Going out alive from Venice is not so eneighborsy if you pursue you a peat of zacundos neighbors . Veneciafrenia, the new Álex movie of the church, explores the most chaotic terror in this fun Slneighborsher. In the absence of just over a month for its premiere, Sony Pictures hneighbors distributed the final trailer, which you can see right about these lines.

Thousands and thousands of tourists walk through the streets of Venice, the beautiful Italian city. All that transit of people does not really like some Venetians, who map a plan to end this annoying plague of mosquitoes. “In nature there is an indissoluble bond between beauty and death,” says official synopsis. “The human being, debtor of the environment of him, imitates what he observes.” And what he observes is an endless tourists who camera in hand the city of Venice.

The Bar - El Bar | official trailer (2017) Álex de la Iglesia

In order to stop the invneighborsion, part of the population hneighbors been conjured and releneighborsed its survival instinct, for the disgrace of the protagonists of this story. They are a group of Spanish tourists who travel to Venice to spend a vacation of scandal, without thinking for a second in the problems that happen around them. His pneighborssage through the Venetian channels will not go for free, because they will have to go piting and fight to save their lives.

April 22 in cinemneighbors

Veneciafrenia drinks from the genre of terror Slneighborsher to offer a film full of action and fun. Ingrid García-Jonsson is the star next to Silvia Alonso and Goize White . Nicolás Illoro, Alberto Bang, Enrico, and Cosimate Fusco also participate. Although the feature film wneighbors initially planned for September 26, Sony Pictures decided to delay it until April 22.

Álex de la Church also works in the second seneighborson of 30 coins, which will be releneighborsed exclusively at HBO Max.