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NBA Playoffs 2022: All series, matchups, TV, calendar, Termine, Livestream

The Regular Season is after 82 games to end and two of the four playoff matchups per conference are already fixed. The remaining duels are only fixed through the play-in tournament during the week. Bulls provides a first overview.

NBA Playoffs: The Matchups in the Eastern Conference

In the east, Miami was already for more than 1-seed and is waiting for his opponent now. The same applies to the Celtics, which in contrast to Milwaukee and Philly at the season finale does not spare the whole chapel and thus run as a 2-seed danger, to do it with the dreaded Nets to do. But these must first prevail in the play-in.

(1) Miami Heat vs. Nets / Cavs / Hawks / Hornets

(2) Boston Celtics vs. Nets / Hawks

(3) Milwaukee Bucks vs. (6) Chicago Bulls

The reigning champion is as a clear favorite in this matchup. The Bucks have decided all duels in the regular season for themselves, Chicago goes among other things through the violation of Lonzo Ball struck into the PostSeason. However, Bulls may nevertheless be happy about the first PostSeason participation since 2017.

Bucks vs. Bulls: The duels in the Regular Season

Date Home Away result
22. January 2022 Bucks Bulls 94:90
5. March 2022 Bulls Bucks 112: 118
23. March 2022 Bucks Bulls 126: 98
6. April 2022 Bulls Bucks 106: 127

(4) Philadelphia 76ers vs. (5) Toronto Raptors

Joel Embiid and James Harden get it with an extremely unpleasant opponent to do – and will sometimes have to do without steriful matisse thybulls. The Guard is not vaccinated and therefore can not incur in the away games in Toronto.

Sixers vs. Raptors: The duels in the Regular Season

Date Home Away result
12. November 2021 Sixers Raptors 109: 115
29. December 2021 Raptors Sixers 109: 114
21. March 2022 Sixers Raptors 88:93
8th. April 2022 Raptors Sixers 119: 114

Eastern Conference – Play-In-Tournament

(7) Brooklyn Nets vs. (8) Cleveland Cavaliers

The Brooklyn Nets actually went as one of the top favorites in the season, but injuries, the vaccination status of Kyrie Irving and the drama around James Harden whirled the season of Nets confused. Now Brooklyn must fight the playoff ticket in the play-in tournament. The first chance is there against the Cavs, the winner of the duel gets the 7-seed.

Nets vs. Cavaliers: The duels of Regular Season

Date Home Away result
18. November 2021 Nets Cavaliers 109: 99
23. November 2021 Cavaliers Nets 112: 117
17. January 2022 Cavaliers Nets 114: 107
9. April 2022 Nets Cavaliers 118: 107

(9) Atlanta Hawks vs. (10) Charlotte Hornets

The Hawks and Hornets must win two games to secure the eighth place to the east. The winner from this duel must then compete against the loser from Nets vs. Cavs.

Hawks vs. Hornets: The duels in the Regular Season

Date Home Away result
21. November 2021 Hawks Hornets 115: 105
6. December 2021 Hawks Hornets 127: 130
24. January 2022 Hornets Hawks 91: 113
17. March 2022 Hornets Hawks 116: 106

NBA Playoffs: The Matchups in the Western Conference

In the west, both the 1- and the 2-SEED were already fixed. Phoenix has powdered its own franchise record on victories and is the only 60+ victory team of this season, Memphis has at least set his record. Both are waiting for those who will prevail in the play-in.

(1) Phoenix Suns vs. Wolves / Clippers / Pelicans / Spurs

(2) Memphis Grizzlies vs. Winner from Timberwolves / Clippers

(3) Golden State Warriors vs. (6) Denver Nuggets

Although the Warriors have home in the first round, but get it with a team that causes them in Regular Season problems and won twice in Golden State. Do the rather little dolls get the MVP favorite Nikola Jokic? And get this support from Jamal Murray? Even at Stephen Curry is currently uncertain whether it can participate from the beginning.

Warriors vs. Nuggets: The duels in the Regular Season

Date Home Away result
28.12.2021 Warriors Nuggets 86:89
16.2.2022 Warriors Nuggets 116: 117
7.3.2022 Nuggets Warriors 131: 124
10.3.2022 Nuggets Warriors 102: 113

(4) Dallas Mavericks vs. (5) Utah Jazz

The MAVs received a team with the Jazz, which probably has probably not the best answer to Luka Doncic and left no fabricated impression over the past few weeks. Behind his health is currently a pretty big question mark, after injuring the season finale. We fit in time?

Mavericks vs. Jazz: The duels in the Regular Season

Date Home Away result
25.12.2021 Jazz Mavericks 120: 116
25.2.2022 Jazz Mavericks 114: 109
7.3.2022 Mavericks Jazz 111: 103
27.3.2022 Mavericks Jazz 114: 100

Much-thin! This is your best NBA player in the world

Western Conference – Play-In-Tournament

(7) Minnesota Timberwolves vs. (8) L.a. Clippers

The Minnesota Timberwolves could make it clear with a victory against the clippers their first playoff participation from the past 18 (!) Years. But beware: With Paul George and Norman Powell, the Californians recently returned two long-term injured.

Wolves vs. Clippers: The duels in the Regular Season

Date Home Away result
4. November Timberwolves Clippers 115: 126
6. November Timberwolves Clippers 84: 104
14. November Clippers Timberwolves 129: 102
4. January Clippers Timberwolves 104: 122

(9) New Orleans Pelicans vs. (10) San Antonio Spurs

Both teams left the Lakers around LeBron James Old, both teams managed to participate in play-in with a furious final spurt. Accordingly, good is the form of both teams, the pelicans are possibly easier favorite.

Pelicans vs. Spurs: The duels in the Regular Season

Date Home Away result
13. December SPURS Pelicans 112: 97
14. February Pelicans SPURS 114: 124
19. March Spurs Pelicans 91: 124
27. March Pelicans Spurs 103: 107

NBA playoffs: encounters, dates, time

So far, the NBA has not yet announced the complete schedule for the first playoff round, the dates and lots for the first weekend are already fixed. It starts on 16 April to German Primetime. After four encounters on Saturday will take place on Sunday, April 17, the rest of the Game 1s of the first round.

NBA playoffs: The start-up dates of the first round on Saturday

Date Time Home Team Away team
16. April 19 o’clock Dallas Mavericks Utah Jazz
16. April 21.30 Memphis Grizzlies West # 7
17. April 0 o’clock Philadelphia 76ers Toronto Raptors
17. April 2.30 clock Golden State Warriors Denver nuggets

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NBA playoffs: The start-up dates of the first round on Sunday

Date Time Home Team Away team
17./18. April TBD Boston Celtics East # 7
17./18. April TBD Miami Heat East # 8
17./18. April TBD Milwaukee Bucks Chicago Bulls
17./18. April TBD Phoenix Suns West # 8

Despite 42 Wagner points: Orlando loses Kellerduell

NBA: Orlando verliert trotz 42 Wagner-Punkten | SID
The team of Franz and Moritz Wagner lost at home on Thursday (local time) at home with 120: 134 (62:73) against the Detroit Pistons and remains the table deadline after the third defeat. Nevertheless, the brothers pair convinced: Franz Wagner became the top scorer Orlandos with 26 meters and marked the sixth-highest scores of his debut season in the NBA. Eleven the first 24 points Orlandos went to his account. Moritz Wagner moved to the starting formation for the first time in this season and achieved 16 meters. Saddiq Bey marked 51 points marked at the pistons. For the eighth time, a player came to at least 50 points in the month of March. According to ESPN, this was last in the NBA in 1962. NBA game plan at a glance

J J Jameson is the same version of Sam Raimi in the MCU

A Character Women Solid, or actually strong women character, is a stereotype utilized in fiction for solid, independent, brave or resilient females. Sometimes simplified to become a strong female in combat in order to enter the stereotype, the strong female character is many of the time a heroine of character qualified of protecting themselves as well as whose abilities do not resistant to the physical force: c is classically the opposite of the Lady in Distress, the Mademoiselle in distress of fairy tales and animations of Disney debut The emergence of the women character in the cinema was performed in the 1980s, particularly with the character of Ellen Ripley, played by Sigourney Weaver in Alien

At the end of Spider-Man: Far from Home We had an opportunity to discover that j.k. Simmons had resumed the role of him as j.j. Jameson Inside the MCU. Now that the third arachnid movie is coming, and with all this of the multiverse, the driver’s version at is the same as we saw in the films of Sam Rail and Today Maguire ? The actor responsible for giving life to the character gives us the answer.

PLATING IN THE PODCAST OF Happy, SAD, Confused, Simmons explained the following:

MCU J. Jonah Jameson Confirmed To Be Different From Raimi Spider-Man Films!

I think it’s a slightly different version. Certainly of the creators of the current version of the story is a very different character. For me, he is a slightly different character. He is the same fanfare. The same guy with less hair. Honestly, I would like him to have the same hair… the most important thing is that he is still the same fanfare and has the same damn mustache and pure, at least. As it is appropriate for that character, he is a bit of comic relief that was sprayed slightly in the movie.

So as you can see, they are actually two different characters, so it would mean that the j.j. Jameson of RAI MI is not the same as that of the MCU, but it could well be a variant. Could it be that both are going to have some kind of interaction in Spider-Man: No Way Home ? We will have to wait until December 15 to know the answer.

Editor’s note: From there Marvel has already started flirting with this of the Multiverse. Of course, it will not be until no way home when really getting full to this concept, but it is clear that Rail’s films had a huge influence on the future of Arachnid.

Purge Puzzle UNPACKING It at the time of loading with partners with partners

An interview with the developer of the new indie game Im worried about this project. This time, we will deliver a mini-in-tavy to the development puzzle UNPACKING released on November 2 for Witch Beam Development, PC / Mac / Linux / Xbox One / Switch.

This work is a puzzle game that puts luggage removed from the box at a new home. While being a puzzle game that fills a limited space well, you can also enjoy the way of decorating the living space. It is also a healing game where there is no timer, meter, score, and relaxation is possible when loading. For more information on the game content, please visit the play report. Customary to Japanese.

UNPACKING is distributed for 2,050 yen (Steam).

— First, please introduce yourself. What is your favorite game?

Wren Brier (Wren Brier) This is the Wren Brier responsible for the creative director of this work. I have a game art history, but in this project, I was in charge of game design, production and business. Before involved in this work, as a freelance artist, he worked as an artist in Half brick Studios before that, and he was in charge of updating Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride.

It is difficult to choose the most favorite game, and it is quite different, but Psychopath 2 Ambush him Banjo and Kazoos Great Adventure DONt Starve Gone HOME is not it.

-Why did you start developing this work?

Wren This idea came up when I started living with my partner Tim Dawson. I was notifying him by two people, but I realized that there is a game-like element for this work. The player can unlock the box below by emptying the box, and put it out more and more items and place it in a suitable place. Usually, in other games, I think there is an element that finds suitable for items in a variety of places, but it is similar in this work. However, this work has made such packing as it was.

Anyway, I talked to Tim when this would be a good idea of ​​the game and did something to be a game or brainstorming. A few days later, we used the system of this work to draw her story by loading at various timings of female character life. At this time, TIM and his company Witch Beam is thinking about the next project, and I was working as a freelance artist, but because I was working as a freelance artist, it was so busy, so it was so busy to start making prototypes of this work I thought it was!

— Please tell me the characteristics of this work.

From the people who played Wren, such a game I have never played so far. There are now many elements in most games in this work. For example, a score, a timer, etc. Instead, it has a quiet attraction that makes people crazy. Also, I think that it is a unique point that draws a story using only the core system and the one in the house. Visuals are also quite different from other works. You can see it immediately after watching a screenshot.

— What kind of person do this work do you want to play?

I would like to play with people who like to organize WREN things and those who like to collect the piece of story based on hints. I am very happy to enjoy this work for all types of people. Couple people can play together, and parents can play with children, and hardcore gamers and casual gamers are also enjoying delivery of this work. It is a single player game, but it is very fun to see it sideways.

— Is there a work affected by this work?

Besides EVENTIM and I started cohabitation, this work is affected by others. The idea of ​​telling the word of womens life in less words, from Florence. GONE HOME is influenced in that it draws stories from items and the environment. And of course, the first The SIMS is referred to in terms of putting items according to quarter views and masses. Besides, there is also the influence of the song The Bed Song of Amanda Palmer. This song is a story that draws a dating with a snapshot. A song that resonates with a very heart, and I wanted to express something similar to this feeling in this work.

— Did you have an impact on development by new coronavirus?

Wren We all worked from home, so there was no impact. However, although I wanted to exhibit this work, I wanted to exhibit on overseas game shows like PAX and SUMMIT, they all have been canceled.

— Is it okay to deliver and monetize this work?

Wren Yes, its okay! Please do it. I love to see the figure of delivering this work.

— Lastly, please give a message to the Japanese reader.

Thank you for your support! Im glad if you enjoy this work, and I am looking forward to seeing you at Japanese game events held in 2022!

–thank you very much.

◆ About attention indie mini questions
This series is a serialized plan that interviews the works with indie led by indie led by release immediately after release. Questions are formatted to format a regular serialization, and we aim to deliver the voices of many developers as much as possible. Enjoy more than 500 other interview articles.

Atsumori ver 2 0 1 Update data delivery Fix airfield gate problems and school bugs

Very. 2.0.1 Update data was delivered at software At sushi Animal Forest for Nintendo Switches.

In this update data, various defects have been made, including the gate problems in the airfield reported the other day. Paid Additional Content Happy Home Paradise has also corrected a defect such as a school bug. Details are as follows.

◆ Fixed a defect

With the gate of the airfield open, we have fixed a defect that could propose to the house of the islanders.

Kiki & Lara Stench fixed the defect that is Hibachi at the tank shopping.

Fixed a bug that Coconut Juice and Ice Candy not appear in the Komodo tab of the DIY recipe.

In the entrance of the full-populated home entrance or shooting studio, we fixed the bug that the display becomes strange when the Yuma who can be in love is pilled.

Some animals have fixed a bug that cooks outside your home kitchen.

Fixed a bug that I am visiting the player s home, who had a conversation as if I was in a coffee shop.

◆ Correction of faults about the additional content Happy Home Paradise

Fixed a defect that could advance the game first without making a school at the timing of creating school originally. In save data that is playing the game without making schools, save data restores the normal state in the following flow.

Events that make schools will be created while working on about 1 to 2 cases (timing when other events do not occur).

There is no event to create a school, but it would be possible to use the function to adjust the size of furniture and room that could be used when creating a school.

Fixed a defect that could cause an error if you try to use Amino by changing member members.

Fixed a defect that could receive Cub many times from the Katrina in Hospital.

Fixed a bug that Saga Key,, Tomato was held by getting a tomato.

5 ways easy to create the perfect name of animal crossing island

This write-up notes one of the most offered computer game all the systems, along with video games sold greater than a million copies on the various existing systems.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fury these days, with self-distancing and staying at home and Covid-19. (Seriously, stay at home!) And why wouldn t it is? You can basically do everything you can not do in IRL, like going to the store, walk to people and chat with them less than 2 meters / 6 feet and fly to exotic destinations!

However, there is a big obstacle to start your animal Crossing: New Horizons away from home — Find the perfect name of the island. You do not want to create your new island and start your role for life as a contract with Tom Leaf without having a fabulous name that makes people want to visit your island and pick all the fruits of your trees.

Cog connected is here to help you! Here are some excellent strategies to get these synapses that pull in your brain and circulate these creative juices:

You have all heard about the same name of the strip-teaser, of which there are many variants. Here are some options you can try:

The name of your childhood pet and the first street in which you lived — my island would be called Cellular Hollywood. Fantasy and memorable.
Name of your mother s girl and elementary school where you went.
Your NAS number.

ISLAND NAMES you wish you knew before | Part 1 ► Animal Crossing New Horizons
… okay, continue –

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Sorry, virile brothers, let s face it. There are not many games as adorable as Animal Crossing. You plant flowers, decorate houses and send letters with beautiful gifts to your adorable neighbors. It s cute! Let s go! Corgi Puppy Island awaits you! How about Fluffy Kitten Cove? Unicorn Heaven? The possibilities are limitless!

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