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Tunic: Zelda with Fuchs quickly likewise on Playstation

Tunic (from EUR 69.98 when purchasing), the loving action adventure with charm and grips, will certainly also stand for the two PlayStation consoles in autumn. A genuine emphasize that should not miss a Zelda-savvy Sony disciple.

There is not much brand-new to report at this factor: Chiton from the Canadian designer Andrew Shouldice, which he was finally able to complete in partnership with author Finji and also Powerup Audio, Lifeformed and Burndown Productions in 2022, will certainly be released on September 27 for PS4 and PS5. End of the announcement? Nearly.

Of course, I would love to describe our test at this moment: Tunic is a gem: Let on your own be below the slow beginning and some overstated trouble leaders, on the other hand, finding acronyms and also secret air ducts really feels very adequate. And at the current in online guidelines, I enter rave-here the imagination and attention to detail of Shouldice and his small group are accessible.


In other words: Activity adventurer from the Sony camp can (virtually) access if you have something for 2D-Zeldas or Fatality’s Door. Lastly: We were lately able to talk with Tunic makers Andrew Shouldice about the development process-so there will certainly soon be a meeting on Sony disciple.

Last present video clip: launch trailer

Star Wars Eclipse: Release only 2028 because of missing talents according to the report

Since the release of the revival trailer of Star Wars Eclipse, Quantic Dream is looking for talented developers who help in implementing the Action Adventure.

But with it seemingly significant problems that even move the release of the game to 2027 or 2028.

So it reports insider Tom Henderson.

Henderson writes in his report that the main reason of the trailer had been intended to attract new talents for development. In principle, completion was 3-4 years away and the early announcement was just thought to enlarge the team.

How Henderson wants to learn from own sources, the trailer had not achieved the desired effect. Despite the positive recording under Gamern.

It's Best To Forget Star Wars Eclipse Exists - 5-6 Years Away AT LEAST (Rumor)
One reason why Quantic Dreams is less interesting for talents could also be allegations because of sexual harassment and poor conditions in the workplace.

To this day, one has to occupy 67 jobs at the Paris site. These are almost as many as about three months ago.

Another reason for the early announcement is intended to have been intended for a source to interest potential buyers for a takeover of Quantic Dreams.

If the report applies, then the publication of Star Wars Eclipse could actually take place only 2028.

[Limited time free] brother simultaneous operation action ADV “The story of two brothers two sons” EPIC Games Store started

At the Epic Games Store, the free distribution of the StarBreeze Studios Development Action Adventure PC Version “ Brothers-A Tale of Two Sons ” free distribution of Japan ‘s Time February 25 It was started for a limited time until time.

Brother: A Tale Of Two Sons IS FREE TODAY! From The Epic Games Store! (February 10th 2022)

This game is a single play work that operates two siblings at the same time. “A way out” and “IT Takes Two” Josef Fares are working.

If you want to play with the controller, two analog sticks move each of the siblings, and two triggers have an interaction involved in each of the brothers, and operate all simultaneously as needed.

My brother is stronger, and I will work to bring back a “water of life” to bring back “water of life” to help and help my father while making use of the characteristics of my brother.

This work can be played unlimited after the procedure to obtain once within the distribution period. It also supports keyboard operation.

# # “Brothers: Two sons of son”

Next week’s free distribution is scheduled for RPG “ CRIS TALES ” affected by the new and old RPG works in Japan.

Horizon Forbidden West The game looks so great on the PS4

Horizon Zero Dawn is an open globe’s function and also action video clip game established by the Dutch Studio Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Amusement for PlayStation 4, released on March 1, 2017, in Europe. This is the very first copyright developed by Guerrilla Games from Kill zone in 2004 as well as the initial effort at the Dutch studio to realize a role computer game. The tale occurs in a post-apocalyptic futuristic context where humankind has lost the proficiency of digital modern technology and the world is invaded by robot animals. The gamer embodies Ally, a huntress that takes place in search of his identity. In March 2020, Sony Interactive Entertainment confirms the arrival of the title on PC. He formally appears on August 7 using Vapor and Legendary Games Store. A GOG variation will certainly additionally appear.

So far, there was only material from the Action Adventure Horizon Forbidden West, which comes from the PS5 version of the game. But according to the developer studio Guerrilla Games, the next Horizon episode looks very good on the PS4. The appropriate proof also provided the team with.

Horizon Forbidden West looks like this on the PS4

Guerrilla Games, recently, contacted Via Twitter and published a small momentum of new screenshots of Horizon Forbidden West on this occasion. However, these are not from the PS5 version, but were made using the PS4 version of the Action Adventure.

In the pictures, some are as atmospheric as detailed landscapes that can be explored in the finished game. These rich of lush-covered forests to extensive steppes and idyllic ballets. There are also some creatures on the screenshots honor. In any case, on the basis of the screenshots, it is easy to see that the PS4 version in terms of graphic interaction definitely does not have to hide.

Horizon Forbidden West - Gameplay Trailer | Game Awards 2021

See all 4 pictures in the gallery

Horizon Forbidden West looks very good on the PS4. (2) [Source: Guerrilla Games]

When does Horizon Forbidden West appear?

Original planning had provided that Horizon Forbidden West should continue to market during the course of this year. Ultimately, Guerrilla Games had decided to give a little more time for the fine-cut to reach the high level of quality, which the fans expect from the game. Therefore, the release is now planned for the 18th of February 2022 on the PS4 and the PS5.

Source: Guerrilla Games

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