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How to fly into a colliders energy field into Fortnite

In the latest Fortnite update, seasonal quests of the 10th week appeared, and players will need to complete them to earn XP. Season 2 of chapter 3 has been the last few weeks, and this is the best time to get more experience and combat stars to get all cosmetic objects from combat pass. One of the tasks of the 10th week requires players to fly into the collider energy field. The implementation of this quest will reward players 20,000 experience .

The collider is the new POI in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, and it is full of hostile NPCs. Players may expect countless opponents to land in this area for high-level prey, and this complicates the execution of quests. However, there is a trick that allows you to fly into the energy of the collider, not even landing at the point of interest. You will just need to get out of a combat bus and try to land on the top of a huge collider to quickly fulfill this quest.

Fly Into The Collider's Energy Field (Bugged) - Fortnite
The energy of the collider holds the player afloat, which means that you can fly longer, soaring over the design. This trick not only completes the quest, but also protects the players from an active battle. If you do not do this on the first attempt, try to land at any of the IO bouncer found in the POI. Use the rabal to jump high into the sky, and then turn your glider. We recommend that players first get weapons if they land on Earth, as you will meet a battle at every stage in this new POI.

Do you want to know where to find NPC this season? Check out all NPC locations for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 in Pro Game Guides!

Appearance date of Destiny 2 season 17, rumors, leaks and more

Season 17 of Destiny 2 is just around the corner, but Bungie is unusually closed in many details. As expected, this has led to some wild speculations in the name of Destiny 2 players, the bungie does not seem to suppress particularly.

We don’t even have a title for the 17th season, a complete list of the expected changes, updates and additions. We don’t even know where the story will lead, but in view of the revelations that fall on the vow of the disciples in the campaign The Witch Queen and the subsequent attack, there are several ways that they could take.

However, a recently published This Week At Bungie Blog revealed some interesting facts to keep the fans happy. So while we are waiting for the last information before the start of the new season, we have compiled everything we know about the knowledge release date of season 17 of Destiny 2 as well as leaks and rumors that we have heard.

publication date of season 17 of Destiny 2

The release date of Destiny 2 season 17 is Tuesday, May 24th. The new season begins with the weekly reset at 10:00 a.m. Pt / 1:00 p.m. ET / 6:00 p.m. GMT. Players who buy or own the Season Pass can join the new seasonal content. A new initiative starts with season 17, in which players can output 2,000 silver for a pass with 10 already activated levels.

3000 (+500 bonus) Destiny 2 silver – PS4/PS5 3000 (+500 bonus) Destiny 2 silver – PS4/PS5 Amazon $ 29.99 Now buy network n Associates and other programs. 3000 (+500 bonus) Destiny 2 silver – Xbox 3000 (+500 bonus) Destiny 2 silver – Xbox Microsoft $ 29.99 Now buy network n earns commissions from qualified purchases via Microsoft and other programs.

Destiny 2 season 17 iron banners changes

The previously undeniable largest announcement for season 17 is that Bungie completely revised the Iron Banner event. Since Lord Saladin is now a member of the war council of Empress Caiatl, the newly titled Bracus smithy will only visit the tower twice a season. Iron Banner runs only two weeks, the first on May 31 and the second on July 12th begins.

Call rewards are now deserved in the same way as with other providers such as Zavala and Saint-14. Changes to the speed were made with a call, but Bungie’s goal is to make players grind to the banner for a solid week as with other seasonal events.

Destiny 2 season 17 new PvP card

For the first time in years we get a brand new Destiny 2 PvP map. Disjunction is a symmetrical map based on the swamps of Savathun’s Throne World and is based on the concept of the streets. This is partly due to the Rift game mode that returns from Destiny 1.

Rift shares the DNA with Halo’s Oddball mode and sees players who compete, to take a spark and to keep it that will appear in the middle of the card. The longer you can keep the spark, the more points you get. It is even more important that Rift will also be the new Iron banner activity.

Destiny 2 season 17 leaks and rumors

There are not too many official information out there at the moment, but there are many leaks and rumors about Destiny 2 season 17 that are currently floating around.

Although we know that a new dungeon is coming in season 17, we still don’t know what the story will be. Since Saladin now serves Caiatl, we may see the return of Shiro-4, his hunter’s comrade from the Felwinter’s Peak (in fact the returning Trespasser Exotic Sidearm also has connections to Shiro-4, which according to Destiny has the original “Kit-Bashed”.

It is also important to note that Ana Bray, even though she had nothing to do in The Witch Queen campaign, could be seen in several cutscenes. It is rumored that season 17 will concentrate on the fact that Siva and Warmind Rasputin finally get an exo body, which could even mean a return to Felwinter’s Keep.

Bungie said that this year we will receive a Light Subclass 3.0 update every season.


  • Destinytracker ???? (@Destinytrack) 6. May 2022

If this turns out to be true, it gives the rumors credibility that solar will be the next subclass that receives the 3.0 treatment. The Iron Lords have a strong connection to Solar and Bungie has confirmed that one of the two remaining subclasses will receive their upgrade this season.

Since there is so little time between now and the start of season 17, we soon expect some final announcements from Bungie.

Keep your senses sharply by then, stay with this power grind and find a few god rolls for the best Destiny 2 weapons!

Todays Word is being too difficult for some players

Wordle players are fighting today. «Wordle 330 x» is a trend on Twitter, indicating that some players have difficulty solving today’s puzzle. We will deepen today’s Wordle puzzle later in the article, for those looking for some clues or clues. However, if you have not yet done the puzzle, you may not want to move until the end of the article, since we will eventually discuss the answer.

For those who somehow have lost Wordle’s madness so far, the rules of the game are simple: players have six attempts to guess a five -letter word. The players receive clues based on the letters that their assumption shares with the right word. A yellow shaded letter means that this letter also appears in the right word, but in a different letter location. A green letter in green means that this letter appears in the same place in the right word.

On average, Wordle players take approximately 4 attempts to correctly guess a daily riddle, although some riddles may be significantly more complicated. Last month he has presented a series of difficult riddles, with Found breaking gusts because a 4 -letter word is shared that ends with several other words, and Nymph avoiding the players due to the lack of a traditional vowel.

How To Win Wordle Every Time #shorts
So what happens to today’s Word? Unfortunately, today’s Wordle presents a word with a common word termination. Two other words share the last four letters with the correct answer and the three use unusual letters for the initial words. This means that players will potentially be trapped in a riddle game trying to find out what solution is the right one.

If you get stuck among several answers, remember that normal mode players can eliminate answers using a word containing possible answers. So, if you need to choose between pound, round and sound, it could be easier to guess with a word like slur to determine which of those answers is correct. Keep in mind that players must update their browsers to make sure their puzzle is updated, since The New York Times recently updated the game to eliminate a potentially problematic response.

You still don’t know today’s Wordle puzzle? The answer to Wordle 330 is… Produce. Be sure to consult Wordlebot if you want some tips on how to improve your Wordle game. Wordlebot points out that an average of 4.5 attempts to solve today’s puzzle is needed.

Tell us if you obtained today’s Wordle puzzle in the comments section and if you managed to match our score to solve it in four attempts!

Elden Ring: Among the 500 mods of the game, there is one who wins all the vote!

Since fromSoftware dropped its latest creation in nature, Elden Ring unleashes the passions! Every day, the news of the game is punctuated by a lot of events, records of Speedrun with the most secret finds through the proliferation of mods. In the space of a month and a half, the mods meter intended for the last representative of the “soulsborne” literally exploded, but there is one that is unanimous and one can understand why!


more than 500 mods to discover Elden Ring otherwise!

The days follow each other and the news around Elden Ring is still abundant. It must be said that players are surpassing themselves to find a lot of things or succeeding pretty prowess. Last week, a mystery from the Dark Souls franchise has been identified; While this week, a dream functionality , withdrawn from the game, has resurfaced and the time needed to finish the game as quickly as possible has passed a bearing ! From a more creative point of view, the pc version of the title of fromSoftware is able to give life to the projects of disturbing mods of realism or paying tribute to a particular aesthetic.

Almost seven weeks after marketing, Elden Ring is full of mods. Believe the site specializing in modding, Nexus mods, there would be no less than 527 . Difficult for each one of them to pull out of the game, even if there are one that happens by crushing competition thanks to a rather consequent download number. The lucky elected, accounting for nearly 50,000 downloads, is none other than the creation of Odashikonbu that allows players to cross the entire game… with a much less difficult difficulty!

A game too hard for players?

As the total productions of Studio Nippon FromSoftware, Elden Ring does not derogate from the rule and offers a consequent challenge, where each monster can calm your ardor and where each boss is a self-control test that requires a mastered roded patterns. This difficulty, rebutting for some, may disappear with Odashikonbu’s Easy Fashion for Elden Ring, and many did not pray to download it and try it!

If it has been able to convince no less than 50,000 players within one month, it is because it has been able to offer different approaches beyond simply reduce the difficulty. In reality, the mod contains three versions: “Damage Edit Only”, “Damage Tweak + 10xRune” and “Personal Edit” allowing you, among other things, to reduce the damage suffered, to increase those inflicted on enemies or ‘Improve the regenerating power of your flasks.

The “Personal Edit” version is, by far, the one that leaves the most freedom to make Elden Ring a real health walk . To ride on the game, the mod offers you the possibility to turn off the cost of spells , Do not take into account the weight limit , or even reduce the amount of materials required * * For the improvement of weapons. The creation of Odashikonbu is far from at the top of its popularity, but it must be kept in mind that you have to disable the online features of the game to fully enjoy this much less experienced experience.

__Commander Elden Ring



54.99 €



52.80 €



60.56 €

All offers


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The 5 GAME CHANGING Items You're Not Using - Control Enemies & Melt Bosses & More - Elden Ring!



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“Who allows players to cross the whole game… with a much less difficult difficulty!”
We wonder why cases never seek to improve while training but with these mods they may now be able to finish a dark souls…

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In Elyden Ring, some players are damaging the PVP, making use of figs technique to farm afk runes to ranch

  • Some players make use of a sort of void in the PVP of Elden Ring to farm afk runes as well as rune bows. They customize themselves to ruin the PVP for others.
  • They just place themselves on a certain area and also leave their character there while they pursue their things.
  • The area is essential here, due to the fact that it might only be accessible by steed. Because that is not offered online.
  • If the player is after that gone to by an Invader, he can not reach him.

For this you only have to use the “Finger Separator” item. Then you leave the globe of host, who likewise does not get runes.


Fia’s Frenzied Champion states, “Oh my God, thank you for this article. That need to most definitely be fixed. “.

There is a trick to prevent that? However, you can not control, in whose game world you can do. You simply have 2 ways to “penalize the AFK farms”.

The majority of like vibing in the deadlights desire quick spots: “It would certainly behave if they might do something in this respect. This is most likely the 3rd time I’m pushing on such a point. “On the whole, many PVP fans are rather let down from the present stand in Elden Ring.

PVP gamers are simply annoyed by this method as well as players they utilize. Lots of toss that the approach is not a lot more reliable.

The PVP system ofelden ring is unusual, but partially of the neighborhood really popular. Extra and also much more gamers now open a large weak point and also use them on unreasonable method to farm AFK Runes.

” Many thanks for the warning! PVP remains in such a sad state… I wish things will quickly be smoothed and also all these ineffective bugs are dealt with. “Adam Barker composes.

Now the trespasser only stays the way out: abandonment and also return to its own video game globe. There are 2 means for this: you leap down the following abyss, or you utilize a special thing.

If you are fortunate, you can have the host with the suitable combination, abilities and involvement, which have a high reach, but still captured. As here in this situation:.

Extra and extra gamers currently open a big weakness and also use them on unfair means to farm AFK Runes. This is exactly how PVP works in ELDEN RING: There are 2 various types. Players can take place as trespassers in the globes of various other gamers. As well as right below are a lot more and more “Invader” to a trouble: Gamers, the AFK Runes Farms. These AFK gamers are using these AFK gamers as well as hence steadily collect Runes of exceptional PVP players, that at some time offer up and also leap to fatality.

AfK farmer in elden ring a “growing trouble”.

The video game also supplies enormous reliable ranch methods for runes. You have to play active for this, however can rausetro a numerous of the runes in a much shorter time – without spoiling the PVP without others.

Whether there will certainly be a patch in the future, which concerns the issues, is currently unknown.

On Twitter, Rkirby808 writes that the problem is obtaining larger. If developer from Software does not take a difference quickly, soon, “less as well as less faireness scissors” would soon be.

Because you need “good luck” and also needs to use sufficient trespassers to get runes. So, is not taking place on the servers, little yield comes about.

Gamers can take place as trespassers in the worlds of other gamers. And also right here are a growing number of “Intruder” to a problem: Players, the AFK Runes Farms. The burglars quasi had a kind of catch, which can hardly be intended by the dicklers.

If you do not accomplish the host, there is at least one method to return to your very own globe without leaving the host still runes.

Due to the fact that in addition to such things, there are other pests and also ventures, which exploit gamers in multiplayer on their own.

Hence, players react to the AFK farmers: Straight PVP fans who such as to make various other video game worlds insecure as burglars, they are not enthusiastic about this technique.

This is just how PVP works in ELDEN RING: There are 2 different types. The invasions and duels. In this case, it’s regarding the intrusion technicians.

What do you consider the matter? Do you see an issue in the AFK farmers? Or do not bother you? Are you also in the PVP?

New gamers from Elden Ring are simpler to locate a pursuit that will certainly break the heart.

That’s the issue: .

It simply jumps to fatality, the host of the globe’s globe Runes and also your death counts as a kill. These AFK players are using these AFK players and also therefore progressively gather Runes of exceptional PVP players, who at some time quit and leap to fatality. Yet those that intend to defend themselves.

What does an orange symbol and a digit mean next to the mission in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

Initially, orange symbols denote some tutorials, but later, after the battle with Chaos Advent, side mission will be unlocked. The number next to orange symbols indicates how many side missions are available in this area, often forcing the player to explore additional areas in previous locations.

Do you need side missions

While players can easily go through the game, only performing blue Basic missions Orange Sided missions offer excellent awards. It can also be useful to bring the player’s equipment to the recommended level of each major mission. Each side mission will have detailed information about awards and possible trophies, as well as the main mission. This ensures that the players do not have to spend time on making a lower level missions for the equipment that they do not need.

Related: How to go through Chaos Advent Stranger of Paradise

The purpose of the side missions can be different, but usually they include the murder of some powerful creature. Dismantling Weapons and equipment are recommended, since the players have a restriction on transfer, and they should not save their low-level equipment. Filtering Gear by Rank is also an effective way to disassemble a large number of equipment.

STRANGER OF PARADISE Final Fantasy Origin Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 [4K 60FPS PS5] No Commentary

Whenever players take into hands a weapon or study new work They can find a tutorial for its recently unlocked work in ??? location in the center of the world map. This places players in the same area as the initial guide on the game, and teaches their mechanics of every case.

For additional Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, read the section “How to recover and how to raise MP to Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin” in the Pro. game manuals. **

Lost Ark: March update with new boss opponent was Lt. Amazon Game Studios a mistake

In the Asian region, Lost Ark has already appeared in 2019, about a month ago Amazon Games as Publisher the MMORPG also provided the rest of the world. After a slightly bumpy start with endless player queues and a bot-plague, the first big update appeared in March. The highlight was the introduction of a new BOSS opponent called Argos. The problem: ARGOS is only available for players who are already in the endgame – In addition, an item level of 1370 and the activation of animal 3 are mandatory.

Now Amazon himself expresses itself to the update in a statement: _ “We made a mistake by bringing out the March update too early after publication. The data we have analyzed together with previously published projects of SmileGate RPG have suggested that a larger proportion of players has already achieved the necessary level to challenge Argos. However, we have overlooked certain variables, such as some player spend more time with horizontal content or the rising prices of materials due to bots and real money transactions. “_

Lost Ark - Massive March Update | New Abyss Raid, Story Missions, Competitive PVP, And More!

Due to the sheer amount of crafting materials that are necessary to achieve Item Level 1370, only a few players have managed to pre-feed in Tier 3. Some of some fear triggered as if to urge the game into a pay-to-win direction. _ “We never wanted players to get the feeling, they have to go through the quests, just to achieve Item level 1370. We thought about making Argos available at the launch, but we found the Abyss Raid as an important Step to bridge the gap to the endgame activities, which still have to appear in the western version of Lost Ark “_, apologies to Amazon Games. SmileGate RPG wants to make it easier for players to achieve the appropriate item level by increasing the rewards for the current and subsequent events.

Last updated video: Release

Genshin Impact: Sayu is the best character of the new event and the community demonstrates it to the great

Under a hood with animal ear, the development team of GENSHIN IMPACT hid one of the most outstanding ninjas of the game. SAYU has highlighted from the arrival of it the game by being one of the best characters to explore Teyvat’s extensive universe. However, it has been with the arrival of Divine Creation that many players have really realized what is the potential of it to move on stage, becoming the heroin in a way in the title of Mihoyo.

Sayu surprises the community at the last event

COMPLETE SAYU GUIDE! Best Sayu Build - Artifacts, Weapons, Teams & Showcase | Genshin Impact
Divine creation allows players to unleash their imagination to give rise to true obstacle races that can become complicated to overcome. However, Sayu has become the AS in the sleeve of many players, surpassing some of the most interesting characters for exploration such as Xiao or Kazuha. All thanks to the use of your wind collision skill, which has a few very interesting interactions.

As we can see in the video, Sayu is able to do two particularly curious things. On the one hand, she can overcome small obstacles of a single height without losing his ability, which allows him to find continuity in the dungeons. On the other, she She is capable of running in situations in which other characters could only be grabbed , as in the small edges of the projections. A perfect combo for exploration that shines even more in the new Genshin Impact event.

Of course, many players have been surprised by this situation. Sayu is not a very popular character among Genshin Impact players , despite being in a very good situation both in the Tier List combat and exploration. All this being a four-star character easier to obtain and ascend. Is it time for us to join our team?

What is a splash of valor in Horizon Forbidden West?

Horizon Forbidden West is a worthy continuation of Horizon Zero Dawn 2017, providing players new places for research, new characters and a new combat system for development. One of the new combat mechanics added to Horizon Forbidden West is a valor splash.

Proters bursts are the abilities that players can unlock in the eloless skill tree. . In total, there are 12 bursts of valor, each of which gives extremely powerful ability or perk which can withdraw players from a difficult situation when necessary.

Valor’s bursts can be used charging valve glasses . Valor’s glasses are earned for the successful execution of attacks in battle and can be increased faster with certain peppers in Ela’s skills.

How to unlock Valor’s bursts in Horizon Forbidden West

Valor’s bursts can be unlocked by spending skills in the skill tree. Players must unlock each suitable skill to unlock a comprehensive valve splash. Players can earn skills glasses in several ways, but most likely will receive them for the performance of quests and side quests.

Having 12 trust bursts (two in each skill tree), players will need some time to unlock them all and decide which one is best suited for their game style, but it is worth investments.

Horizon Forbidden West Best Skills You Need To Get Early (Horizon Forbidden West Tips And Tricks)

Do you want to learn more about Horizon Forbidden West? Check out the tips on how imperceptibly sneak past cars in Horizon Forbidden West in the players on the game for professionals.

Important vulnerability makes dark heart risky – currently tangle players around Elden Ring

Just a month before the launch of Elden Ring, the next fantastic title of FROMSOFTWARE, the now guarantees worry with the fans. Since according to those the void should obviously impact Elden Ring.

Last weekend, there were wonderful discussions about a crucial mistake in multiplayer of all Dark Souls games.

Elden Ring Wants You to Play Differently

What is the issue? A significant safety trouble caused around Dark Souls 1 to 3 for uneasyness. Cyberpunks were a supposed “Remote Code Execution” Manipulate till lately feasible to take control of the PC of the opposite to the multiplayer essentially.

  • The RCE exploit permits the players to start their computer system from their computer and manipulate him even ruin it.
  • This was feasible with the intrusion attribute of PVP setting and also cage setting. If one goes according to the responses of the players, there was apparently this blunder for a while, he was not known just widespread.
  • And now there was so great interest that designers from Sofoftware had to take all the servers of Dark Souls 1: Prepare to the version, DS1 Remastered, Dark Souls 2 as well as Dark Souls 3 offline until the trouble is resolved.

Venture likewise in Elden Ring? Followers wish for repair prior to launch designer reacts

This is associated to the multiplayer and also server structure of the previous fromSoftware titles. They all work according to the very same principle, both in the co-op, along with in the PVP.

Other players can be summoned into their very own world, in the PVP enemy-minded “Invader” can even enter other worlds. With Koop players you are prone to it. Furthermore, Elden Ring works on the exact same engine.

The manipulate defined most likely hangs together with the PVP device, which will certainly additionally be found in Elden Ring. By the way, you will certainly discover a review of just how Koop and PVP job.

Is Elden Ring actually impacted? This can not be claimed with outright safety. Numerous Dark Souls players that are energetic in the modding and also safety and security area of Dark Souls, nevertheless, go precisely.

A hack looks, the clip of the Grim Sleeper, which was affected in an online session by such a manipulate:

Various other appearances with issue on the launch of Elden Ring. Some are virtually soothed that the error currently comes to the basic public. You can see it as a most likely that it ought to be fixed prior to the begin of the upcoming Action RPG.

The mod assists against the most ranges of cheaters that drive their wear and tear on the computer in all Dark Souls offshoots. Since the current upgrade, it ought to also safeguard versus make use of.

Last weekend break, there were fantastic conversations concerning a vital mistake in multiplayer of all Dark Souls video games. What is the problem? A serious protection issue caused around Dark Souls 1 to 3 for restlessness. Is Elden Ring really influenced? ** In principle, there is absolutely nothing that you can do against manipulate.

How can you secure yourself from babbles? In concept, there is absolutely nothing that you can do versus manipulate.

On reddit it says: “Thanks for the tip. The subject has currently handed down to the pertinent internal teams, […] “

If you usually play online yourself on Dark Souls on the Computer, you ought to see the “Blue Guard” mod by Dark Souls 3 on Nexus. This is a sort of self-made cheat defense for followers. The modification recognizes cheaters and allow them remove them from your session. There may be such a mod for ELDEN ring.

Reddit customer Waluigiisme claims: “If that is true, I rejoice that Elden Ring was held off. With any luck, Fromsoft and also Bandai recognize of it. Potentially regularly on the PC to be sliced, as a result of an intrusion or co-op, is somehow bad. “

Did you already pester on your own by cheater and cyberpunks in Dark Heart? Elden Ring: All details about the Action-RPG with co-op and PVP – release, gameplay, system requirements

User Flannoff writes: “The most frustrating thing regarding it is the reality that Bamco [Bandai Namco] as well as from [Software] has actually never ever done anything to stop or settle these strikes. When this loser started harming the ratings of other individuals in DS3, they just overlooked the hundreds of records without identifying the problem. “

This is exactly how the community responds: Under followers and players, the mood is rather clouded due to the vulnerability. Some longtime dark-souls players criticize that the exploit has actually existed in the ready some time and also that fromSoftware responds just now, as he spreads.

What do the designers claim? Under the equivalent reddit blog post, in addition to on Twitter, the designers have currently responded. Along with closing the servers, they likewise reacted a number of times to the notes of the players.

For how long it will certainly require to take care of the trouble, we currently do not understand.

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