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Genshin Impact: Sayu is the best character of the new event and the community demonstrates it to the great

Under a hood with animal ear, the development team of GENSHIN IMPACT hid one of the most outstanding ninjas of the game. SAYU has highlighted from the arrival of it the game by being one of the best characters to explore Teyvat’s extensive universe. However, it has been with the arrival of Divine Creation that many players have really realized what is the potential of it to move on stage, becoming the heroin in a way in the title of Mihoyo.

Sayu surprises the community at the last event

COMPLETE SAYU GUIDE! Best Sayu Build - Artifacts, Weapons, Teams & Showcase | Genshin Impact
Divine creation allows players to unleash their imagination to give rise to true obstacle races that can become complicated to overcome. However, Sayu has become the AS in the sleeve of many players, surpassing some of the most interesting characters for exploration such as Xiao or Kazuha. All thanks to the use of your wind collision skill, which has a few very interesting interactions.

As we can see in the video, Sayu is able to do two particularly curious things. On the one hand, she can overcome small obstacles of a single height without losing his ability, which allows him to find continuity in the dungeons. On the other, she She is capable of running in situations in which other characters could only be grabbed , as in the small edges of the projections. A perfect combo for exploration that shines even more in the new Genshin Impact event.

Of course, many players have been surprised by this situation. Sayu is not a very popular character among Genshin Impact players , despite being in a very good situation both in the Tier List combat and exploration. All this being a four-star character easier to obtain and ascend. Is it time for us to join our team?

Genshin Impact presents the new character Kujou Sara El Electro

In a new video, the character of 4 stars Kujou Sara was presented. She will come to Genshin Impact with patch 2.1 in the new banner.

This is Kujou Sara: The faithful servant of Raiden Shogun is feared by her opponents for her cruelty and efficiency. Although she was only adopted by the Kujou clan, she is totally committed to her lover’s service and she works tirelessly to make her vision of a world without death come true.

That is why she is totally agreed with the Decree of Raiden Shogun that all Inazuma residents must present the visions of it. She resistants are persecuted without mercy for her. But as Samurai, Sara attaches great importance to her honor. She struggles precisely and despises dishonorable acts such as torture.

Sara will be available as of September 1 with the new Update Banner 2.1. You can see the official trailer of Kujou Sara here:

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Second Genshin Electroarker Impact

What Kujou Sara can do:

  • RARIZE: 4 stars
  • Element: Electro
  • Weapon: arc
  • Constellation: Flabellum

With the normal attack of it, Sara can shoot up to 5 arrows. The heavy attack does more damage and is more accurate, and when it is fully charged it is also converted into electrical damage. The strong attack is also important for Sara’s elementary ability.

She’s electronic ability is called Tengu Storm Summoning and she puts them in a special state. Raven feather hood. Now, when Sara performs a fully charged attack while she is in the state, he consumes the feather hat and leaves a crow feather in the field.

These feathers exploit after a while, inflicting electric damage to nearby enemies and also increasing the attack of the characters within the effect area with the Tenngu Juurai: ambushing benefit.

Sara’s maximum ability invokes a Tengu Juurai – Titan Crusher, together with the goal of the attack, which inflicts electric area damage. She then divided into 4 consecutive Umengu Juurai: beams of rays, all of which also cause damage to the electrical area.

Similar to Sara’s e-skill, the ray packages also give the characters an attack bonus in its area of ​​effect. However, the two effects do not fit. It only applies that which was used last.

These are passive talents:

  • Surveying: Reduces the time of explorations carried out within the area of ​​Inazuma influence by 25%.
  • Prudence: Reduces the recharge time from aiming shooting by 60% when Sara is in the state Hood of Raven Feathers.
  • Decence: When you are with opponents with Tengu Juurai – ambush, the elementary energy of all group members is restored by 1.2 points per 100% of the Sara recharge rate.

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That comes in Update 2.1

The new update also brings a wide range of other content. In addition to the banner of characters with Raiden Shogun and Kujou Sara in the Electro duo, there will be two more characters and a new banner of weapons.

You can also expect the following content:

  • The missions of the history of Chapter 2: Act 3.
  • 2 new islands of Inazuma: Watatsumi and Seirai.
  • New bosses.
  • The new mechanics: fishing.
  • Increase the breeding of the impermanence pit. This means that you can build more elements in the house.
  • All recharge bonuses in the Recharge Crystals window are restored once.

GENSHIN IMPACT: PATCH 2.1 brings 3 new characters and 2 new islands

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