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Rockstar announced a new GTA+ promotion for chita gta online

Rockstar Just Dropped A NEW Update With HUGE Changes.. The New GTA Online Update (GTA5)
For players on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles, a paid subscription GTA+became available from March 29. The awards for April have already ended, and Rockstar announced the start of a new action – at May. Until the first of June, inclusive, all subscribers for the new service will receive the following intra -game objects for the online mode GTA V:

  • 500,000 game currency.
  • Grotti Brioso R/A car with a gift improvement of Hao’s Special Works.
  • Agency in Rockford Hills for access to DLC tasks “Contract”.
  • A set of free clothes and accessories.
  • Bonuses for awards for assignments to ensure security and sales from the business skends of the night club.
  • And much more.

The GTA+ subscription is valid only for players on the consoles of a new generation, and costs $ 5.99 a month.

Deck construction village development Defense game “These doomed isles” announced. Creating a difficult village that is difficult to prepare with a card

Developer TripleVision Games announced “ these doomed isles ” on March 23. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam).

“These Doomed Isles” is a deck construction village creation game. Players will pioneer nameless islands and produce villages. Although various environments are created and facilities are ready, the village can be created by “cards” as a unique element of this work. Use the cards at hand in each turn and configure from trees to mountains. Building with a card or a card, we will make a village.

Each effect has its effect in facilities and environments hidden by the card. If you make a cabin, people will come back, and if you make a tax office, money will gather, but the degree of happiness falls. You can store food if you make a warehouse, and make food by making a farm. It seems that there is also a magic card that has raised birth rates. You can also grow the card. Cards can be purchased from the presented card group with gold. Build your own village creation deck.

Deck Box Dungeon Review: The Dungeon Crawler You Wanted

And in this work, various threats are also characterized by attacking the island. The Bit attacks the island, natural disasters, or a variety of difficulties attack the village. Epidemia may be transmitted or given to hunger. Can the villagers protect? Can I secure food? In addition to preparing for disasters, it will be important after difficulty. The card depends on the village’s fate. All deck builds a key.

TRIPLEVISION GAMES, who works on this work, is Andrew Stewart’s studio. I have a base in England’s Sheffield. So far, we have developed a horizontal scroll action game “Mable & THE WOOD”. “These Doomed Isles” is developed with support from UK Games Fund, UK Games Fund. This time, it was officially announced.

Deck construction and village creation, and ambitious systems with village defense are fused are impressive. Although there is a strong sense of money, the concept is ambitious. The game balance is likely to affect the evaluation. “These Doomed Isles” will be released for PC (STeam).

How to solve the mysterious of the “Mirror of Travel Light” to the west of bottlenecks in the proposal of the gate of the three kingdoms in Genshin Impact

The proposal of the “Gate of Three Worlds” is a 40-day event that begins with from February 17, 2022 to March 30, 2022 . In this time-limited version of Enkanomiya, hidden in darkness, you can solve many new puzzles, unique for the offer Three Realms Gateway.

On the cliff’s cloth, you would usually find the Guiding Light Mirror puzzle, where you need to send a ray of light to the destination with Hydro and Cryo Mirrors. Start with the fact that go to the area circled below to find a riddle. Be sure to take with you character that can apply Cryo .

You will find a puzzle with three mirrors. If you have already begun to mess with this, refer to the image below that the final puzzle should look like this (provided that the glowing mechanism is behind you). Otherwise, read on to learn how to solve this problem from scratch.

Assuming that nothing was moved, follow these steps to solve the puzzle. They can be made in any order .

  • The first step: Turn the mirror # 1 three times.

Concave Mirrors and Convex Mirrors Ray Diagram - Equations / Formulas & Practice Problems
* Step Two: Apply Cryo to Mirror No. 3.

Once the mirrors are changed, as described above, use the box Boxo. Next to the luminous mechanism . He will shoot the beam of the light, which mirrors will guide to a floating stone on the left. You will be rewarded Precious Chest To solve a puzzle.

Familiarize yourself with our leadership on how to solve the jigsaw “Mirror of Guide Light” southeast of bottlenecks in the proposal of the gate of three kingdoms in Genshin Impact to solve a similar puzzle nearby.

SpellForce 3 Reflected delay its version of Xbox One and PS4 and maintains the date for PC users

Between all the news of the video game, maybe you have passed by SpellForce 3, a fantasy adventure and strategy that during the last GamesCom announced its arrival in consoles through its refucted edition. Supposedly, the PC exclusivity would end at the end of this 2021, but it seems that Xbox One and PS4 players will have to wait a few more weeks to experience this RTS.

SpellForce 3: Refinct will make the jump to consoles on March 8, 2022 As your developer has informed in a press release, SpellForce 3: RefoCed will make the jump to consoles March 8, 2022, but PC players may experience the game from next December 6 with a free update of the base game. In this way, the study goes ahead with carrying its colorful fantastic world to Xbox and PlayStation, but you will need more time to polish the different features that expand the standard version of SpellForce 3.

Spellforce 3 Reforced: Xbox & PS 4/5 + Controller Gameplay

After all, the Reformized Edition incorporates various details that not only act as extras of the original adventure, but also add multiple possibilities to the user experience. An intention that can be observed in improving your missions, skill trees, loot distribution and RTS mechanics, as well as in a new map and varied game modes.

SpellForce 3: Reformced caught the attention of every lover of the fantastic and strategy in real time and, although his arrival at consoles has suffered a delay, it seems that the developer is putting all the as much as possible to transfer the mechanics of Computer at Xbox One and PS4 controls. In addition, it should be noted that SpellForce 3: Refined will add its expansions Soul Harvest and FALLEN GOD The same March 8, so it could be said that the wait will be worth it.

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