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Contrast guide – how to unlock all achievements and trophies

Contrast is a 3D and 2D platformer-hybrid that uses many aspects of puzzles. In the game, the players take responsibility for the detective Dounced, which can move into 3D or turn into a 2D-line to continue the game as a platformer. The next guide will consider all the achievements and trophies available at Contrast, as well as ways to unlock them.

contrasting achievements and trophies

You can assemble all 21 trophy for one CONTRAST passage. Each trophy in the game is bronze, and you may have to be reborn at the conservation point in order to earn several of them.

Of the 21 trophy 10, you can find in the first act, 7 in the second and 4 in the third.

K Heroes among us

To get this trophy, you must find the secret logo Extra Life 2012.

The logo can be found in the room at the top of the Gentlemen club of experts.

You can get into the room by first turning on the phonograph found on the street.

Now you will be provided with access to the luminary, from where you can go down on the other side of the iron gate.

Go up the stairs and go through the door to find the device on the wall using it, you will get access to the side room.

carousel of broken dreams

The end of the first act will bring this trophy.

new dimension

This trophy can be unlocked, simply moving between measurements for the first time.


The FIN trophy can only be obtained after passing the whole game.


To get a gardener’s trophy, just collect all the hidden objects in the second act of the game.

Complete locations can be found here.


Obtaining a second luminaria will open a trophy illumination. The first Luminary you get can not be missed.

just Harry

The trophy How Harry can only be obtained during the repair of attractions.

Jump over the crocodiles at the first attempt in the theater of shadows, however, if you fail, you will need a reboot from the previous point of conservation.

do not need a poultry

The ne Back Bird trophy can only be obtained during the repair of the attraction on the pirate attraction.

When the boat stops, you will need to run the gun when you climb the ramp, find a pirate chest with a lid that constantly closes and closes. Jump inside this chest to unlock the trophy.

The wrong type of game!

This trophy can be obtained by finding the door that Didi opens for you, between the Ghost Note cafe and the Gentlemen Experts Club. Neon advertising with the inscription 24n Dirty 24n is visible next to the door near these gates.

Enter this door to unlock the trophy.

now this thinking shadows

You can get this trophy by completing a jump into the void, going to the cinema on the first attempt.

The jump can be found between two advertising shields to make it, you must shift the shadow, jump and shift.

Another achievement requires you to fail this jump, so, as soon as this trophy is obtained, restart the saving file and try the next.

my God, he is full of stars

This trophy can be obtained without making a jump into the void described above.

Street cleaner

To get the Street Sweeper trophy, just collect all the hidden items in the first act of the game.

Complete locations can be found here.

Family life

The trophy Family Life opens after the analysis of family photos of Didi.

To do this, just get access to a table lamp and paintings on the outer wall of the Didi bedroom. The aforementioned is made at the very beginning of the second act.


To get the Bookkeeper trophy, just collect all the hidden items in the third act of the game.

Complete locations can be found here.

Cyclops bottle

Find a bottle of cyclops to unlock this trophy.

You can find it in the area of the carousel, and it is difficult to find it.

Please note that you must complete this task before you untie a balloon in repair rides. Activate the carousel using 2 lamps, and reach its peaks, moving the shadows.

Use the light bulb, return to the previous platform and to the roof. When your goal will be changed to unravel the balloon, head to the patio on the roof. The bottle will lie on the table.

Skillful Man

Fix three different attractions to unlock this trophy.

Please note that as soon as you leave the region without repaired these attractions, you will not have another chance to do this.

How did you get

This trophy is unlocked after the successful completion of the workshop. Use 2 lamps and make Vincenzo’s amazing solar machine work.

After that, the shadow machine gunner go out onto the balcony and install the device on the top of the broken staircase.

KAT scenes will now offer, as soon as it ends, drag a lit cart so that you can use the staircase and shift of the shadows. The gear’s tooth will be used to switch to the opposite side of rotating gears.

To get to the lower floor, click the rest button of the solar machine. Find a janitor and a change of shadows on his back to get to the balcony.

Now enter the next room, climb the stairs and continue to go. Kat-scene begins after you shift the shadow to the left and continue.

Let there be light

Complete the lighthouse to unlock this trophy. Access to the lighthouse can be obtained by simply shifting along the neighboring glass.

Turn on the spotlight, drag it straight to the wall and jump. Then move the shadow and release the box inside your shadow mode. Now switch and jump back to the center of attention.

Thus control the box using a spotlight. Do so until the box is available. Drag it to the upper part of the clamping plate, which will lower the staircase, climb this staircase and place the spotlight so that it approaches the place where you can use it to jump to the next platform.

Now find another movable box and drag it to the wall with which you have fallen. Then go to the area where you activated the light source, and use the spotlight to drag the box.

Adjust the box to the right using the shadows. Place the spotlight so that it can be fixed in the direction.

Jump and move the box to the same position in which you raised it to the next level. In this case, you will have to use the right wall to raise the box up and down.

Drag the box onto the clamping plate. The position of the spotlight will throw a shadow on a rotating beam and several pipes.

Drain the pipes, jump past the wall, and then shift.

Run to the shadow of the beam and, finally, go up the ramp.

room 529

This trophy can be obtained as soon as you leave the cabaret.

this circus-catastrophe!

When you go through a circus tent to the attraction, you will see a pop-up window to unlock this trophy.

You broke my finger!

This trophy in Contrast can be obtained as soon as you leave the cinema.

All we know about Ereban: Shadow Legacy is the release date, platform and much more

At the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 exhibition, there was no shortage of incredibly looking games. Each trailer, created by large developers and publishers, is based on the pulse of the previous one and attracts the attention of the audience around the world. The newcomer, Baby Robot Games, was no exception to present Ereban: Shadow Legacy.

All we know about Ereban: Shadow Legacy

Fans of the Genre of Stones and Penetration have something to expect next year. Ereban: Shadow Legacy combines stealth, style and action in a surprisingly looking bag. This is what we know about the game.

What is the release date Ereban: Shadow Legacy?

According to the official statement on the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022, Ereban: Shadow Legacy will be released in 2023 .

What platforms will EREBAN: Shadow Legacy be?

Ereban: Shadow Legacy will come out at the same time on several platforms.

  • PC (Steam, Windows)
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X | S

Trailer Erebana: Heritage of Shadows

In the world captured by robots, a secretive killer awakened. Players take control of Ayan, the last descendant of a long-forgotten race. Due to its unique merger power with shadows, it can plunge in the shade, move freely through them, climb the walls, attack and do much more. Having at his disposal a complete arsenal of secretive maneuvers and cruel attacks, the player himself determines how to go through each level.


To learn more about Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022, read the article All the games of Riot that will appear in the Xbox Game Pass-the date of exit, awards and much more in the guidance on the games for professionals.

Test Shadow Warrior 3: Gore and Fun, our little guilty pleasure!

The game opens on a kinematics showing us a very small Lo Wang. The monologue and the lamentations of our poor hero, dressed in a touched underpants and a marcel housal, actually serve as a reminder of previous events. The new players are welcome. The faithful of the series will understand that this third episode starts where the second had stopped, with the appearance of a dragon giant straight out of the realm of the shadows and provoking the Apocalypse. Hoji The old demon and the old billionaire Zilla, already known to the services, are returning to the scenario while the motoko witch and his magic assistant Tanuki are added to the cast. The presence of this animal companion, that Lo Wang repeatedly qualifies raccoon (and even “Trash Panda” in VO), is naturally the occasion of some valves. A reference to galaxy guards, renowned Ice-to-ski guards during a level taking place under the snow, is for example present. But Lo Wang splits from many other traits of mind and punchline. The humor is sometimes low from the forehead and gravelly, certainly, but it is also often tinged with second degree and self-de-melting, and is flying most of the time. Anyone who was already married in front of the Duke replicas or Serious Sam will feel here as at home. And whoever has already taken in hand one of these often qualified FPS from “Bourrins” instantly will regain its marks. Shadow Warrior 3 does not seek to reinvent the wheel, but to offer us a fragant and without headaches.

Linear but effective

However, that does not mean that the movements palette is content with the minimum service. Lo Wang thus has a double jump and a Dash (propulsion forward), that it can combine to leap with efficiency of platforms into platforms and through quite impressive distances. It is also possible to run on the vertical walls, provided that these are covered with lianes. In addition, this panoplie of movements is supplemented by the arrival of a grapple, which allows to propel to rings for this purpose or, more prosaically, towards an enemy which has decided to decide of a Katana shot. The evocation of the lianes and rings may have put the chip in the ear: the progression in the decorations is extremely linear and marked. There is never a diverted way or large open area to explore, which can surprise or annoy in 2022, we agree. But as old old, this launch did not really embarrassed us. On the one hand there are already enough worlds open to getting under the tooth like that. And on the other hand, the purpose of these phases of “travel” is clearly to rest the fingers and the brain between two arena of fighting. The latter can alternate between Katana and firearms, in the purest Shadow Warrior style, but also borrow other FPS. Chi’s explosion allows, for example, to repel enemies on the peaks present in the sets, and thus to impale them at the bullets.

FUN but TOO EASY? - Honest REVIEW of Shadow Warrior 3!

There is never a diverted path or large open area to explore, which can surprise or annoy in 2022, we agree. But as old old, this launch did not really embarrassed us.

And it is very difficult not to think of Doom and Dooom Eternal when juggling between Katana katana, which revealine munitions, and firearms shots, which drop healthy orbs. And if there is no Glory Kills as frequent as in the latest games from Id Software, a ultimate mechanics still eliminates opponents from time to time. If the gauge is sufficiently loaded, it is not only possible of “one shot” the most core creatures, but also to recover on their corpses (or rather in their corpses…) extremely powerful temporary weapons. During the combat phases, the environmental pitfalls should also be used as well as possible, whether it is previously mentioned peaks, gel or explosive barrels, or circular saws capable of brilling the monsters monsters. the most powerful. And do not forget to perpetually move, jump, dodge and grapping, the movement being the key to these bloody ballets.

We want in Gore!

Often from Japanese folkore, the creatures that we face go from Yokai to the Ninja without head via the laser shogun. And the more we move in the game, the more you have to deal with glaucous and distorted beings. In any case, blood sheaves and other dismembers are systematically from the game and ensure the show, which is also reinforced by light and colorful effects. The fights sometimes take the appearance of real fireworks, while remaining fluid permanently. The progression in the sets offers us very beautiful panoramas, the Asian theme being conducive to wonder. Giant Buddha statues, bamboo forests, pagodas and other sunset suns make their small effect. Everything could go for the best in the best of the worlds, but Shadow Warrior 3 also lends the flank to criticize. First of all, the absence of French voices is quite unfortunate because it is sometimes difficult to follow the subtitles in the heat of the action.

But the real problem of the game comes from its lack of content, as evidenced by the presence of only two bosses in all and for everything. In normal difficulty it took us less than six hours to complete the adventure, which was also an opportunity to see that no additional fashion was unlocked after this “exploit”. No coop, no multi, no fashion horde, no “new game +”, no scoring, not even the ability to replay this or that level independently! The pleasure is really short-lived and we have the impression that the developers have kept under the elbow. If a narrative DLC comes out in a few months there will really be enough to feel blurred. To not attract the wrath of some players, Devolver, however, had a solution all found: propose the game to twenty or thirty euros rather than fifty…

How to change the weapon in Shadow Warrior 3

Lo Wan boasts an extensive arsenal of weapons, including firearms, katanu and combat weapons. With such a number of weapons to choose from juggling, they can be a bit confusing. So, you may be wondering how to switch weapons in Shadow Warrior 3.

To change the weapon in Shadow Warrior 3, you can either Press the Y / Triangle button or hold it down To open the wheel of the weapon on the console. For PCs, you can Rotate the mouse wheel or use the numeric keys switch between your guns. To switch to Katan, you can click right bumper or Right-click .

Pressing the weapon shift button will switch two weapons with which you are equipped. If you hold the button and open the weapon wheel, you can choose any weapon that you have, and immediately switch to it.

Finally, you can freely switch between your weapons and rolling, pressing any of the attack buttons. The combination of firearms and hand-to-hand combat is the best way to cope with any imagging enemy, and now you know exactly how to choose the right weapons for work.

Shadow Warrior 3 Review
For more information about Shadow Warrior 3, get acquainted with the section “How to use spontaneous attacks Kame in Shadow Warrior 3” and “How to break yellow vines in Shadow Warrior 3” in the game manuals for professionals.

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