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How to get all secret planets in Solar Smash

I am not sure about How to get all the secret planets in Solar Smash? Then, we have it covered. Solar Smash is a planet destruction simulator, where players can destroy entire planets with the help of weapons such as nuclear missiles, lasers and more.

Apart from all regular planets, there are some secret planets in Solar Smash, and if you are not sure what they are, here is a look at each. **** Secret planet along with how to unlock it in Solar Smash.

How to get all secret planets in Solar Smash

There are a total of eight secret planets and that is how to get all the secret planets in Solar Smash.

Flat land

Terraplanists rejoiced, Solar Smash has a secret planet called Flat Earth that can be unlocked. To unlock the flat earth, simply configure the laser in 5 and use it to get rid of the upper and lower parts of the planet. When only the central part is, press the restart button and obtain Flat Earth as a goal.

Earth cube

The Earth’s Cube, also known as what Earth would be if we were in a Minecraft world, seems surreal floating in the emptiness of space. To unlock Cube Earth, go to the configuration of your grid and configure the values x, and z in the middle, then lower each axis in a notch.


Then, destroy the rest of the earth. Since everything that is inside the blue grid is protected, you can participate with your destruction business. Make sure the cube is as flat as possible. Once you have the perfect bucket, restart the planet and get Cube Earth.

Rosquilla Earth

If the flat or cubic land is not yours, then there is even a donut-shaped planet in Smash. The step to unlock Donut Earth is something similar to the flat earth. Simply get rid of the upper and lower parts, but also create a hole in the middle. Then, cut a circle in the middle of the earth and press restart. That is, you will have your Donut Earth.

Ghost world

Ghost World can be unlocked by attacking the earth with a million explosions. Go to the monster tab and choose the purple ghost weapon. Then, the earth begins to fly. When you see an achievement notification for breaking the land in pieces, that means that the ghost planet has unlocked.


Solar Smash carries the strange of the planet to another level with a planet giant snowman. To unlock the snowman, use the Freeze Ray and cover the entire Earth with ice. Once the whole planet is covered by a thick layer of ice, restart the planet. Now, you can select the snowman of the unknown system category.

Trick or Treating

If yours is Halloween and you once wanted to turn the earth into a giant pumpkin, your desire has been fulfilled. To get the planet trick or treatment, use the planet killer that is located on the UFO tab, the second weapon from above. Then, play it anywhere on Earth. The ray will heat the nucleus of the earth, causing it to explode after a few seconds.

Now, you will need to timet this part well. It must wait until the earth is about to explode and when the earth has become almost bright orange, press restart. If you do well, you will unlock Trick or Treat.

gingerbread Man

To unlock the planet Gingerbread Man, use planet killer in Snowman. After a while, the snowman will begin to shine of bright orange. Once this happens, you should see how the Planet Killer probe teleportes. Now, restart the planet and you will have unlocked the planet Gingerbread Man in Solar Smash. Similar to Trick or Treat, this requires some precision and synchronization.

World of blocks

The last secret planet in Solar Smash is Blockworld. To unlock the planet Blockworld, you must first get the secret planet Cube Earth.

Then, select Cube Earth and display a curative missile, which can be selected by pressing the single picture next to the other weapons. Curative missiles emit a green regenerative fog to the contact that remains for a while. While the fog is in the Earth’s cube, presses to restart. And unlock the planet Blockworld.

That is all about how to get all secret planets in Solar Smash . To get more tips and guides, be sure to look for Smash. As always, feel free to read the relevant links below.

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The image of the day Psychonauts the whole story in VF to be ready for the 2

Psychonauts is a platforming video game developed by Dual Fine Productions that initially launched in 2005. The video game was at first released by Majesco Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, Xbox and also PlayStation 2; Budcat Creations assisted with the PlayStation 2 port. In 2011, Double Penalty got the legal rights for the title, permitting the company to republish the title with updates for modern video gaming systems and ports for OS X and Linux.
Psychonauts follows the player-character Razputin (Raz) (articulated by Richard Horvitz), a young kid talented with psychic capacities that runs away from the circus to attempt to creep right into a summer camp for those with comparable powers to come to be a Psychonaut, a spy with psychic abilities. He finds that there is an ominous story taking place at the camp that just he can quit. The video game is fixated discovering the odd as well as creative minds of numerous characters that Raz runs into as a Psychonaut-in-training/Psycadet to help them overcome their anxieties or memories of their past, so regarding acquire their help and progression in the video game. Raz gets use several psychic capacities throughout the game that are used for both striking opponents and solving challenges.
Psychonauts was based on a deserted idea that Tim Schafer had during the advancement of Full steam, which he increased out into a complete video game via his after that brand-new company Double Penalty. The game was originally backed by Microsoft’s Ed Fries as a best title for the initial Xbox console, but numerous internal and also outside concerns caused problems for Dual Great in conference different turning points as well as replying to screening feedback. Complying with Fries’ departure in 2004, Microsoft went down the publishing legal rights, making the game’s future uncertain. Double Penalty was able to secure Majesco as a publisher a couple of months later allowing them to finish the game after four and also a fifty percent years of advancement.
Despite being well gotten, Psychonauts did not offer well with only regarding 100,000 retail units cost the moment of release, causing severe financial loss for Majesco and also their separation from the video clip game market; the title was thought about an industrial failure. Psychonauts because has actually earned a variety of industry awards, acquired a cult adhering to and also has actually been taken into consideration among the best video games ever made. Following the purchase of the game, Double Fine’s republishing capacities as well as support for modern-day platforms has actually allowed them to offer the game with digital distribution, and the firm has reported that their very own sales of the game have much surpassed what was at first sold on its original launch, with advancing sales of almost 1.7 million since December 2015. A sequel, Psychonauts 2, was introduced at The Game Honors in December 2015 and is prepared for a 2021 release.

PlayStation: an incredible secret discovered on the start screen nearly 27 years later You do not have time to play at the first psychonaut before the arrival of Psychonauts 2 Wednesday, August 25th? So this video is (s) made for you! Good viewing, and good reading of our test if you want to know if the last baby of Tim Schafer is at the height of the first episode. Discover all our images of the day here See you tomorrow at 19h for a new image!

Magic The Gathering announces the Crossover of Fortnite

Soon you can summon people like Peely and Jonesy to your Magic: The Gathering game. Wizards of the Coast has announced plans to launch two fortnite the secret tube will be launched in 2022. These secreted tube sets will be reprinted magic: The Gathering Cards within the fortnite universe. As part of the Revelation, Wizards of the Coast revealed a first look at the artwork that will appear in one of the fortnite cards, which can consult below:

For those who are not familiar with the Falls of Secret Lair, they are basically limited edition minigames (which generally contain 5 or 6 cards) that have alternative art or thematic reprints. Reprinted cards can be used under normal conditions. MAGIC: The Gathering Play, while other letters are only collection objects that can not be used in the standard game. From fortnite cards are reprints, which means that they will be legal in some formats, but will not include any mechanics or new function that makes them mandatory purchases for magic: The Gathering amateurs. We hope to see some kind of magic: The Gathering Representation in fortnite Closer to the release of Secret Lair, although no official announcement was made on that front.

Fortnite is just one of the various collaborations planned between magic: The Gathering and other franchises. During the Magic Showcase today, Wizards of the Coast also showed the first views of its warhammer 40,000 Commander Decks and a complete Señor of the Rings Place. A Fall of Secret Lair with the characters of Luchater, too will be launched next year. _Magic: The Gathering Secret Lair launched previously with characters from the living dead_ and godzilla. _ Living dead_ The set was particularly controversial because it presented several new cards (compared to reprints) and ended up causing a change throughout the company in the way that Magic: The Gathering approaches cross-cards.

In another magic: The Gathering News, Wizards of the Coast announced that Brandon Routh would star in the next Netflix film Magic: The Gathering Series. This program will be launched at the end of 2022 and will have Routh as the iconic Planeswalker Gideon Jura.

The image of the day a mini TV Simpson which randomly diffuses from episodes

Cluedo: Discover the Secrets (Clue: Discover the Keys in North America) is a 2008 parlor game made by Hasbro to improve the world-famous video game Cluedo. Though the game’s primary title is still just Cluedo or Clue, several stores detail the video game with a Reinvention suffix, to identify it from the initial video game. The video game was produced to update what Hasbro taken into consideration to be an old-fashioned video game, and also appeared in October 2008. Nonetheless, the standard variation of the video game remained for sale also.

The SECRET WORLD LEGENDS Starting Experience in 2021

Since 2017, Hasbro no more markets the game by means of its site. However, they do remain to sell a version of it as component of their Grab & Go traveling collection.

PlayStation: an incredible secret discovered on the start screen nearly 27 years later Overproper Is it not? [Via] Discover all our images of the day here See you tomorrow at 19h for a new image!

It is said that it will be Shinobi ST Roto P 2 30 PTCH S

Naruto video games have stood for numerous gaming consoles from Nintendo, Sony as well as Microsoft. Most of them are combating games in which the gamer directly manages one of a pick few personalities based on their counterparts in the Naruto anime and also manga. The player pits their character versus an additional character controlled by the video game’s AI or by one more player, depending on the mode the player remains in. The objective is to decrease the challenger’s health to absolutely no making use of fundamental assaults and unique techniques one-of-a-kind to every character stemmed from methods they make use of in the Naruto anime or manga. The first Naruto video clip game was Naruto: Konoha Ninpōchō, which was released in Japan on March 27, 2003, for the WonderSwan Shade. The majority of Naruto video clip games have been released just in Japan. The first games launched outside Japan were the Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen series and also the Naruto: Saikyou Ninja Daikesshu series, released in The United States and Canada under the titles of Naruto: Clash of Ninja and also Naruto: Ninja Council. In January 2012, Namco Bandai introduced that they have marketed 10 million Naruto video games worldwide.

Update 2.30 is there for Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi striker , and here is the complete list of changes and corrections added to this patch.

Bandai Namco today released a new patch for Naruto to Boruto on August 26, 2021: Shinobi Striker. This patch appears about one month after the update 2.29 published on 30 July 2021.

Update 2.29 was pretty significant as it brought a new character into the game. The new character, who contraded to the game, was no other than Nagato (Reanimation).

He was for all for free, which is beautiful because you have to pay for new characters for new characters. Well, it looks like this new update should add more functions and objects to the game.

Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker Update 2.30 Patchotes

Unfortunately, Bandai Namco has not yet published full patch notes for Update 2.30. These details should be released later today. Normally it takes a few hours for this information to be published. You can read the previous Patnotes for Update 2.29 below.

Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker Update 2.29 Patchotes

■ DLC: Master Character Training Pack: Part 25 Nagato (Reanimation) is here!
Learn Master Ninjutsu and get new items
For your avatar Ninja from Nagato (Reanimation)!

He is even available as a free playable character!

Would you like to buy this package?
Then look at the cheap Secret Technique Ninjutsu 4 set!

Season Pass 4 is a DLC set that contains the special master ninjutsu training parts 24 to 28.
Make a special training with a total of five masters!

In addition, those who buy Season Pass 4, access to Secret Technique Ninjutsu Super Uzumaki Rasengan!

Do not miss this cheap Season Pass 4-set!

■ Newly balanced ninjutsu and secret technology Ninjutsu

[Attack Type]
▲ Disappearance of Rasengan
– Added effect that extends the cooldown of the enemy Ninja tool.

▲ Acrobat technology
– Added effect that removes the stunning time in a hit.

▶ Chakra mode in lightning style
– Increased secret technology display needed for activation.
– Increased attack speed when secret technology ninjutsu is active.

▶ Eight-tail chakra mode
– Increased secret technology display needed for activation.
– Increased Ninjutsu damage.
Tailed Beast Eight Twists (Secret Technique Additional Input)
– Increased damage to enemies.

▲ C4 Karura
– Reduced secret technology display needed for activation.

[Defense Type]
▲ Ninja Art: Needle Jizo
– Shortened Ninjutsu cooldown.

▲ Boruto stream
– Shortened Ninjutsu cooldown.

▲ Super Expansion Jutsu
– Reduced secret technology display needed for activation.

▲ Hidden Mist Jutsu
– Reduced secret technology display needed for activation.
– Changed by reduced target movement speed
Too reduced target operation speed with reinforced effects.
– changed by increased speed of movement of allies
In order to increase the action speed of allies with increased effects.

– Shortened Ninjutsu cooldown.

▲ Thought transmission Journal
– Next reduces the secret technology display of the target.

▲ Mind Transfer Clon Jutsu
– Reducing the secret technology display of the target is enhanced and the effect now starts before the additional entry instead of the additional input.

▲ Ninja Art: Mitotic regeneration
– Reduced secret technology display needed for activation.

■ Newly balanced weapons
[Defense Type]
▲ Environments
– Increased damage to enemies through certain strong ground attacks
– Increased damage added by enemies through certain strong air raids.
[Applicable Weapons]
Purple long sword
Deep black long sword
Blastsword: Shibuki
Purple blowing sword: Shibuki
Adamantine blowing sword: Shibuki
Siversidord: Henkersblade
Jet Black Siversidord: Henkersblade
Loveshade Siversidord: Henkersblade
Twin Sword: Hiramekarei
Hottau twin sword: Hiramekarei
Love Shadow Twin Sword: Hirame
Crimson Claw Club
Loveshade Claw Club
Pipe smoking
Adamantine rod
Hashiramas long sword
Ink brush
Bananas with chocolate coating
Siversidord: Henkersblade (demon)

▲ Shark skin weapons
– It’s easier now to break the guard of a enemy
with certain strong ground attacks.
– It’s easier now to break the guard of a enemy
With certain strong air raids.
[Applicable Weapons]
Shark skin: Samehada (Siegel)
Skin of Purpurhais: Samehada (Seal)
Adamantine Haihaut: Samehada (Siegel)
Shark skin: Samehada
Skin of Purpurhais: Samehada
Adamantine Haihaut: Samehada
Sword of Nunoboko
Haihaut: Samehada (madness)

▲ Sense weapons
– Increased damage caused by enemies through certain strong soil attacks.
[Applicable Weapons]
Violet giant
Loveshade Giantsense
Chocolate Marshmallow

▲ Fan weapons
– Increased damage caused by enemies through certain strong soil attacks.
[Applicable Weapons]
Giant fan
Purple giant powers
Loveshade Giant Fan
Madaras fan
Magic weapon: party broom

▲ twin sword: Hiramekarei (publication)
– Increased damage caused by enemies through certain strong soil attacks.

▲ Kagemasa’s sword
– Increased damage caused by enemies through certain strong soil attacks.
– Increased damage added by enemies through certain strong air raids.

▲ explosive sword: Shibuki (Release)
– Explosions add enemies increased damage.

■ Master character adjustments
Naruto uzumaki
– For opponents made by certain large soil attacks, replacement is deactivated.
– For opponents made by certain large soil attacks, replacement is deactivated for a shorter period of time.
– For opponents made by certain strong air raids, replacement is deactivated.

The information recorded above comes from the official Bandai Namco website. We will try to update this post when Patch Notes for Version 2.30 will be released. Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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Psychonauts 2 secret successes revealed

Pyschonauts 2 has just been released directly for the Xbox Game Pass, and we have the full list of secret successes of Psychonauts 2 for you here. With a total of 57 successes this seems to be a fairly simple conclusion, but it will be much easier if the secret achievements are revealed. While most of them are secret, to avoid spoilers, einer this secret achievement is story related and can therefore be very easily overlooked.

Of the 57 achievements are secret 20th All descriptions are revealed below, then the remaining 37 achievements are listed so that you can display in your Xbox Guide list easier than. Your Gamerscore values ​​are also listed next to it.

Psychonauts 2 Secret Achievements

  • Employee of the Year! (15G)
    Navigated Lobotos Labyrinth
  • mentee fresh (15G)
    Have your first order received
  • EVERYBODY hates socks with sandals (15G)
    Connection in Hollis’ classroom made
  • Know when to fold them must (15G)
    Turn the Luctopus from
  • High Roller revelations (15G)
    Cooled Hollis’ Hot Streak
  • young at heart (15G)
    Visited the collective unconscious
  • Healthy in the diaphragm (15G)
    Repaired Ford fracture
  • Ramm it down (15G)
    Plated Compton’s Cookoff
  • feast for the senses (15G)
    PSI King’s sensorium completed
  • Just off (15G)
    Ford’s treated follicles
  • Perfect Game (15G)
    Bowled Strike City
  • For Cover (15G)
    Delivered Cruller correspondence
  • Buried Memories (15G)
    raided the grave of the shark
  • The relics space (15G)
    discovered the Astralathe
  • Archetypal victory (15G)
    Scanned Cassie’s Collection
  • Bob’s your uncle (15G)
    Empty bottles Bobs
  • Shredded family (15G)
    Soothed Lucrecia’s suit
  • Deluginistische darkness (15G)
    Haunted patriotic follies
  • Finish what was started (70G)
    dissolved the deluge of Grulovia
  • Let it stop! (15G)
    Broke all three gramophones in Fatherland Follies

Other successes

  • Home Run (15G)
    The Family Camp found
  • family is in tents (15G)
    Dion has helped in building the Aquatodome
  • dance, baby, dance (15G)
    Completed Queepie Quest
  • Only good mood (15G)
    Gisus Psychoseismometer quest completed
  • A Fungus Among Us (15G)
    completed Lili’s request
  • Keep your shirt on (30G)
    All MISSION CRITICAL ASSETS Psychonauts-looted
  • Associate Intern (15G)
    Rank 2 reaches
  • junior intern (15G)
    Rank 10 reaches
  • Senior Intern (15G)
    Rank 50 reaches
  • main sintering (30G)
    Rank 100 reaches
  • Extra credit (15G)
    Your first badge updated
  • Powerplay (15G)
    A badge fully upgraded
  • Unlimited power! (15G)
    All upgrades purchased
  • safecracker (30G)
    All safes cracked
  • Feigenköpfig (30G)
    All figures found
  • You’re the one! (30G)
    Tagged all Emotional Baggage
  • pin drop (15G)
    Equipped with your first pin
  • pinhead (15G)
    Equipped with three pins simultaneously
  • king pin (30G)
    bought all pins
  • hiccups in dizziness (15G)
    Have your mental energy recovered with a Dream Fluff
  • PSI roll (15G)
    Upgrade to the Astral Wallet
  • Flusenmutter (15G)
    Maximize Your Dream Fluff capacity
  • King of Pop (15G)
    Maximize your PSI Pop-capacity
  • You Otto in pictures (15G)
    bought all Otto shot filter
  • shutters beetle (15G)
    Took a picture with the Otto shot
  • fine tuning (15G)
    Attuned to a stray thought
  • nest egg (15G)
    Your astral Wallet completely filled
  • Take a Licking (15G)
    A PSI Pop consumed to some mental energy restore
  • core strength (15G)
    Combined PSI cards with a PSI-core at the Otto-Matic
  • Objection! (15G)
    Threw the hammer of a judge back to him
  • TK-O (15G)
    TK threw an object to stun an enemy
  • Duck, Duck, Goose (15G)
    Found the real panic attack during his Phantom attack
  • Shared regret (15G)
    Throwing an anvil of regret on another enemy
  • pyromania (15G)
    made three enemies at once Pyro
  • I’m always there for you, darling! (15G)
    spoken to with Milla in her office
  • I forgot my keys (15G)
    revisited by the Collective Unconscious a brain
  • Making Peace (15G)
    Back where it all began

Psychonauts 2 is available today for PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. It is also free with the Xbox Game Pass. * * * * * *

The image of the day a breathtaking promotion at Micromania

PlayStation: an incredible secret discovered on the start screen nearly 27 years later I do not know for you, but I strongly suspect the author of this picture of moving the small red sticker. [Via] Discover all our images of the day here See you tomorrow at 19h for a new image!

Fortnite Secret Passages

If you try to hide in Fortnite Secret Passages, we have the locations of all special toilets and garbage containers

Launch Toilets with the Grab-itron (2) - Fortnite Week 9 Epic Quest

According to the espionage theme, which was introduced with the new season, Fortnite Secret Passages are now under the map. These are hidden in normal-looking toilets or garbage containers all over the island, which will make them a magical way to another place when they hide in it. So if you know which tunnels are connected, you can check the three, which you need for one of the Fortnite Brutus. Briefing challenges rather sooner than later.

Everywhere on the map you can see toilets and garbage containers in which they can hide to dodge enemy players. As already mentioned, some also act as teleports and bring them to another toilet or a garbage container nearby. Most of them are in both directions, but some are just in one direction – and figure out which that is, half fun. In Fortnite you will find rendered toilets and garbage containers across the island, which are mainly located near the various agent bases and the safe houses of Ghost or Shadow. However, be warned: The Fortnite Secret Passages are only active in normal games and can therefore not be used Team Rumble- or creative modes to make life easier. In this sense, start a solo, duos or squad match and then go to one of these areas on the map to pick up the challenge.

The image of the day it manufactures PS1 PS2 PS4 NES GameCube Mega Drive Transparent

Secret World Legends Review - Funcom's Greediest Mistake

PlayStation: an incredible secret discovered on the start screen nearly 27 years later By the talented bitead1000 handyman, admire the work. > DIY: it manufactures its transparent PS1 > > We are never better served than by yourself !! ???????? > > Posted by handyman on Friday 30 July 2021 Discover all our images of the day here See you tomorrow at 19h for a new image!

The image of the day a PC shark of certain beauty

Cluedo: Discover the Tricks (Hint: Discover the Tricks in North America) is a 2008 parlor game designed by Hasbro to modernize the world-famous game Cluedo. Though the game’s major title is still simply Cluedo or Clue, several retailers detail the game with a Reinvention suffix, to identify it from the initial game. The video game was created to upgrade what Hasbro taken into consideration to be an old-fashioned game, and appeared in October 2008. Nonetheless, the typical version of the video game remained on sale also.
Since 2017, Hasbro no much longer markets the video game using its website. Nevertheless, they do proceed to offer a variation of it as component of their Grab & Go traveling series.

PC Invasion Plays - Secret World Legends: Character creation and tutorial

PlayStation: an incredible secret discovered on the start screen nearly 27 years later A functional PC made by Inony during a contest, bravo the artist. Discover all our images of the day here See you tomorrow at 19h for a new image!

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