PlayStation has published a new trailer on the PC of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales . Of course, it is the one you have on these lines and, in addition to presenting its characteristics, it also confirms its release date for November 18 of this year. This video minute serves those of Nixes software, the Dutch team in charge of the port for computers, to show a few of its features, with «improvements, customizable adjustments and compatibility with a wide range of hardware configurations, from personal computers of High range even gaming portable ».

In addition to a lightning path that seems to focus on the lighting of the sun and the moon with realistic shadows with natural degraded natural, they also tell us about compatibility with ultrapanoramic screens of 21: 9, 32: 9 and even 48: 9, and it will be the titles compatible with the NVIDIA DLSS3 that has recently arrived with the 40 series.

Below you leave you a table, so intuitive how always, of the recommended specifications for a variety of default graphic configurations:

This thousands Morales arrived in 2020 following the first Marvel’s Spider-Man of a couple of years ago, taking advantage of the recent Spider-Man pull: a new universe to bring the homonymous character as the protagonist. At that time, it was one of the games that served to appreciate the benefits of the PlayStation 5 generation, although a little later was also one of those chosen to emigrate to PC next to its prequel.

Companion Alberto Corona spoke at the time of this independent title to the launched in 2018, when he explained how the INSOMNIAC title was able to use everything that worked in the previous game to put it at the service of a new hero with a more result of the most satisfying:

Insomniac’s commitment to the pleasure of his players has not lost bellows, and it is this commitment that ends up doing Marvel IS Spider-Man: Miles Morales the great game that he was destined to be. Other commitments, such as the one regarding the history of thousands or American contemporaneity-set through the political career of Rio Morales, the Black Lives Matter in a sustained plane or the proximity of the launch of the game to the presidential elections-are valuable by their intention more than for its results, but in the long run everything has to add to continue celebrating this time as the best to be a fan of Spider-Man.

Here you can take an eye on the complete analysis.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales will be published on PC through Steam and the Epic Games Store on November 18.