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Spider-Man: No Way Home: Sony

The CEO of the Sony Motion Picture Group , Tom Rothman, has a sequel to Spider-Man: No Way Home as a clear wish of the company in an interview with the Deadline website. First, another Spider-Man cinema film from Sony was indicated. In addition to the two Spider-Verse films that are currently in progress, one hopes to also work on the next Spider-Man cinema film in the future. When asked whether Jon Watts, Tom Holland and Zendaya would also return in this film, Rothman replied: “We hope the entire group [returns].

strong brands at Sony

SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME - Official Trailer (HD)

In addition to numerous other topics in conversation with Deadline, Rothman also spoke about the two spin-offs Kraven and Madame Web . On the other hand, the Morbius , which was not particularly loved by the specialist press and the audience, did not come up with another spin-off project of the Spider-Man University.

Originally, Tom Holland had previously indicated Spider-Man: No Way Home (Buy now) that you might be seen for the last time as Peter Parker. On the one hand, this could be interpreted as a strategic move to raise your own fee for a future sequel. At the same time, it is currently uncertain how the Spider-Man brand should continue in terms of movies. There are currently no official confirmations on this topic from Sony or Marvel.

It is interesting in this context that Tom Rothman deliberately emphasizes the strong brands of Sony in conversation: “Als I took over Sony, it was said ‘Oh, Sony has no brands’. In fact, we had fantastic brands. We had to be simple. Back in focus. We had Jumanji, Bad Boys, Uncharted. Ghostbusters is another example.

future with or without Holland

It is certainly exciting to see how Sony would deal with a loss of one of her most valuable brands in the future. At the same time, there are certainly many that would not be averse to a fourth part of the Holland Spider-Man films. In any case, we will be excited to see whether and when there is new information on the future of the franchise.

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Jim Carrey retires, just how will he impact his personality in Sonic, the film? The producers of him react

However can Paramount Pictures _ reclait the personality for the currently announced Sonic, the motion picture 3? “We would certainly not even try” , Moritz claims.

A couple of days ago Jim Carrey announced his expert retirement, thus placing an end to a race over 40 years. The retired life of it touches complete to the world of video clip game, and is that he has been in charge of enlivening one of the most identifiable villains in the industry, Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik in Sonic , the film and sonic, the film 2. Currently those in charge of the legend have actually wanted to pronounce on the news.

Remember that, along with a 3rd installation, the Sonic Cosmos has currently released a show for Paramount +, Halo Residence: the collection, on Knuckles, which puts in an antagonistic function in Sonic, the movie 2, currently available in movie theaters of whatever the world.

Therefore, it seems clear that if Jim Carrey does not make the exemption with the following blue hedgehog movie, the story of Dr. Eggman in the adjustments of the computer game are history. There are still couple of details, for not none, from the brand-new film.

Jim Carrey Says He's 'Retiring': 'I've Done Enough'

“Jim Carrey will certainly always be a member of the Sonic family , as well as will certainly always have an area in those flicks and Television collection where he suches as to be. “It gives me the feeling that it wants so much to Robotnik that I do not assume I can obtain away from him **”.

While we encourage you to read Sonic’s testimonial, Raquel Cervantes movie 2 claiming: “ A full-action and also wit experience suitable for all kinds of audience that makes you receive from movie theater with adequate energy to run by Green Hills “.

Eiichiro Oda talks about the end of Wano in One Piece

From red, the following anime motion picture, to the end result of the Want arc, one of the lengthiest and most challenging stories of this whole sleeve. This is why The author exposed that the final thought of this chapter is ending up being more detailed, as well as he can not wait for the public to enjoy the special scene in which he is working.

For many years, followers of one piece have been stranded on Want Island in Luffy business et cetera of the straw hat pirates. However, with each new chapter this problem advances to an end, which, Ericeira Odd, Managua accountable for this job, can not wait to reveal it to the public.

I marvel that Want Arc has actually not completed yet! I was distressed to attract ‘that’ final scene of Want ARC!

Those who rise with the manga will know that currently Luffy and Died are in the climax of their battle by Want Taking into consideration that ODD has planned to end One Item In the following 5 years, the result of these events will definitely have a wonderful effect at the final thought of this job.

Editor’s note:.

On associated topics, these are the stars of the Live Action variation of One Item. Similarly, hence he commemorated Banzai NAMC the episode a countless anime.

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