cosmetics, player cards and more.


If you like the look of you, it could be worth taking care of a case.
You have to try to do this in a game as early as possible, since constructing 21 is a tough place, filled with tough enemy AI.
However so you can find and find one of the locations of the War zone 2 DMZ Structure 21-weapon cases.
Take an appearance at our list with some of the finest War zone 2 weapons and weapons that you can use if you want to discover more about the game.

PlayStation VR2: Presentation on the CES 2023 confirmed.

CES 2023 is just around the corner and one of the most exciting announcements to come out of it is the confirmation that Sony will be revealing their eagerly anticipated PlayStation VR2 at the event. In this article, we’ll explore what this means for gamers, how other virtual reality systems may be affected, and what features we can expect from PlayStation’s latest iteration.

Traditionally, the Customer Electronic devices Program (brief: CES 2023) is the very first significant occasion of a brand-new year on which selected electronic devices and entertainment items are presented.
As Sony or Sony Interactive Home entertainment confirmed in a brief message, the CES 2023 in January is utilized to offer interested users an additional take a look at the VR2 virtual reality headset released in 2023.
The discussion of PlayStation VR2 will take place as part of an official interview, which will start on Tuesday, January 4, 2023 at 5 p.m. local time and will present us to various products from the Japanese electronic giant.
Due to the different time zones, journalism conference in Germany occurs on Wednesday, January 5, 2023 at 2 a.m.

A 4K OLED panel, differed launch title and more

With PlayStation VR2, Sony Interactive Home entertainment wishes to raise the virtual reality experience to a new level and relies on a 4K OLED panel, a brand-new controller that utilizes picked features of the innovative double sensual controller, or 2 displays with a resolution
of 2,000 × 2,040 pixels each.
As has actually been confirmed in the previous few weeks, we can anticipate varied launch titles for the official market launch in the coming year, with which the broadest possible target group is to be attended to.
These consist of titles such as the Cities VR: Boosted Edition, No Men Sky, Resident Evil: Village, WandaVision 202x or After the Fall.


Further, reports about PlayStation VR2:
Pre-orders possible without invite
Video shows fingers tracking of the Sense controller
PlayStation VR2 will be launched on February 22, 2023, and will be sent into the race for nearly 600 euros.
The package with Horizon: Call of the Mountain, on the other hand, will be offered for around 650 euros.

By loading the video you accept the information defense statement from YouTube.
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More reports on PlayStation VR2.

Are You Excited For The God Of War Series To Come Out?

One of the great surprises of this final stretch of the year in the increing
Times, in charge of Amazon Studios for Prime Video.

Now, and after the recent official announcement, Amazon television leader Vernon Sanders h sured in a recent interview with the Collider media that the series will be incredibly faithful to the original material, for tranquility of his fans.

If you have played the game you will fall in love with the series

Thus, the series bed on God of War aims
epic landscape.
So what Race, Mark and Hawk have devised for the first seon and for the series, I think it is incredibly faithful to the original material and also convincing by itself.
If you have never played the game, you will fall in love with the series and feel invited to participate.
We believe it will be a success, said Vernon Sanders, mentioning part of the creative team formed by Mark Fergus and Hawk Mostly, creators of The Expense.


Of course, for now the main distribution of this series bed on God of War h not been announced, so it is still unknown what actors will give life to its protagonists, starting with Rates himself, and most likely, his son ales, and
That the image used by Amazon Studios for the announcement of the series belongs to the reboot of the 2018 saga, with the characters-actual versions of God of War.
At the moment there is no premiere window in Prime Video of this new series bed on God of War.

What Are The Best Shiny Pokemon You Can Capture In Tera Raids?

Are you an avid Shiny Pokémon hunter? If so, Term Raids are the perfect way to capture some of the rarest and most sought-after Pokémon in the game. In this article, we’ll dive into which Shiny Pokémon are available for capture during Term Raids and how you can increase your chances of catching them. So grab your poke balls, get ready for a Term Raid adventure, and let’s go!

Shiny hunters, listen.
With the brand-new Cinder ace Term Raid, which will quickly concern Pokémon Parmesan and purple, there is a big question.
Can you catch Cinder ace throughout this time-limited events in the game as Shiny in the Term Raids?
We can describe everything we know listed below.

can you capture a shiny cinder ace in Term Raids in Pokémon Parmesan and Purpura?

Regrettably, Cinder ace can not appear dazzling throughout the event in Term Raids.
Do not compose this down as a total waste of an occasion.
While the original can not be shiny, you can reproduce your newly captured Pokemon to make Scorbunnies.
These can become shiny.
However, you ought to understand that the possibility of preserving a Shiny is extremely low.
When you breed for you, you must utilize some things like the Masada method.
When you are so far in the video game where you can record it with a 7-star Cinder ace of level 100 with perfect IVs, you can get a foreign ditto in your hands to increase your possibilities of breeding a shiny Sorbonne.
You can further increase your opportunities if you have seen and captured all 400 Pokemon in the Pal dean Pokédex.
This provides you the Shiny Appeal, a desired item for Shiny Farming.
Decrease the probability that you burn out if you do everything you can to increase the possibility of a luminescent!
It ought to be noted that you will not have the Mightiest Mark on it when farming for a shiny Sorbonne.


It is likewise likely that it can not be traded yet.
Since the Pokémon is not yet offered in Pokédex and Pokémon Home for Parmesan and Purpura is not yet supported, only you can keep the Pokémon in the meantime.

This TERM RAID event occurs between December 31, 2022, and January 1, 2023.
The second chance to do this is in between January 13 and January 15, 2023.
Pokemon scarlet red and violet are now offered exclusively for the Nintendo Change.
– This article was upgraded on December 19, 2022

Henry Cavills Huge Salary For Shooting Cameos Leaks

These lt weeks have been especially convulsive for actor Henry Cavill, moving from a state of euphoria to the definitive farewell of his most beloved character: Superman.
And it is that after appearing by surprise in the commented postcredit scene of Black Adam and then announced its official return Superman part of the DCE less than two months ago, the actor finally confirmed a few days ago his final output of DC after the entrance of the entrance of the
New creative team formed by James Gun and Peter Saran at the head of DC Studios, since its objective is to restart this film universe with a new Superman in front.
Well, now he he to light how much Henry Cavill charged both for the Black Adam cameo and for the cameo of the next The Flh, a scene that apparently would have eliminated the final footage so not to cause more confusion among the spectators.

How much did Henry Cavill charge for his two cameos?

Thus, the journalist Umberto González of The Wrap recently responded to a user on Twitter who commented that Henry Cavill had abandoned his role The Witcher-Does charged one million for episode-for nothing, in reference to his ‘dismissal’ of DC.
Cavils w paid $250,000 for Cameo in Black Adam and another $250,000 for the now eliminated scene from Clark Kent at the end of The Flh, said Hollywood insider, information also collected by other US media such Screen Rant.
However, Henry Cavill would have perceived an amount well below his cache to return Superman, although he is a fortune for any mortal for a few seconds of appearance in a blockbuster.
In this way, the Black Adam cameo seems to be that it will be the lt appearance of Henry Cavill’s Superman in DCE, a first look at what w to come in theory but will finally not happen.
And the same goes for The Flh, Cameo that in this ce we will not see in the film, since his brief participation would have already been eliminated from the final sembly.
Everything indicates that finally Henry Cavill’s Superman will run out of closure at the height of his character;
True shame.


Even so, James Gun himself opened the door to the actor in ce he needed to count on him.

H Kingdom said Crossover in a few years with the Superman de Cavill much more mature?
Dreaming is free…

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