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GTA Online adds the brand-new king setting of the hill

Tons your tools as well as see if you can make it through the attack while up to 16 gamers are advising to be crowned king of capital.

If you have actually hung around in the perfectly designed world of Los Santos as well as beyond by Rockstar, you will understand that, since its sterile creation,gta onlinehas actually become an expansive and also impressive experience that has a lot to do that it can in some cases be a little daunting.

With so illegal races and several missions as well as business to direct and participate, it is not as ifgta onlinedo not have enough to take treatment of you as it is, but that will not avoid Not Rockstar to offer you also extra brand brand-new sectors.

This week sees the launch of the new King of capital setting. In this video, groups of 2 to 4 gamers will discover themselves on among the 7 various cards thatgta onlinethe globe of, with the objective of being the one that holds the lengthiest field.

As well as do not forget to keep an eye on gamepur tomorrow for the complete Weekley upgrade, which will supply you with all the details on all the new write-ups, products, vehicles as well as discounts that you can hope for from October 11 to 16.

If you are starting the fray this week, you will have the doublegta$ and also dual RP till October 16, yet you will have to be fast, because Thursday being planned, you just have three days entrusted to capitalize on this deal.

Rockstar announced a new GTA+ promotion for chita gta online

Rockstar Just Dropped A NEW Update With HUGE Changes.. The New GTA Online Update (GTA5)
For players on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles, a paid subscription GTA+became available from March 29. The awards for April have already ended, and Rockstar announced the start of a new action – at May. Until the first of June, inclusive, all subscribers for the new service will receive the following intra -game objects for the online mode GTA V:

  • 500,000 game currency.
  • Grotti Brioso R/A car with a gift improvement of Hao’s Special Works.
  • Agency in Rockford Hills for access to DLC tasks “Contract”.
  • A set of free clothes and accessories.
  • Bonuses for awards for assignments to ensure security and sales from the business skends of the night club.
  • And much more.

The GTA+ subscription is valid only for players on the consoles of a new generation, and costs $ 5.99 a month.

GTA is not a bad idea, its just badly synchronized

The announcement of Rockstar de Gta + for the new Remarizations of PS5 and Xbox Series X of GTA online is not inherently a terrible idea, but it is a bad opportunity. Since 2021, Rockstar has been making movements that have routinely bothered their fan base. This is a developer who used to receive a shower of praise, even with a bit of occasional controversy. While I am not ready to play the bell that declares that the golden days of Rockstar are over, the beloved developer must do better.

The announcement of GTA + arrived at the worst possible time. The service is an exclusive subscription for the Xbox XBOX versions X | S and PS5 of GTA online and offers benefits for members. For $ 5.99 / month, players get $ 500K in cash and discounts in the game, reinforcements of rewards and free articles. At the moment, there is no closed content or anything like that, GTA + is just a completely optional reinforcement package. If this was launched a few years ago, it could have attracted attention, but ultimately, it probably would not have become a fighting fight on social networks.

But, this will be launched in 2022. In the last year, RockStar has greatly neglected Buerto red online compared to his GTA counterpart after doing it independent, he confirmed that he will charge $ 40 for grand theft auto v the last remastery of As of June 202 and he launched the very defamed GTA trilogy who did nothing but underline the new era of Rockstar. While these ports / remasters were mainly handled by Grove Street Games, I still had the Rockstar logo highlighted in the box. That is typically a seal of excellence, but it was anything but trilogy.

GTA + does not help Rockstar to refute the idea that it has become a bit greedy. Many responded to the news with concern. Will this result in the content that is blocked for GTA + in the future? Will payments in the game be reduced by things like Cayo Perico Heist to push fans towards the advantages of GTA +? Nobody knows at this time and these are questions that fanatics probably would not have raised if the developer was not in a good rack. We communicate with Rockstar to obtain clarifications on the long-term plans for GTA +, but we do not receive an answer.

Of course, it is a developer who has to earn money. We know that they are working on the next Grand Theft Auto at this time and that it will take some time, so something has to fill the void and please shareholders. Games like Call of Duty have opened the door to annual battle passes in premium titles, so it is not a new concept, it is only one that doubles consecutive judgment mistakes.

Just a few weeks ago, people expressed their frustration for the disappointing it was the new gta v remaster is. Following that with the news of GTA + feels ambiguous. We still have no idea what the long-term plan will be for red online, that is, there is still no DLC of history in sight for GTA V or Death Red 2_ after years of requests, and much more. Of all the things that Rockstar could have chosen to announce or discuss, this was the wrong one and was done at the wrong time.

Of course, with the lack of goodwill of fans, it is difficult to say when Rockstar could have timed this news. Maybe when the next great update is launch? Maybe after the first trailer of Grand Theft Auto 6, if that is planned for this year. There must have been a better way to soften the blow after you ask the fans to pay between $ 10 and $ 20 for the remaster before the price goes up to $ 40 this summer.

Grand Theft Auto 5 - PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X - Graphics/Performance/Features Tested
I do not write this to mount an Rockstar Games hatred car, but rather to highlight a growing problem with Rockstar’s communication with your fan base. The confirmation of a new Grand Theft Auto was a great step in the right direction, but there must be more transparency so that we do not feel that there is a significant disconnection between the developer and the community. A frequent question that addresses concerns about GTA + would do wonders. One has to hope that the violent reaction to this news does not fall into a broken bag, but sometimes it is difficult to know. GTA + is not a bad idea, it just feels inappropriate at this exact moment.

The Screenshots GTA 5 PS5 restore life in Los Santos

After the disappointing trilogy of GTA last year, it is fair to say that there is a little skepticism vis-à-vis the next Remaster of GTA 5. We have not seen a lot of reissues from the PlayStation 5 – In fact, the revelation trailer of last year was strongly criticized when it was broadcast during a showcase . These new screenshots, which made their debut with new port information, seem quite clean.

We get Los Santos wide-angle plans of day and night, cinematographic gameplay plans online and an overview of the trio of iconic protagonists in history – Trevor, Michael and Franklin look fresh. The version will have three graphic modes when it launches, a mixing 60 frames per second with the ray throw, which is welcome.


It has been so long since Rockstar has not affected GTA 5 that we look forward to this reissue. The label has never even updated the title of the PS4 Pro, so if you play the game on PS5 via backward compatibility, you will need to withstand 1080p visuals locked to 30 frames per second. These are these faster loading times that we really wait impatiently – hope that it does not take two minutes to connect to GTA online more.

Finally GTA 6? Rockstar Games, Announcement Information Announcement

The lacsta, which was silent about the next work, finally opened his mouth.

February 5, Lak Star Games released a new information on the series through the official site. There was no specific mention of the game, but it can be imparted to the meaning of the lacta officially announced on the sequel for the next task to be released after .

Rock star Games had many inquiries about the subsequent, with the “GTA 5”, with “GTA 5″. Every time we launched a new project, we always put a goal on exceeding the experience we have provided before, ” I am glad that the “GTA> series development is smoothly developed.” We will release new news as “ready.”

The released as PS3 and XBOX 360 in 2013 was achieved a number of degrees through high degrees of freedom, social salva, and dense gameplay, and received criticism and criticism of critics and gamers. Commercially succeeded in 2018, the cumulative 100 million sheets of cumulative sales were exceeded, and it is being served as a high concurrent number of concurrent users as of 2022 through , multiplayer mode. The phrase “unprecedented” referred to in the presentation will also refer to the contents of the phrase.

Rockstar Games CEO FINALLY Announces GTA 6 & Teases Release Date! 2022 Announcement, 2024 Release?

However, because it has been steadily popular, there was no news on the subsequent work after 9 years after the release. Through a number of media and analysts, the rumor has continued to emerge, but Rock Star Games has been in a formal mention so far.

In addition, Rock Star Games also introduced the next generation of , which is scheduled to be released on March 15, on March 15, PS5, XBOX Series X | S. The next generation of versions will provide 4K resolution, 60 frames, texture enhancements, and new graphics settings introduced by HDR and Ray tracing. Multiplayer Mode In addition, various improvements, including new tutorials, according to the next generation of versions are introduced.

GTA Online Opressor MK 2 Tunen Where does that work

Where can you tune the Oppressor MK 2 Into Online? The special flight motorcycle does not fit for LS Customs. We show you how to modify the device with weapons like missiles.

What’s up? The Oppressor MK 2 is a very special vehicle in GTA online, because it is a kind of flying motorcycle. Visually, the part reminds of a motorcycle without wheels, which is powered by a turbine. Everyone who has played GTA online has probably already seen the part on or across the streets of Los Santos.

Who buys himself such a companion, but quickly asks the question of where and how it can be tuned. Because with other vehicles just drive to the spray symbols on the map and motive this companion at LS Customs. But the Oppressor MK 2 requires a special workshop.

Where can you modify the Oppressor MK II? To tune the motorcycle, you need a terror byte.

how to upgrade oppressor mk2 gta 5

If you do not have a terror byte yet, you can easily buy this in GTA online.

Opens the mobile phone
Goes on travel and transport
Visited Warsaw Cache & Carry
Far up should already be touted the terror byte
The terror byte is fully equipped 3,459,500 GTA dollars, in the basic version only 1,375,000 GTA dollars

Pay attention when buying the terror byte that you cared for the special workshop. If you already have a terror byte and this has no workshop, then just visit the War stock website, click on the offer of terror byte and chooses renovating. Since the special workshop can be retrofitted.

Tip: In order to buy the terrorobyte, you must be in possession of a nightclub. The prices of the nightclubs in GTA online are at least one million dollars. So this is a big investment to tune your Oppressor MK II.

If you are still missing the necessary bills, then these ways to make a lot of money quickly earn a lot of money in GTA online.

Oppressor MK 2 with missiles — price, weapons, discounts

The price with discount: Oppressor MK 2 can be purchased at War stock Carry & Cache. Regularly costs 3,890,250 GTA dollars. If you buy a terror byte before buying and gets 5 client jobs, there is a discount on the Oppressor MK 2. For 2,925,000 GTA dollars, there’s the flying motorcycle on offer.

Regularly, the flight motorcycle comes into the offer at GTA online and can then be purchased for less than two million GTA dollars.

Modify with missiles: In the specialized workshop of terror bytes, you can change the arms of Oppressor MK 2.

The standard machine guns cost 750 GTA dollars
The machine guns with explosive ammunition cost 275,000 GTA dollars
The target-seeking missiles will receive you for 180,000 GTA dollars

The application possibilities: With this vehicle you are traveling quickly. The good thing is that you can fly, float and even follow roads. So there are practically no obstacles for you — except maybe water. Thus, the bike is great for solving treasure searches where the hints on the map are scattered.

The treasure hunt for the Golden Revolver in GTA Online
The treasure hunt for the Navy Revolver in GTA Online
Locations of all 54 playing cards in GTA online

With the weapons on board can also be great the players scare, which pursue a follow. You will always be able to get in GTA online to quickly have to be from A to B. Here the Oppressor is ideal. But be warned.

The vehicle has a bad reputation because it is often used by gritty, which destroys the freight of the other players from above the air with the part.

For us at Mango, the Oppressor MK 2 belongs to the 5 vehicles from GTA online, which everyone should own.

Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy The Definitive Edition Erstes Title

Rock star apologized in a yesterdays blog post at her community for the pretty desaskal release of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition. In the article, she announced a speedy Title update, which should address some problems of the game.

Title Update 1.02 fixes some annoying mistakes

The developers did not have long lacked and Title Update 1.02 is now available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, and Xbox One. From the PC is not explicitly talking, but there are a few bug fixes For all platforms. The Nintendo Switch version also received a small bug fix based on the language settings of the game.

In the patch notes itself, known male facts can be found, for example missing character animations in CutScenes, and various crashes through various activities. It was probably a problem with the rain effects from GTA: San Andreas fixed Which for some players made the title almost unplayable, and already produced some mods to fix this.

In her news of 19 November, the company also explained that the original games of the trilogy will return to the stores. All the owners of the Remasters receive the three games for free. As soon as this is actually happening, RockS tar will publish another update.

The complete, quite detailed patch notes finds on the official Rock star Support page.

Advertising: Grand Theft Car: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition now order at Amazon

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