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Wonsin and Global are considered the most tweeted games

Wonshin was the most tweeted game in the first half of 2022, following 2021.

Twitter announced statistics on the tweets that were posted on the first half of 2022. Since 2018, Twitter has released various statistics related to the game, and since 2019, it has included national game-related tweet rankings and the most popular e-sports teams.

The total number of tweets related to the game in the first half of 2022 was 1.5 billion, an increase of 36% compared to the total in 2021. This is a combination of various e-sports events such as Call of Duty League, Valorant Champions Tour, Counter Strike: Global Oppen Sub League, XBOX showcases, and State of play.

Twitter analyzed that game-related tweets increased with the launch of large-scale events such as Eldenling in 2022, along with these global events. In addition to the latest game launches and event game events, the number of game patch notes has increased on Twitter.

The most tweeted game was ‘Wonshin’ ranked first in 2022 after 2021. The second place was occupied by the word matching game ‘Wars’ released in 2021. Ensemble Stars, who was ranked third in 2021, maintained its ranking, while the second place in 2021 was ranked 6th. In addition, Fate/Grand Order, Final Fantasy, Project Sekai, Valorant, and Legend of Zelda, such as the Legends of 2022, occupied the TOP10, and Elsoning ranked seventh in 2022. Ranked in TOP10.


In addition, after 2021, the country, which has the most tweets related to the game in the first half of 2022, and the most common tweet issues. Japan has been ranked for two consecutive years since 2021, and Korea ranked 3rd for two consecutive years. The most tweeted issues mentioned Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard and the 2022 Summer Game Fest Plan, published by Jeff Keyley.

In addition, the most mentioned esports athletes, leagues, and esports teams were also released. The most tweeted player was the Imperial e-Sports CS: GO team’s Fallen, and Loud Esports was selected as the most tweeted team, and the Brazilian League of Legends CBLOL was one of the most tweeted leagues. It continued in 2022 after 2021. Among the domestic teams, the T1 was ranked seventh among the teams with the most tweets.

Twitter predicts that the game will continue to increase as major events such as the launch of the masterpieces such as Genoblade 3, God of War: Ragnarok, Gotham Knight and the League of Legends World Championships in the second half of 2022. More information about Twitter’s game-related statistics can be found in the official post.

Solve Mark Noble SBC in FIFA 22 with economical as well as loyalty options

Best of all, you will only require to finish two layouts to obtain his solutions, and heading you will certainly obtain added rewards (along with the gamer himself). We inform you what Futsync recommends if you do not desire to spend lots of coins as well as want to complete this SBC with low-cost as well as loyalty options.

The big organizations have actually currently ended up, FIFA 22 proceeds to receive Template creation challenges (SBC) virtually daily, and also if you have a Premier League-based team you have the chance to obtain with Mark Noble, a midfielder with A definitely wonderful mean that does not lazy in any of its qualities.

FIFA 22: Low-cost as well as loyalty remedies of Mark Noble SBC

As you can see in the photo below, the only truly pricey player is the goalkeeper, Maignan, that sets you back more than 40,000 coins. The rest of the pieces are fairly inexpensive , as well as has gone with a crossbreed team of the Premier League and also series A.

The overall price for both layouts is around the 210,000 coins , and although it appears pricey we are speaking about a midfielder that only loosened (and not that) in shot, with an 85. his pass qualities, rhythm as well as Defense are absolutely excellent, we are speaking about a powerful gamer when safeguarding and capable of dispersing the game as an authentic superclass.


Although a need is eliminated, the reality that the typical rises two points makes the layout a lot more costly. Being so low the needed chemistry , we will certainly use lots of gamers with inexpensive high high, such as Gulacsi or Martínez. spoke about gross violations by Ukrainian organizers

On its website, the Russian e -sports club published an official statement regarding the withdrawal of the composition of vp.prodigy with the participation of Weplay Academy League Season 4 (CS: GO) from the organizer. According to the club’s position, the Ukrainian side violates the terms of the contract with a rude way and it does not have legal powers to make such a decision.

Full text of the statement

Today we learned that our composition VP.prodigy was shot by the organizers with Weplay Academy League Season 4, where it was supposed to speak under the name Outlaws.

This event has two aspects: legal and image.

From a legal point of view Weplay grossly violates contract obligations – this company does not have the right to unilateral termination of the agreement on our participation in their league. A notification of termination of the contract that Weplay today sent the club’s leadership is legally illiterate: it appeals to an inconspicuous clause of the contract (about the violation of guarantees that we are not under sanctions) and proposes to consider the date of termination on February 26.

Moreover, yesterday, Weplay publicly stated that “none of the participants in the composition falls under personal international and state lists of sanctions for their activities.” The legal entity does not fall under the sanctions in the same way. Therefore, Weplay has no legal grounds for terminating the contract and withdrawing us from the tournament.

From an image point of view we would like to draw the attention of the community to the difference in the fact that this company declares publicly and what it is actually guided by.

Weplay wrote in their social networks: “Our company has no contracts with organizations from the Russian Federation, so we exclude Outlaws.” This is not true and the company understands this well, therefore, in the notification of termination of the contract, refers to mythical sanctions.

We also suggest once again to look at the composition of the participants of the Weplay Academy League Season 4 and to fix the fact that Weplay does not only cooperate with organizations from the Russian Federation, in fact guided in their decisions by personal sympathies and antipathy.

We urge those who follow the matches of VP.prodigy, do not be upset: we have a rich tournament schedule for the coming months.

Riot Games enthüllt EDward Gaming LoL Worlds 2021

League of Legends’ Worlds-Skins are always a hot topic, and this year’s year is no exception. The winner of the Worlds 2021, Edward Gaming, has the privilege of having the achievements of his players converted into code, and according to the Splash-Art previously published by Riot Games, they look spectacular. Now the developer has gone further and has unveiled the skins in the game through his public beta environment (PBE).

At the beginning of this week, Riot confirmed that Graves, Viego, Zoe, Aphelios and Yuumi received this year’s Worlds-Skins selected by Li ‘Flandre’ Xuan-Jun, Zhao ‘Jiejie’ Li-Jie and Lee ‘Scout’. Ye-chan, Park ‘Viper’ Do-Hyeon and Tian ‘Meiko’ Ye.

The players of Edward Gaming originally indicated during the press conference after the Worlds 2021 Grand Grand final what champions they wanted to be immortalized, and it looks as if they all fulfilled their wish.

The most delightful part of the skin position process is the skin of Yuumi’s Worlds, which is modeled by Meiko’s cat Raccoon. According to Skin producer ‘Riot Tiny Bun’, support has expressly asked for his cat-like friend to be immortalized in the game. As you will see in your recall animation below, Yuumi is lifted up by ghostly hands and caressed, which-unfortunately we have to admit that we are talking about Yuumi here-is hellish.

World championship skins were unveiled on the PBE ????

DK vs EDG - Game 1 | Grand Finals S11 LoL Worlds 2021 | DAMWON Kia vs Edward Gaming - G1 full game

???? EDG Zoe
???? EDG Viego
???? EDG graves
???? EDG Yuumi
???? Edg aphelios

  • League of legends (@leagueoflegends) 26. April 2022

Since the Worlds-Skins debut on the PBE, it is only a matter of time before they appear on the live servers. The 2020 Worlds-Skins of DWG Kia were released on April 29 last year, so it is likely that Edward Gaming’s skins will arrive at some point at some point or while MSI 2022.

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