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Recken defeats Gummersbach. Hannover-Burgdorf celebrates ninth win of the season in Handball Bundesliga

Hannover-Burgdorf, educated by ex-national coach Christian Proof, dominated on Thursday with 34:27 (21:16) at the advertised VFL Gummersbach.
With 19:11 factors, the Lower Saxony remains in the table.
After a solid start of the guests, Gummersbach retreated from 2: 5 (8th min) to 9: 7 (16th).
Hanover countered.
Quickly after the change of sides, the Swiss right-winger Maximilian Gerbil laid the structure rock for victory with the 25:16 (33rd) for the warriors.

intermediate surge as the cornerstone for the HSV

There was likewise the 9th success for hsv Hamburg, which succeeded with 28:22 (11:10) at TVB Stuttgart.
With 2 games greater than Hanover, the Hanseatic trees stand at 19:15 points.
An intermediate sprint from 14:12 (33rd) was made to 20:14 (41. ).
HSVH trainer Torsten Jansen had to do without the most effective organization objective scorers Casper Mortensen.
The Dane had actually not started the journey to Baden-Württemberg on Wednesday after the birth of his son Carlo.
The 19-year-old Alexander Hart wig from the Hanseatic Oberlin team commemorated his debut with the specialists.
When Rogelio Morals returned by circular jogger after his thumb injury, the MT Messenger defeated the relegation threatened TSV GWD Minded 31:28 (19:16).


Beginner to organization and also the base of the table ASV Hamm-Westfalen shed to TBV Lego Lipped 25:30 (13:17).

VFL Gummersbach-TSV Hannover-Burgdorf 27:34 (16:21).

Goals for Gummersbach: Blame 8, Mapped 6/2, Styrmisson 4, Odin 3, Shriven 2, Kaiser 1, Foster 1, Shutoff 1, Andersson 1.
Objectives for Hanover: Gerbil 7/2, USCIS 7, Kusch 4, Michalczik 4, Base 3, Fischer 3, B. Ludovic 3, Pavlov 2, Kuzmanovski 1.
Referee: Sasha Schmidt (Bochum)/ Frederic Linker (Bochum).
Viewers: 3340.
Wrongdoer mins: 12/6.
Incompetency: Blame (56.)/ Robotic (8th), Base (43. ).

MT Melsungen-Gwd Minded 31:28 (19:16).

Objectives for Messenger: K. Hefner 5, Into 5, E. Jonson 5, Canada 4/2, A. Gomes 3, J. Fuchs 2, Calabash 2, Malasinskas 2/2, Andersson 1, Roster 1, Morals Ferreira 1.
Objectives for Minded: Harmful 8, Klansman 7/2, Ahouansou 3, Kitsch 3, Pelican 2, Urban 2, Holder 1, Jane 1, Tunnel 1.
Referee: Julian Fete (Berlin)/ Niels Heinrich (Berlin).
Spectators: 3118.
Crook mins: -/ 4.
Incompetency: -/-.

ASV Hamm-Westfalen-TBV Lego Lipped 25:30 (13:17).

Objectives for Hamm-Westfalen: Bornean 6, Borowski 6, Eventful 3, Dayan 2, Pa trail 2, Wailing 2/1, Intel 2, Hermann 1, Schulz 1.
Goals for Lego Lipped: Gender 6/2, Huck 5, Sutton 5, Large 4, Speak 4, Bosch 2, Shaken 2, G. Guardiola Villalba 1, Were 1.
Umpire: Mario Zupanovic (Berlin)/ Martin Shōnen (Berlin).
Spectators: 2551.
Offender mins: 2/4.
Incompetency: -/ know (13th).

TVB Stuttgart-HSV Hamburg 22:28 (10:11).

Objectives for Stuttgart: Fernandez 5/3, Nicolaus 3, Janusz 2, M. Hefner 2, Long 2, Her.
Müller 2, Pfattheicher 2, Forster 1, Serrano Villalba 1, Sussex 1, Ludovic 1.
Objectives for Hamburg: F. B. Andersen 8/4, Maynard 6, Mann 4, Siemens 4, Bergmann 1, allow 1, Phalanger 1, Sissier 1, Wallis 1, Weller 1.
Referee: Jörg Loppaschewski (Berlin)/ Nils Blumer (Berlin).
Spectators: 4341.
Offender minutes: 2/8.
Disqualification:-/ Weller (15th).

FC Bayern allegedly plans to return a return campaign of Jeong from the SC Freiburg

With 8 design templates as well as a hit, Along had a considerable percentage of the strong second fifty percent of the little Bavaria, which were mastered at the end of the season master of the third league. Along returned to the SF and developed itself there as a normal force. In March of last year, he debuted for the South Oriental nationwide group.

The initial station of the South Korean in Germany, nevertheless, was the A-youth of Bavaria, to which Along can be found in January 2018. In Munich, he debuted in his very first complete season for the specialists, marital relationship Along altered in the summer of 2019 for 2 million euros to the sports club. After half a year in Freiburg again adhered to a half-year-old intermezzo in the get of the FCB on a loaning.

Bayern Munich vs Freiburg || Frauen Bundesliga

According to the SKY record, the FC Bayern is to have a repurchase stipulation in the amount of ten million euros, which had only expanded his contract in Freiburg soon prior to Christmas, which might attract the club in the summer. Additionally, from England it needs to give interested parties to Along.

As skies Sport reports, the record champ Woo-Yeong Along in view. The 22-year-old offensive player is currently under agreement at the SC Freiburg and also is power provider in the group of coach Christian Stretch (4 objectives in 18 BL video games).

FC Bayern Munich apparently plans a spectacular retrieval campaign in the coming summer.

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The initial station of the South Korean in Germany, however, was the A-youth of Bavaria, to which Along came in January 2018. In Munich, he debuted in his very first full season for the experts, marriage Along transformed in the summer of 2019 for 2 million euros to the sports club. With eight themes and also a hit, Along had a considerable proportion of the strong second fifty percent of the little Bavaria, which were grasped at the end of the period master of the 3rd organization.

Juve: What Cristiano Ronaldo has to do with the old suffering

Giannini Buffoon in the gate, Pavel Nerved along with Edgar Davids in the midfield and in front of the storm The dream duo David Trezeguet and Alessandro del Piero: With this team Juventus 2002/03, especially the Milan’s competition of Inter and Milan had put in the shadows and to Master crowned. In the episode, the club had gone on descent, especially because of the 2005/06 manipulation scandal, in which the titles 2005 and 2006 had been uninfected, including forced suspension.

So a new construction had to restore, also to restore the image of the club. An undertaking with difficulty. However, after direct recruitment and the following series A rankings 3, 3, 7 and 7, the time has come: The Turner crowned in 2011/12 again with the Students and stood again in front of the city of Milan, which is especially the case of Coach Antonio Conte, Thanks. So a man who had been the last title part of the Juventus midfield in 2003.

Overall, nine championships should follow in series at this time, the first three under Cone, the next five including 2019 under Maximiliano Allegra — two lost Champions League Finals (against Barcelona and Against Real Madrid) inclusive — as well as a Maurizio Sari.

Inter is spotted for the moment

According to the failed experiments with Sari, who should modernize the Turin football match as such (Naomi) moderately, and coach Novice Andrea Girl, since the Allegra has returned to the coach of the Bianconeri. And lo and behold: Parallels to at that time are on (including the investigation of the public prosecutor’s office — this time due to discrepancies in player transfers). The team stands according to the fourth place 2020/21, including a catastrophic season start 2021/22 at the turn of the year, only on a Europa League Square. Or better: after all, on a Europa League Square.

Initially, June was only in the second half of the table or to find far behind the international ranks. The scary: The Italian record champion lost all five games, including defeats against blatant outsiders such as Employ (0: 1) or Hellas Verona (1: 2). The team also began the team around Routines like defensive chief Leonardo ONUCI or Captain Giorgio Chilling constantly, from weeks of constancy, as in the Italian EM victory in summer, long time was missing every trace.

Clearly clear: Allegra is now a decal of Cone 2011/12, should and must reorganize the big club, refresh, improve, and return to the series-a-peak controlled by the current title medium for quite some time.

The sudden CR7 outlet

How the football teacher wants to do that? In any case, not as the historically bad season start (no victory from four games), which had happened to the proud club last 60 years ago and at all three times in history (1961/62, 1955/56 and 1942/43). So you do not win a title. I’m furious, Allegra had said about the performance of his team, which it seemed to be completely lacking of creativity in offensive play and momentum in the game structure.

Juventus suddenly left Manchester United in summer: CR7. Imago Images / Garibaldi / ImagePhoto

The coach also had to handle problems with the past and a recurrent setback.

First, the name Cristiano Ronaldo would be. The Portuguese was in his June time (2018-2021) of course the figurehead par excellence, which is ultimately to be disadvantageous. Because as CR7, which had contributed 81 hits in 98 series A-games, in the summer shortly after the start of the season Gen Manchester United had disappeared, Turin broke away the target player. Suddenly, the game, which inevitably has to be completely tailored to Cristiano Ronaldo in recent years, had to be red thought again during this time creative solutions of all players.

Time for new additions, no more so immediately before transfer was remained. The now available money after the departure of the top earner remained in the account, only the 21-year-old Italian national player Moist Mean (between 2016 and 2019 in the club between 2016 and 2019 in the club) could still be drawn by FC Everton on country. But Mean needs like summer transfer Manuel Pocatello visibly time to fully integrate into the stiffening Bianconeri team. On top of that, you realize players such as ONUCI, Chilling, Pocatello or Federico Chaise the strain of the EM summer. Time in terms of tank filling was also RAR sown here.

We have to hold the flap and work

Allegra never lost his eyes out of his eyes during this time and always reminded his protégés despite comprehensible excuses to the big whole, the success. Because success is always needed with a club like Juventus, that’s why players are finally changed there to constantly face the continuous pressure of a top club. We should be ashamed that we only have 15 points, the Coach Returner had left at the match day 9 (1: 1 at Inter). We have to hold the flap and work.

And the players did not do that. Although actors such as the Arthur 2020 came from FC Barcelona or also Adrien Radio still play far behind their possibilities and the return campaign of Miracle Panic (at the end of the FCB to Besides) has meanwhile burst, the squad has been more and more caught.. This also testifies to table space 1 in the Champions League Group H before defending chap Chelsea or the certainty, with four series A-wins (most recently a 2-0 against Cagliari) from the past five games (13 points) restored the connection upwards to have. At the front, Alvaro Morita and Mean — and also the defense works better again: There was no once a goal at the four wins.

Dr. Lazaro and Mr. Gorgeous

There is still a topic that currently represents the currently slightly mitigated June suffering 2021.

It carries the name Paulo Ayala. The 28-year-old, 2015 came for 40 million euros from Palermo, should actually be the star of this team. Or formulated differently: Vice-Captain Ayala is the star of the old lady, he is only often not there.

The two faces of the Paulo d.: Jubilant and injured. Imago Images (2)

Thigh problems, muscle fatigues, two corona disorders including long-lasting fatigue phenomena, an interior band injury and other muscular problems — and that is only the medical record since 2020. Fueled missing the technically savvy differences every second game. This season, La Joy (the jewel) of 19 possible league games is only on 13 missions, whereby the star has been replaced until late and has been replaced twice early. Nevertheless, the number 10 is five goals and three assists, is the most reliable JUNE attacker.

No wonder that the club has been extending with Ayala for months and apparently gladly looks over the regular failures. The Argentine is immensely important for the team, around him, in the next few years, an extremely successful troop should be built, which should successively rejuvenate. We are just before signing, had already announced Vice-President Nerved.

In the team itself, Ayala is highly watching, which already made Chilling in conversation with DAZN and has also closed the file Cristiano Ronaldo: If you have a world-class player like Cristiano, you can not help but use the team for him. We have to use it Cristiano Be grateful for everything he has done in those years at Juventus, but now we will continue without him. Now the team must become the team of Paulo Ayala. In recent years, he has lowered his average tor quot because of the presence of Cristiano, but he is a key player for this team and that is recognized by all. Also, from Paymaster Allegra: Paulo is a great player. We are waiting for him until he is with full fitness again.

Cristiano Ronaldo is TOO GOOD for his Juventus Teammates!

And until then? We have to hold the flap and work.

FIFA wants to bend the cost of your license calls for 1000 million dollars

According to an exclusive published by the New York Times, the FIFA wants to bend the cost of its football license, which would reach the cost 1000 million dollars, a figure that EA Sports should pay every four years. Beyond money, the Federation also seeks to renegotiate some key points of their agreement, among which are limitations related to monetization and exceptions to the exclusivity of the license. As the article details, while FIFA is pushing to offer its license to other companies outside the industry, EA Sports wants to use the brand to remove alternative benefits , for example, with the sale of NFTS.

FIFA Delivers Major Blow To EA With Plans To Target EA's Monopoly On Football Video Games

Although at this time it is not yet known if EA will yield to the pressures of the Federation, among the limitations of monetization that are supposedly being negotiated are those related to the Ultimate Team mode and the envelopes of letters, which would put into a serious Impusing EA Sports earnings. For this reason, in addition to extending its contract with the Union of Football Professional Players, FIFPro, the company officially registered a new name for the franchise, which could be called EA Sports FC.

The current agreement between EA and FIFA does not end up to 2022, however, and due to marketing and development times, of not finally reaching a FIFA Agreement 2022 it could be the last title of the saga.

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