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Gamescom 2022 new information ranking! The most popular title is …! ?

GAMESCOM 2022 has revealed new information on various games this year. We will deliver articles that have been particularly noticed in a ranking format. The ranking is based on the number of accesses in the article.

Gamescom 2022 new information ranking!

30th place Sound Game × Inspired match action GOD OF ROCK announced! [GAMESCOM2022]: 37 Pt.

There seems to be a special effect of increasing the difficulty of the enemy’s score.


29th place Sub Noh Tika Development source new SF-turn strategy MOONBREAKER is finally unveiled! [GAMESCOM2022]: 38 pt.

In addition to built decks, you can also enjoy the fine paint of a piece-shaped character!


28th Popular board game-based open world RPG Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon new video! [GAMESCOM2022]: 40 pt.

From the first-person perspective, you can see stamina elements like dark souls.


27th place SF survival horror THE CALLISTO PROTOCOL latest battle and promised death video release! Scheduled to be released on December 2 [GAMESCOM2022]: 41 Pt.

Please be careful when browsing the video as it includes a terrible scene.


26th place Dark fantasy action RPG THE LORDS OF THE FALLEN official announcement! Development difficulties are also re-partitioned by the title change: 41 pt.

Since the announcement in 2014, it will be reissued after many twists and turns.


25th place ADV SCP: Secret Files will be released on September 13, which approaches the case of SCP Foundation in a variety of game styles [Gamescom 2022]: 42 Pt.

The mysterious world will be able to experience soon.


24th place FPS for Xbox CROSSFIREX The largest update Babylon is implemented at the same time! : 42 pt.

A variety of contents are included, including the addition of a large map with unique vehicles.


23rd place Beautiful graphics and powerful action new Chinese RPG WHERE Winds Meet Announcement [Gamescom2022]: 44 Pt.

A trailer with an atmosphere such as GHOST OF TSUSHIMA has been released.


22nd place survive in the hive city! Cooperative action FPS Warhammer 40,000: DARKTIDE new trailer is released: 47 pt.

This work is an action FPS that focuses on up to four people’s cooperation mode, set in a dangerous and gloomy hive city Teltium.


21st place stylish action Phantom Hellcat announced! Play role and get various abilities [Gamescom 2022]: 48 pt.

Stylish action reminiscent of Nier Automata.


20th place Wizardly Gaiden Five Trials significant update! DLC Mercy is absent and Combat prison is also decided-The lowest 15%off sale [Gamescom 2022]: 48 pt.

Depending on the support of the user, there will be various plans in the future.


The development of the 19th place story depends on the player… The distribution of the medieval science fiction action RPG THE LAST ORICRU has started October 13, 2022: 52 Pt.

We are planning to sell it exclusively for downloads.


18th place Deep deep in the nest of the alien… Co-optps Aliens: Fireteam Elite DLC Pathogen Scheduled to be distributed on August 31 [GAMESCOM 2022]: 53 Pt.

This work celebrates the first anniversary of the release. The expansion DLC will finally be released.


17th place Survival horror series latest work THE OUTLAST TRIALS arrived at the latest trailer! Closed beta test will be held [Gamescom2022]: 53 Pt.

The details of the closed beta test will be released at a later date.


16th place Dead Island 2 is finally! Gamescom 2022: Opening Night Live Announcement content One summary [Gamescom 2022]: 53 Pt.

Introducing the contents of the announcement at the Opening Night Live held as the opening of the Gamescom 2022 in Europe in the Europe.


15th place The simultaneous release of the world on November 8 is also clear! Sonic series latest work Sonic Frontier latest video [GAMESCOM2022]: 54 pt.

Sonic Frontier will be released on November 8, 2022 for PC (Steam)/PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch.


14th place adventure in a beautiful world of hand-drawn! Metroidvania AFTERIMAGE game play video release [Gamescom2022]: 57 Pt.

It will be released this winter.


13th Cooperative TPS ARC Raiders Another new work of the developer-Basic free team competition FPS The Finals! Recruitment of play testers [Gamescom2022]: 64 pt.

The stage destruction seems to lead to victory.


12th place After the bacterial war, the latest trailer ROOTED is set up! [GAMESCOM2022]: 72 Pt.

It also introduces infiltration into a tense enemy base and fighting robot weapons.


11th place Harley Quinn also appeared! Gotham Knights The latest video focusing on the people of Villan-Scheduled to be released on October 25 [GAMESCOM2022]: 83 Pt.

Pre-orders are being accepted to receive 233 Custom Bat Cycle Skin.


10th new fantasy TPS Quintum Knights The latest trailer is released-the exhilarating action of guns and magic! [Gamescom 2022]: 102 Pt.

Gun and magic stylish action! It is scheduled to be released in 2023.


9th place Dark Pinocio Action LIES OF P latest trailer! Powerful battle scenes and mysterious figures are also [Gamescom2022]: 103 Pt.


The world view of the classical fairy tale Pinocchio is a dark and cruel action game.


Collect 8th place, train, fight ─ New Kenki ARPG Stray Blade Game Play Video Release [Gamescom 2022]: 103 Pt.

There are many notable factors, such as creating equipment and stylish combat actions!


7th place The latest wireless controller for PS5 DualSense Edge is announced! Remapping button input and replacement of sticks can be replaced [Gamescom2022]: 104 pt.

You can see unprecedented protrusions at the bottom of the stick.


6th place Zombie Survival ACT sequel DEAD ISLAND 2 will finally be decided! February 3, 2023 [GAMESCOM2022]: 111 Pt.

Eight years have passed since the production announcement.


5th 17th Century Caribbean Finding treasure Hidden treasures to enjoy pirate life Tortuga-A Pirate’s Tale Announcement [Gamescom 2022]: 129 Pt.

Players have to distribute their loot and wealth to the crew as the captain, and if the rebellion is whispered without success, the worst ending comes.


4th place [Reading attention] The latest video of EXP: WAR TRAUMA depicting the fear of a man holding a trauma in World War II! Trial version is also distributed on Steam [Gamescom 2022]: 144 Pt.

We pay attention to the store page, Please be careful if you have heart disease because you are very scared.


3rd place The 9th District Director OFF THE GRID Powerful Score Cinematic Trailer! [Gamescom 2022]: 218 pt.

The taste and the flavor are different from ordinary Batroa! ?


2nd place Haripota Action RPG Hogwarts Legacy, a magician in the world, the latest video that is forced to decide whether to use the curse! [GAMESCOM2022]: 374 Pt.

The latest video is released!


1st place A new action RPG ATLAS FALLEN that hunts monsters with super power! [GAMESCOM2022]: 602 Pt.

Development is DECK13 Interactive in the THE SURGE series.


The most notable was the new work Atlas Fallen in the The Surge series. This time, in the fantasy world, a battle that is sweaty in hand is likely to be developed not only in singles but also in multi. In addition, it seems that Hogwarts Legacy and a video of the movie of Cyberpunk Battroi, directed by Neil Brom Camp, have been attracting attention.

“Babylons Fall” also with machine life with mechanical life! Collaboration event “NIER: AUTOMATA” play repo

Development Platinum Games, Publisher Square Enix Hack & Slash Online Action RPG “ Babylon’s Fall (Babylon’s Fall)”.

The other day, a new weapon species “Great Ax”, new race “Morzam” and high difficulty content “Gauntlet” with the first major update, and this work with increased playback, but March 29 The collaboration event “NIER: AUTOMATA” was started on the day.

Square Enix X Platinum Games tags, and the other day anime, the other day, a collaboration with the world’s popular identity action RPG, which is also a collaboration with the same name with RPG. I will.

# Available in the world view of “NIER: Automata”

At the base, Pascal Village visits, BGM and Pascal’s village are flowing and mood to improve. Furthermore, the overall color taste has also changed like “NIER”.

When you open the quest boat, you can check the “NIER: AUTOMATA” collaboration items.

The collaboration quest that can be played this time is “Financial Post Corps”, “Ritual Corps”, “Festival Passing Corps” . The degree of difficulty up to I to III is provided, and the recommended power is 20, 60, 125 .

In the collaboration quest “Festival Paper Corps”, the field has become “NIER: AUTOMATA” specification, and the atmosphere of the ruined amusement park has been reproduced.

Enemy, machine life emerges mainly, and there are more crown types for amusement park areas. Boss area is a roller coaster hook. Since there are enemies on the stairs, let’s run up.

Another quest has a boss “Edinm” mutant. Somehow I wear Emil head and the persuasion of barrage is great…!

# Get collaboration items in exchange between quest rewards and “gear”!

If you clear the quest, the collaboration item drops. This time, get an initial equipment of 9S and a black pledge. It seems that other white contracts, machine life areas, four-style tactics, pod bars, etc.

“Gear” to pick up in collaboration quest. If you bring this to the pig Marion of sake, you can interchange it with various items such as the appearance that is called the illusion (Cosmetic armor). A2 costume, “Humanity is a glory!” Examples of the examples of. Above all, “Jorha Giftsu-shaped armament: Attack” is a costume created in the FF14 collaboration, so it is a state that does not support the collaboration of three works. It’s too luxurious…!

If you use a pay-up in-game currency “Galas”, you can also purchase a costume of a main character such as 2B and 9S. Coffin cases with the motif of Emil’s face are also available in paid missions that can be purchased during collaboration.

By the way, 2b-like people are standing next to sake maintenance, but they are loud, but they are wearing an illusion.

Depending on the other players at the bases, it will be a temporary fabric of Jorha units depending on the timing. Such a chance is the best part of online.

# Additional additional quests are also scheduled

Two quests of “Ritual Amusement Base Rabbit”, “Ritual Amusement Park Rabbit Heaven”, which can fight with the boss, amusement park rabbit, April 12, 2012, 2022. Because the recommended power is 60,125, it is best to play and give power now. In the main story of “NIER: Automata” in the main story, it is not possible to fight in the first place, and it’s a violent enemy, but it’s a raw enemy with a violent attack power, but it will go wild in this world Um.

This collaboration event “NIER: AUTOMATA” is limited to 17:59 on February 26 (Tuesday). Although there is a difficulty division due to the recommended power, etc., starting from now, the maximum degree of difficulty is also in time. Let’s play! By the way, since the trial version of the STEAM version has also begun at the end of March, I first touched it.

Babylon’s Fall ” is being delivered for 8,580 yen for PlayStation 5 / PlayStation 4 / Steam.

Elden Ring takes advantage of an incredibly successful launch in the Kingdom

We knew that Elden Ring was going to be big, but not so big. The action RPG has risen directly to the top of the British physical rankings earlier this week, but according to the physical and digital data compiled by GSD, Elden Ring, in fact, benefits from the greater launch of all non FIFA or Call of Call of Duty from Red Dead. Redemption 2 in 2018. Wow.

Apparently, Elden Ring sold 2.5 times better than Horizon Forbidden West, who was at the top of the rankings a week earlier – even if it is obviously worth keeping in mind that Horizon is an exclusive title to Playstation.

Elden Ring | 40+ Hours Played - Review
Elden Ring also beat the first big hit strikers Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (November 2020) and CyberPunk 2077 (December 2020), which is incredibly impressive if we consider the massive attraction of the two games. According to some information, more than 60% of Elden Ring’s sales have been digital, which is logical if we consider the PC version.

The only potential key in the work here is that Nintendo does not share digital data, so it is possible that the exclusive Switch titles have also surpassed the latest titles of fromSoftware over the last two years.

Yet this sacred success story. The souls games are popular enough since the era of original Dark Souls, but they have never received this kind of consumer attention.

Dying Light 2 in the test: double-played

Brutal action, role-playing elements, a coherent Open World and above all: tons of zombies. With these ingredients, Techland yielded the right rectors before eleven years ago, with Dead Island, the Poles then landed a real surprise hit at that time. Since then, the team has set much more ambitious goals, the announcement of Dying Light 2 caused a stir in 2018. But the development was not around, the zombie epic disappeared over the years in the recess. Well, after a long wireless styles and several shifts, the Action RPG has but still finished and we clarify whether it can meet the high expectations.

Dying Light 2 (Buy Now) builds clearly on the indexed predecessor and refines the formula rather rather, rather than reinventing them: You are back in an open city, which will be free to explore freerunner style. For this purpose, brave nearby vapors against zombie hordes and brutal bandits. And then there are still the role-playing elements, such as levels of levels, crafting, and so on – all this should be a term Techland connoisseurs. The greatest and most important innovation is the story that wants to score with exciting decisions and dramatic effects.

Note: Our test video is in progress and will be published here soon.

Table of Contents

Page 1. Dying Light 2 in the test: double-played – that’s why it’s not enough to the masterpiece page

1.1. Villedor: A life in the dead city

1.2. Light and shadow

1.3. Less would have been more

Page 2. Dying Light 2 in the test: double-played – that’s why it’s not enough to the masterpiece

2.1. Mirror’s Edge greetings

2.2. Screams at night

2.3. Man, annoy me!

2.4. Weapons: Was it all?

Page 3. Dying Light 2 in the test: double-played – that’s why it’s not the masterpiece

3.1. Craft as a diligence task

3.2. Lahme booty, good prey

3.3. German spokesman, German censorship

3.4. Koop for 4 players

3.5. Bugs, patches and performance

3.6. view in the future

Page 4. Picture gallery for “Dying Light 2 in the test: That’s why it’s not the masterpiece”

In advance, the developers had also tailored 500 hours of playing time. And even if this value is complete nonsense, the Zombie Action RPG is gratifying extensive. A coop mode is also on board and to all overflow Dying Light 2 in Germany also appears in a slightly cut version. For our test, that was a lot of stumbling blocks, so we played Dying Light 2 twice, tried different story decisions and puts more than 100 hours in the game.

Dying Light 2 | Opinion | We need an uncut version for Germany!

Villedor: A life in the city center

To get Dying Light 2, you do not necessarily know the predecessor, because the plot uses about 15 years later. The zombie infection has now spread throughout the world, only a big city called Villedor is left as the last center. This freely explorable scene is extremely atmospheric, with loving ambient design, picturesque sunsets and plenty of NPCs, which have settled mostly on the roofs of the houses. Although the setting is not always credible when people cultivate their salad beds as comfortably, while looking at the stombies from the streets, but the atmosphere does not demolish that.
Dying Light 2 in the test (PC) Source: PC Games You play the new hero Aiden, a homeless loner, which roams the country in search of his sister and finally reached Villedor. There he applies between the fronts of two factions, which rings around the leadership of the city. Although this looks like the situation – the end of the world and so – somehow silly, but sooner or later your party must take and work for one of the two sides to achieve your goals. It manages the authors mostly to avoid classic good-evil clichés, simply because every side has a bit of dirt on. The main history also scores with a few proper exciting script sequences, surprising phrases, massive dialogues and greatly staged characters – so Techland goes right this time in the full.

Light and shadow

At the latest after the end of the main squest, there are also clear criticisms, especially an inappropriate villain, which we have not bought his motivation properly. Even the final act falls rather disappointing, the final we have felt (despite several possible final sequences) as unsatisfactory. From time to time, we also had the impression as if the authors had actually planned more and had to delete a few things in between. The main quest still maintains, despite everything, but simply does not meet the high expectations that arouses it in its first playing hours.

But at least tricky decision-making moments always ensure tension. The story is even splitting up at several points, partly one encounters even completely different quest series and clients or experienced important events from another perspective. Important characters can also go on, some missions are different and even the cityscape shows at the end of a few marked traces. Pretty cool!
Dying Light 2 in the test (PC) Source: PC Games and yet Dying Light 2 ultimately feels just like a role-playing light. This also has to do with Aiden himself: It’s basically just a nice, helpful guy, and nothing can change. So you should never choose from properly different answers, sometimes be cynical, ready to go or even evil. Often, only the choice between A or B, diplomatic center trails or moral gray zones is as good as not at all. How to a pity that the developers did not look out of games like Vampires: Bloodlines or Fallout 3!

Image gallery (Enlarge view for sources)

Less would have been more

In addition to the approximately 25 hours long main quest, there is still a huge charge side tasks that you can solve or ignore you at will – in our season we never had the impression that the SideQuests have significant impact. Nevertheless, small decisions must always be made here and you learn tens of different characters – not bad! Unfortunately, there are also a few right rivets at the SIDEQUESTS. For example, when a quest only turns around two women who have to be used for hair washing when we have to deliver food or for a painter rare zombiebulut, just because he finds the color so pretty. Something is simply inappropriate and bites with the rest of the story.

From Felix Schütz
& David Benke
02.02.2022 at 23:07

Marvel Future Revolution introduces Magik and celebrates the new Spider movie

Lords Mobile is a computer game established and also published by EGG, and is readily available to download and install on Android, iOS, and also Vapor. The game is free to play as well as supplies in-app purchases. According to Application Annie, the game is one of the top-grossing apps (technique) on the Application Store (iOS) as well as Google Play. The main summary of the game states that it has greater than 200 million gamers around the world.
In 2016, Lords Mobile won the Google Play Honors for Finest Affordable Game, and in 2017 it was chosen for Ideal Multiplayer Game and also called Android Excellence Game by Google.

Magik is ...PRETTY GOOD ! : MARVEL Future Revolution
If you do not know Marvel Future Revolution, you must know that it is one of the most powerful mobile games at the moment, both for your proposal and for the number of players you have. The game has been launched this year, with Net Mark betting on an action RPG that has a large campus of well-known superheroes of the house of ideas.

This week, since the study they have announced a new update (now available) with new content and the inclusion of more characters. The highlight is the Arrival of Magic, a superhero de Marvel Comics. She has also known as Lilliana Rasputin, she is sister of the Colossi X-Men’s member, and you can see her in action on the video that we share next:

In addition, content has been added to celebrate the premiere of the new Spider-Man movie, Spider-Man: No Way Home. The Invasion The SINISTER Six is ​​available, where players will have to help Spider to avoid thriving from the evil plans of the six accidents, well-known supervillanos in the universe of the character.

There will also be a new suit inspired by the tape, and has been added to the arachnid from it as a character to recruit. It is not the only one, since Daredevil appears as a character to recruit, and many adjustments at a playable level are missing, along with EVE content in the training camp to raise the experience of our superheroes.

If you do not know Marvel Future Revolution, it should be noted that it is one of the best games available at iOS and Android. This same year has received nominations at The Game Awards 2021 in the category of mobile devices, where it has finally not been able to rise with the prize, but it has been done with the Best iPad game award at the Apple Store Awards by the end of the year.

Diablo 2 Leather today launched today

Morse code is a method made use of in telecommunication to inscribe message characters as standardized sequences of 2 different signal durations, called dots and also dashes, or dits and dahs. Morse code is named after Samuel Morse, one of the innovators of the telegraph.
International Morse Code inscribes the 26 Latin letters A with Z, one non-Latin letter, the Arabic characters, and also a small collection of punctuation and procedural signals (prosigns). There is no difference in between upper as well as reduced case letters. Each Morse code symbol is developed by a sequence of dits as well as dahs. The dit period is the standard unit of time measurement in Morse code transmission. The duration of a dah is 3 times the period of a dit. Each dit or dah within an inscribed character is adhered to by a period of signal lack, called an area, equal to the dit period. The letters of a word are separated by an area of duration equivalent to 3 dits, and also words are separated by an area equivalent to seven dits.Morse code can be remembered and sent in a kind noticeable to the human senses, e.g. via acoustic waves or visible light, such that it can be directly analyzed by individuals trained in the ability. Morse code is normally sent by on-off keying of an information-carrying tool such as electric existing, radio waves, visible light, or acoustic waves. The current or wave exists while period of the dit or dah and also lacking while in between dits and also dahs.Since lots of all-natural languages utilize greater than the 26 letters of the Latin alphabet, Morse alphabets have actually been developed for those languages, greatly by transliteration of existing codes.To rise the efficiency of inscribing, Morse code was made so that the length of each sign is about inverse to the regularity of occurrence of the character that it stands for in text of the English language. Therefore one of the most typical letter in English, the letter E, has the shortest code: a solitary dit. Since the Morse code aspects are defined by percentage instead of particular time durations, the code is usually transmitted at the highest possible price that the receiver can decoding. Morse code transmission rate (rate) is specified in teams per minute, generally described as words per minute.

[Data provided: Blizzard Entertainment]

\ – Action RPG s classic game ,

\ – PC, Xbox series X, XBOX ONE,

Launches the console such as PS5, PS4, and Nintendo switch

<Diablo 2: Lamper , a monarchy remaster crystal of the destruction of the expansion pack destruction, is released all over the world today. The <Diablo 2: reservoir, which is faithfully resurrected to the defined the action RPG, and faithfully resurrected, will give a bigger surprise, higher accessibility, and a bigger fun than ever.

is developing to maximize the performance of the latest gaming hardware, support up to 4K resolution, and delivery to the player to the player to the crying of the blood through the 7.1 Dolby Surround audio, which is a rehabilitation of 7.1 Dolby Surround audio. A total of 27 minutes of cinematic images are also made new, resulting in amazing high-resolution visuals.

There was a significant task to present the to the present age, but it was also very important to preserve the experience of the original, so it is also very important, under the surface of the game, the original game engine that performs the same calculation and game logic as the time of 2000 It is driven.

Zen O Neil Blizzard Entertainment Co-CEO will be a chance to present one of the largest love games in Blizzard history. Beckeris Vision joins Bleejad and joined Blizzard. It was a truly glorious thing that I was able to construct a team that bought a new life in Diablo 2. Everyone who participated in the development, and was a feeling of mission to make it right for the players, and I was proud of that fruit. .

Blizzard Entertainment and In-House Studio Developed by Bikilis Vision <Diablo 2: Regional is born again with the Battle Net, which is available on the, as well as Xbox Series X, S, Xbox ONE, PS5, PS4, and Nintendo switch. Players can use their character and spoils by connecting to the account anywhere without the game license, regardless of the platform.

This remaster version includes a variety of accessibility and convenience enhancements, so that more players can access . Through this, you can adjust the game experience as your player s favorite players without compromising the game play. The ability to improve accessibility is as follows.

▲ Controller support on all platforms

▲ Font size, color angle correction mode, readability options

▲ Emotional representation menu for fast communication

▲ Multi-audio channel volume adjustment

▲ Automatic acquisition of gold coins

▲ Expansion and sharing storage size size

▲ Establish expanded keys, including AC shortcuts that can be assigned to the controller

displays the seven jobs that come up with diablocks. Amazon, Barnives, Code of Conduct, Paladins, Elements, and Elemental History have their own depth and various gameplay. The druid and assassin, which emerged in the monarch expansion pack of destruction, is also a strong and secret look than ever.

The newly created heroes in 3D introduces the latest armor, clothing, skin texture and animation. Game overall graphics are enormously improved, and the veteran gamers return to the sanctuary will be able to rediscover the detailed aspects of the prefecture that are not visible, as if they were wearing glasses.

The character, monsters and environments that appear in <Diablo 2: Regardless of Diablo 2: Leisure are keeping the dark atmosphere that Diablo fans remember. Also, it is also very easy to revive the memory of the past, and you can press only one button to freely come to the latest 3D graphics and original 2D experience.

is a sole (recommended consumer is 48,000 won), or (Recommended Consumer) (recommended consumer is 72,000 won). The configuration of the Collection Collection is as follows.

, the soul, the extension pack, the Code of Code, the Code of the Code of Code,

Mephasto Pet and Hate s Hand Wings

For news and detailed information is Official Site and promotional page, and in the official YouTube channel. Screenshots and other materials can be downloaded from press .

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