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Roglike excavation strategy Grand Diver! ~ Good luck! Turuhashi -kun ~] announced for Nintendo Switch and released on June 30. Ark System Works handles

The Ark System Works was Grand Diver! ~ Good luck! Tsuruhashi-kun ~ will be released on June 30. The compatible platform is Nintendo Switch, and the price is 1650 yen including tax. PVs and trailers are released to the announcement.

Grand diver! ~ Good luck! Tsurugashi-kun ~ is a rogue excavation strategy game that deduces a rarear substance that sleeps underground. The stage of this work is one planet in a distant universe. The planet used to have an energy depletion. At one point, a savior who uses a tool called Tsuruhashi appears. The problem solved the problem by digging rare substances from underground, but the savior disappeared later.

On the current planet, the Grand Divers, a mining team that uses search frames for underground search, is active. The player belongs to one of the Grand Divers, Studio Tsurushi. As a pilot of the search frame Tsuruhashi-kun, he dies deep underground in search of rare substances.

As a pilot by Tsuruhashi, the player digs the stratum deep underground. Tsurugashi-kun acts toward the destination when a guide pin is installed on the map. The player sets a progress route for Tsuruhashi-kun, taking into account the various terrain and enemies that exist in the ground. If you get rare substances at the deepest part of the stage, you will clear the stage.

In terms of system, the stage changes randomly with each challenge in this work. Depending on the player’s skills, the difficulty of the stage will gradually rise. I would like to expect a gameplay that combines rogue and strategies to make an important strategy and player judgment.

In addition, this work has a system called Oen Energy. Pressing the button and putting a Tsuruhashi-kun, the support gauge rises. Tsurugashi-kun seems to be able to use the attack power and special move according to the situation of the support gauge.

In addition, Hironob Kageyama is in charge of the theme song for this work. Koyamashigeto, who has participated in the design and character supervision of Tsuruhashi-kun as a character design and original picture in many anime works. The character design is served by illustrator and manga artist Sho Kakeemaru. The gameplay of Ark System Works is a work that is colored by gorgeous creators.

Grand diver! ~ Good luck! Tsuruhashi-kun ~ will be released on June 30 for 1650 yen including tax for Nintendo Switch.

GTA is not a bad idea, its just badly synchronized

The announcement of Rockstar de Gta + for the new Remarizations of PS5 and Xbox Series X of GTA online is not inherently a terrible idea, but it is a bad opportunity. Since 2021, Rockstar has been making movements that have routinely bothered their fan base. This is a developer who used to receive a shower of praise, even with a bit of occasional controversy. While I am not ready to play the bell that declares that the golden days of Rockstar are over, the beloved developer must do better.

The announcement of GTA + arrived at the worst possible time. The service is an exclusive subscription for the Xbox XBOX versions X | S and PS5 of GTA online and offers benefits for members. For $ 5.99 / month, players get $ 500K in cash and discounts in the game, reinforcements of rewards and free articles. At the moment, there is no closed content or anything like that, GTA + is just a completely optional reinforcement package. If this was launched a few years ago, it could have attracted attention, but ultimately, it probably would not have become a fighting fight on social networks.

But, this will be launched in 2022. In the last year, RockStar has greatly neglected Buerto red online compared to his GTA counterpart after doing it independent, he confirmed that he will charge $ 40 for grand theft auto v the last remastery of As of June 202 and he launched the very defamed GTA trilogy who did nothing but underline the new era of Rockstar. While these ports / remasters were mainly handled by Grove Street Games, I still had the Rockstar logo highlighted in the box. That is typically a seal of excellence, but it was anything but trilogy.

GTA + does not help Rockstar to refute the idea that it has become a bit greedy. Many responded to the news with concern. Will this result in the content that is blocked for GTA + in the future? Will payments in the game be reduced by things like Cayo Perico Heist to push fans towards the advantages of GTA +? Nobody knows at this time and these are questions that fanatics probably would not have raised if the developer was not in a good rack. We communicate with Rockstar to obtain clarifications on the long-term plans for GTA +, but we do not receive an answer.

Of course, it is a developer who has to earn money. We know that they are working on the next Grand Theft Auto at this time and that it will take some time, so something has to fill the void and please shareholders. Games like Call of Duty have opened the door to annual battle passes in premium titles, so it is not a new concept, it is only one that doubles consecutive judgment mistakes.

Just a few weeks ago, people expressed their frustration for the disappointing it was the new gta v remaster is. Following that with the news of GTA + feels ambiguous. We still have no idea what the long-term plan will be for red online, that is, there is still no DLC of history in sight for GTA V or Death Red 2_ after years of requests, and much more. Of all the things that Rockstar could have chosen to announce or discuss, this was the wrong one and was done at the wrong time.

Of course, with the lack of goodwill of fans, it is difficult to say when Rockstar could have timed this news. Maybe when the next great update is launch? Maybe after the first trailer of Grand Theft Auto 6, if that is planned for this year. There must have been a better way to soften the blow after you ask the fans to pay between $ 10 and $ 20 for the remaster before the price goes up to $ 40 this summer.

Grand Theft Auto 5 - PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X - Graphics/Performance/Features Tested
I do not write this to mount an Rockstar Games hatred car, but rather to highlight a growing problem with Rockstar’s communication with your fan base. The confirmation of a new Grand Theft Auto was a great step in the right direction, but there must be more transparency so that we do not feel that there is a significant disconnection between the developer and the community. A frequent question that addresses concerns about GTA + would do wonders. One has to hope that the violent reaction to this news does not fall into a broken bag, but sometimes it is difficult to know. GTA + is not a bad idea, it just feels inappropriate at this exact moment.

“M-1 Grand Prix” game, to STeam release. The wolf and Panther et al.

Yoshimoto Kogyo has published the Steam store page of “M-1 Grand Prix to M-1 Grand Prix-Our Ryoko Rang ~” Steam Store page. Yoshimoto Kogyo seems to release action games based on “M-1 Grand Prix” on STeam. According to the store page, the release date of the same work is March 24th.

The M-1 Grand Prix is ​​a tournament that decides the Japanese one young hand graving organized by Asahi Broadcasting and Yoshimoto Kogyo. At the annual tournament, there are entries. Performers who have won the qualifying will battle in the final in December. If you win the winner, 10 million yen will be given as a prize, and you can also expect the prizes from the sponsor and the future career as a performer. It is the largest number of comic contests in Japan.

Yoshimoto Kogyo hosting the same tournament seems to release the game with the theme of this M-1 Grand Prix. As a genre, it becomes a belt scroll type action game. Not only the mana, but also the fist aims at the final stage. We will move forward to the attack and special move, and the fellow exchange system. The final stage is that the strongest comedian is waiting.

Various laughters can be used in this work. At the moment, Madical Lovely, Sysonne, Panther and Tartoi are published as a playable character. Madical Labry is a power style with fighting and hammer. Sisonne is the chain and sword attack main. Panther is a speed style power style and a sunkee. The stuff is characterized by Nata dance attacks and scenes of chainsaw. Each entertainer’s performer is reflected without it. Character graphics are pretty surreal configurations that put the faces of the deposit photo on the body of the dot picture.

Performer appears as an enemy character. STEAM Store images are also a monster, with a monster, and the player is treated as a monster. The explanation of the playable character is also referred to as “and more” and more performers may appear.

In addition, about this work, Mr. Noda Crystal, Madical Laburi, is overseeed. Madical Labry is a champion winner of M-1 Grand Prix in 2020. As mentioned earlier, it appears in this work. Noda Crystal not only works as a comedian but also enthusiastic for game production. His and Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd. Developed in cooperation with an interesting corporation Kayak “Super Noda game Party” records a hit such as sales of 50,000 for the first time of sale. Currently, “Super Noda game World” is being developed. The surreal concept of the minimalum of this work will have such Noda’s sense.

While the “M-1 Grand Prix” material, there are many entertainers who are not related to Panther and Sysonne, and the artists who are not concerned with M-1 appear, and they aim for the final without a comedian, and there are quite a lot of Tsutkomi at present. However, I’m also aiming for Mr. Noda and Yoshimoto Kogyo. Let’s expect follow-up.

Grand Prix Manager gameplay (PC Game, 1995)

“M-1 Road to Grand Prix-Our Tomiko is no longer ringing ~” will be released on March 24 at STeam.

※ In YouTube, various managels of M-1 Grand Prix 2021 are released

KOF XV: Terry Bogard in his costume Garou Mark of the Wolves moves well

The output of KOF XV is approaching Grand V speed since we are 3 weeks of its marketing. And now that all 39 fighters have been revealed for its launch, SNK distills essential information to seduce the latest refractories. You are rather Team Fatal Fury, you who grew up with the episodes of this great saga of the Boston game that invented a lot of things for the VS Fighting, like the Furies (hence the name actually)? Then you will love the bonus that SNK offers all the players who will preorder the game, namely Terry’s costume in Group Mark of the Wolves. A trailer has been done to show us how the character moves with. Certainly, visually, we are still far from gender standards, but in terms of gameplay and feeling, we really get closer to what was done with 2D episodes. We will have a clear heart on February 17, the release date of this King of Fighters XV.

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