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Sales of package version are still strong! UK ERA announces game sales statistics for 2021

In the UK music, video, retail and wholesale departments of physical and digital media such as games, “ ERA (The Digital Ntertainment and Retail Association) announces game title sales statistics in UK in 2021 Did. There are also interesting numbers about the download and package version, in addition to simple sales.

This page of ERA (linked English, clicking links from within the page allows you to check the statistics PDF), and you can check the list with the top 20 titles. At the top, Big Titles such as “FIFA 22” and “COD: Vanguard” and “GTA V” are lined up, especially for “FIFA 22”, with a head-out sales, even more than two latters The numbers record the double score .

Other than this, the overall sales by the download version are growing, and the package version is more than half of the list. .

However, for the “Mario” and “Pokemon” series, the details are unknown because Nintendo has not announced the specific sales number of the downloaded version. However, as long as the graph (page 26) in the PDF is checked, 46% of the total package version in the UK account for 46% of the company. Turning it, the number of package versions may be considerable numbers.

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The impact of new coronavirus infections or demand for download versions may still be more often in the UK, even if the demand for download is increasing gradually.

Unity Global VFX Studio Weta Digital acquires to 1 9 trillion won

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[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] Unity announced 10 days that we have agreed to acquire tools, technology, pipelines and engineering technologies of Wet Digital. The acquisition is $1625 million (about 1.9 trillion won).

This acquisition is ultimately aiming to integrate Wet Digital VFX tools into Unity platforms and aims to aim to implement the future of met averse more creatively through real-time 3D technology.

Wet Digital is a company that has the technology of visual effects and animation sectors. Avatar, Black Widow, Game of the Throne, The Lord of the Ring, The Lord of the Ring, Craft, Escape, The Craft I have made it.

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Unity Acquires Weta Digital - Official VFX Tools Sharing Announcement Trailer

The Wet Digital VFX team remains in the independent corporation called Getafe (Wet AFX), and is expected to become the largest customer of Unity in the media entertainment field.

Peter Jackson Wet Digital Chairman and Joint Founder said, Thanks to the tools of Wet Digital, we have gained a great opportunity to create the world and creatures that existed in imagination, and Unity and Wet Digital cooperate to coefficient of artists in any industry I will also get an opportunity to use efficient tools.

John Pickerel Unity Chairman and Chief Executive Officer said, I am glad to popularize the industry s leading tools and share the amazing engineering technologies of Peter Jackson and the Artist all over the world. Unity and Wet Digital Keane, Wonder Woman, a symbol and technology created in a symbolic film, will be able to produce, convert, and distribute real-time 3D contents to the next generation of creators.

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