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Tower of Fantasy: The Best Constructs – This is exactly how you build a strong team with your readily available characters

Where do our builds originate from? Our info did we obtain from video clips from the Youtubers Guitarrock First and also Exnal in addition to from our own experiences with Tower of Fantasy.

In Tower of Fantasy you draw different figures within the Gacha system, the so-called Simulacra. Each of them gives you with a brand-new weapon-3 of which you can change as well as furnish between them.

In the brand-new anime MMORPTOWER of fantasy you have equipped 3 tools. We at MeinMMO describe to you just how you finest placed together your team.

The components are fire, stone, volt and also ice. Additionally, each tool has particular values that you have to take into consideration if you wish to place with each other a suitable team.

This is how the principle works

Primarily, your team ought to include these 3 roles:

  • Among the characters is accountable for damaging up the adversary’s guard
  • A DPS separates the damage
  • Assistance tons skills, buffs and also heals

When shattering means that you can use it to break up the shield that in some cases shows up around your challengers and also looks like a blue bladder, a high worth. The values start at 3.2 and finish at 13.

A high value when billing means that when utilizing the weapon, the capabilities of the other weapons charge in the team. The greater the store worth, the quicker the attack for the various other tools lots.

Each tool has 2 values that you need to check out to figure out what it is appropriate for: shatter and also load, in English Shatter/Charge.


weapon vibration result for vital enthusiasts

You should also note that the weapons are classified within a Holy Trinity. So there is dd, storage tank and also assistance. With team structure, the so-called tool resonance impact enters into play.

What does the result bring? Relying on which kinds of tools you combine with each other, you get a buff:

  • Equilibrium (container, DD, assistance): Your damage and your defense are lowered by 5 %. Ditching as well as recovery is 20 % even more reliable.
  • Steadiness (2 storage tanks): Your defense boosts by 25 %, smash by 60 %and the aggro of the challengers by 800 %, so you pull them on you.
  • Attack (2 DDS): You do 10 % even more damage.
  • Blessing (2 assistances): Your recovery is enhanced by 100 %.

If you are traveling alone, you need to count on balance or attack, as the other builds alone supply you too couple of advantages.

The enthusiasts are even stronger if you are taking a trip with various other players in a team.

constructs with nemesis are amongst the toughest

What makes nemesis specifically? Nemesis brings the volsonance to your team. This makes your volt strikes 15 % more damage as well as your volt resistance is raised by 25 %. The prerequisite for this is at least 2 volt simulacra in your team.

A few pleased players were able to draw the SSR character Nemesis at the occasion. With her in your team you can play the currently strongest construct in the international version of Tower of Fantasy. You can locate a pet checklist of the characters below.

This is how the build appearances:

  • King (DD, Fire) + Crow (DD, Volt) + Zero/Tsubasa/Samir as a different DD-Build.
  • Coco Ritter (assistance, ice) + Huma (container, fire) or Meryl + Samir (DD, Volt) as an alternative equilibrium structure.

If you do not have SSR numbers at the start, you can likewise depend on the SR character Echo to break signs of the challenger. It bears a halberd with a crush value of 12.6. You can likewise utilize ENe initially to shatter, its worth is 10, which is already excellent.

What alternatives are there? Several of you have probably not drew nemesis, or the various other SSR numbers from the currently strongest develop are missing out on. There are alternatives that are almost as solid, as an example:.

  • Nemesis (support, volt).
  • Crow (dd, volt), additionally you can take Samir.
  • Meryl (storage tank, ice), conversely take your king.

The brand-new city in Tower of Fantasy has a dark story for you-developers disclose information about the growth.

In the new anime MMORPTOWER of fantasy you have actually geared up 3 tools. What makes nemesis specifically? Nemesis brings the volsonance to your team. Numerous of you have most likely not drew nemesis, or the various other SSR numbers from the presently greatest construct are missing. ** Do you count on something, balance, or dd completely different?

opportunities if your nemesis does not yet have.

Which develop do you currently play? Do you rely on dd, balance, or something entirely different? Are you a dd, storage tank or healer when you are on the go with others?

The very first expansion will certainly come quickly:.

With Meryl it is a balance structure, with King a DD building. Both are very strong, which is why it is essential to your individual choices.

What champions can play alone with a baron in Lol Wild Rift?

In Wild Rift, goals win in games. The total number of murders of your team can quickly become invalid if the enemy’s team manages to capture the senior dragon and baron of Netron. Although the murder of the dragons of the elements can be a light walk for many champions, this cannot be said about the baron.

Killing a baron is a difficult task, and the efforts of the whole team are almost always required. Victory over him gives the team a huge time for recovery for several minutes, and also strengthens the minions on the allied line. Nevertheless, there are several champions whose sets allow them to fight with the baron alone and effectively change the course of the battle.

Master yi

Possessing a crazy amount Theft of life along with a set that gives him trucks True damage , master yi – King Solo in the baron. In the early game, Yi may not be the strongest, but by the middle and late game it can become the power to be reckoned with. With a bonus of true damage that he receives from his third ability, Woodju style in combination with a high speed of attack from his Ultimate, yi can melt the baron alone at the later stages of the match.


It is not surprising that Shivana is a good choice for a single game with a baron – in the end, she is a dragon herself. Shivana has a lot of health and endurance, and she also causes great damage. Using his ultimate, Dragon descent turns Shivan into a dragon and buffa all her abilities, and gives her additional health . She also receives bonus buffs from the murder spontaneous dragons So do not forget to get these goals before trying to Baron’s solo.


King Barbarians has a unique style of play, and he may not be the best choice for beginner players. However, as soon as its ultimate becomes affordable, the trindammer becomes indestructible – literally. When using Tryndamere, it becomes indestructible for five seconds , regardless of how much damage it will receive. His kit gives him an increase Critical chance and heal . Be sure to take the blade of the deceased king as the first subject, and he is well scalable with his abilities.


The Amumu, a sad mummy, can cause a lot of grief at the end of the game of both the baron and enemies. Thanks to its huge health and constant damage area , the amum can quite easily defeat the baron. However, in order to fulfill this task as quickly as possible, the amum must build a high ap damage in its kit. During the game in the Amuma, we recommend taking Blue Guard Buff before going to the baron, as this reduces the restoration of abilities and increases mana regeneration.

Wild Rift ULTIMATE Baron Lane Guide


The Olaf set makes it stronger as his health falls. Its passive, rage of Berserker increases its attack speed by 1% for each lost 1% health. Along with this, his second ability,cruel blows allows him to make a bonus theft of life and increases its recovery of all sources. To maximize its liability, build the power of the Trinity since the passive effect of this object gives a bonus the speed of attack and speed of movement *.

stuck on the server with a bad ping and do not know how to change it? Find out how to change the server in Lol Wild Rift, here in the guidelines for the game for professionals.

World Cup at MagententV: On April 1st it starts

The team around presenter Johannes B. Kerner, expert Michael Ballack, commentator Wolff Fuss and Reporter Thomas Wagner illuminates the events in Qatar about eight months before the kick-off.

Expert: Michael Ballack. Magenta

Particularly exciting: Which opponents will be given to the German national team and what opportunities has the team under the new national coach Hansi Flick? “For me, Hansi Flick is the right man in the right place,” says Wolff Fuss, because: “He has A gift in dealing with people. To convince a gift and give a gift, team spirit. ” He has already provided the proof at the World Cup Triumph 2014 as Joachim Löw’s right hand. And 2020, when he coaches FC Bayern in Lisbon to the Champions League victory over Paris Saint-Germain. “Great tournaments are not always winning the team with the best individualists, but the team, which is particularly special in addition to quality!” The DFB selection has outstanding players anyway, the “Tick more” through Flick Need Germany in Qatar, says Foot.

TotalEnergies BWF Thomas & Uber Cup Finals 2022 - Group Stage Draw
MagentaTV will accompany the FIFA World Cup 2022 from 21 November to 18 December in more than 200 live hours in the best quality and with critical views. For the reporting for the Euro 2020, the team was nominated for Kerner, Foot and Ballack for the German TV prize. The prelude to the World Cup year with reactions from the DFB team, team analyzes, background information from all areas can see the viewers live on April 1st from 5.30 pm at the MagentatV station #dabeitv. Here is further information and offers for FIFA World Cup 2022 at MagententV.

LOL: T1 numbers in LCK showing the enormous power of an unbeatable team

2022 It could well be the year of all records for t1 and FAKER . The best player in the story of League of Legends accumulates one after other individual distinctions: 2,500 Kills in LCK, 1,000 games played in competitive… but it is not the only one that shines on his team since for the first time in history, We could well see a franchise Achieve a perfect split in the 18-0.

Currently, t1 accumulates already 13 victories followed in B03 (26 victories, 5 defeats) and no one seems to be able to stop them. But he does not sell the skin of the bear before hunting and there are still 5 opponents who do not think to let him go. For the record, the best collective action in the LCK was achieved by SKT T1 itself at Summer 2015 . We already found there the Faker team that, accompanied by Marin, Tom, Bengi, Easyhoon, Bang and Wolf, had achieved an excellent 17-1 in the regular season.

T1 EN 2022: Statistics are scared

It is always difficult to evaluate the strength of an international team during the regular season, since everyone stays good in their region. However, the observations seem unanimous: t1 is the best team at this time. In South Korea, it martirizes absolutely to all with its 84% ​​Winrate . The LCK is far from being a weak league as demonstrated by the 4 Korean teams that have come out of the flowers during the last world. As a comparison, Edward Gaming in China has “only” 71% victory ratio. ** But beyond this, all T1 statistics are stratospheric at this time:

  • +1,079 gold at minute 15
  • 84% of the first plates
  • 80% of the Nashor barons
  • 70% heralds
  • +215 gold per minute compared to their opponents

Beyond the statistics, the collective works perfectly in T1. Compared to last year, the team has not changed a lot. The lower lane of GUMAYUSI / KERIA is surely the best in the world at this time and the young Zeus , ascended to replace Canna , impress. As aggressive as the predecessor of him, the future of him seems brilliant.

DRX, the last great obstacle?

When looking at the T1 calendar, fanatics can be quite safe. Even if you should never underestimate your opponents, T1 has already stuck a 2-0 to its two main competitors: Gen.G and DWG KIA. The 5 bo3 that remain for playing seem very affordable:

  • Fredit Brion (6th)
  • KT Rolster (7th)
  • ⁠KWangdong Freecs (5º)
  • Liiv LiveBox (9th)
  • DRX (4th)

Therefore, DRX seems to be on paper the last big part. This will also come as a final boss since the confrontation will take place during the 9th and last week of the regular season… for the record, triumph this season in 18-0 would be magnificent. But we do not really know if the players value this achievement. Some teams, consciously or unconsciously, relax to concentrate and reach the playoffs in good shape. It is also customary that coaches show the lowest possible strategy to avoid being studied and dissected before large parties .



Mannheim “defiance reaction” for morality

A victory from the last five league games is the current yield Waldhof Mannheim. A supposedly poor balance sheet for the great goals of the traditional association. Glöckner takes the situation but loosely. “You can always turn the statistics a lot of negative or rather positive. I am one who thinks you have to judge positively.” According to this attitude, his conclusion also fell from the 1: 1 point division in Meppen: “Bring a point here in Meppen, there is always a good thing.”

Ethics vs Morality (Philosophical Distinctions)

Heads after the residue top

Especially the reaction of his team to the early residue I impressed him: “Normally, the heads go down, with us it was elsewhere today.” In fact, his team had worked in the game after the 0: 1 and controlled the game events over wide stretches of the first halves. Thus, Mannheim deservedly “after the 1: 1 still the one or the other good chance we worked out, which we unfortunately did not do”.

The coach received the coach from his protégé Alexander Rossipal, who also emphasized that one had to take a 1-1 in Meppen first. Also for the outer defender, there have been a few moments “shortly after the half and shortly before the break in which we could have done in the lead”, yet he was “satisfied first,” as the reaction Mannheims after the English week and “the damper On Tuesday “was good and” for the morality “of the team speak.

Mannheim with a “step in the right direction”

On the other hand, due to this “defiance” and the will of his protégés, “to accept,” not to accept that we are 0: 1 behind, “said Glöckner, despite the missed jump on the relegation place” on the whole satisfied “. And also on a final conclusion, the 45-year-old and its outer chest were able to agree: “One step in the right direction.”

Juve: What Cristiano Ronaldo has to do with the old suffering

Giannini Buffoon in the gate, Pavel Nerved along with Edgar Davids in the midfield and in front of the storm The dream duo David Trezeguet and Alessandro del Piero: With this team Juventus 2002/03, especially the Milan’s competition of Inter and Milan had put in the shadows and to Master crowned. In the episode, the club had gone on descent, especially because of the 2005/06 manipulation scandal, in which the titles 2005 and 2006 had been uninfected, including forced suspension.

So a new construction had to restore, also to restore the image of the club. An undertaking with difficulty. However, after direct recruitment and the following series A rankings 3, 3, 7 and 7, the time has come: The Turner crowned in 2011/12 again with the Students and stood again in front of the city of Milan, which is especially the case of Coach Antonio Conte, Thanks. So a man who had been the last title part of the Juventus midfield in 2003.

Overall, nine championships should follow in series at this time, the first three under Cone, the next five including 2019 under Maximiliano Allegra — two lost Champions League Finals (against Barcelona and Against Real Madrid) inclusive — as well as a Maurizio Sari.

Inter is spotted for the moment

According to the failed experiments with Sari, who should modernize the Turin football match as such (Naomi) moderately, and coach Novice Andrea Girl, since the Allegra has returned to the coach of the Bianconeri. And lo and behold: Parallels to at that time are on (including the investigation of the public prosecutor’s office — this time due to discrepancies in player transfers). The team stands according to the fourth place 2020/21, including a catastrophic season start 2021/22 at the turn of the year, only on a Europa League Square. Or better: after all, on a Europa League Square.

Initially, June was only in the second half of the table or to find far behind the international ranks. The scary: The Italian record champion lost all five games, including defeats against blatant outsiders such as Employ (0: 1) or Hellas Verona (1: 2). The team also began the team around Routines like defensive chief Leonardo ONUCI or Captain Giorgio Chilling constantly, from weeks of constancy, as in the Italian EM victory in summer, long time was missing every trace.

Clearly clear: Allegra is now a decal of Cone 2011/12, should and must reorganize the big club, refresh, improve, and return to the series-a-peak controlled by the current title medium for quite some time.

The sudden CR7 outlet

How the football teacher wants to do that? In any case, not as the historically bad season start (no victory from four games), which had happened to the proud club last 60 years ago and at all three times in history (1961/62, 1955/56 and 1942/43). So you do not win a title. I’m furious, Allegra had said about the performance of his team, which it seemed to be completely lacking of creativity in offensive play and momentum in the game structure.

Juventus suddenly left Manchester United in summer: CR7. Imago Images / Garibaldi / ImagePhoto

The coach also had to handle problems with the past and a recurrent setback.

First, the name Cristiano Ronaldo would be. The Portuguese was in his June time (2018-2021) of course the figurehead par excellence, which is ultimately to be disadvantageous. Because as CR7, which had contributed 81 hits in 98 series A-games, in the summer shortly after the start of the season Gen Manchester United had disappeared, Turin broke away the target player. Suddenly, the game, which inevitably has to be completely tailored to Cristiano Ronaldo in recent years, had to be red thought again during this time creative solutions of all players.

Time for new additions, no more so immediately before transfer was remained. The now available money after the departure of the top earner remained in the account, only the 21-year-old Italian national player Moist Mean (between 2016 and 2019 in the club between 2016 and 2019 in the club) could still be drawn by FC Everton on country. But Mean needs like summer transfer Manuel Pocatello visibly time to fully integrate into the stiffening Bianconeri team. On top of that, you realize players such as ONUCI, Chilling, Pocatello or Federico Chaise the strain of the EM summer. Time in terms of tank filling was also RAR sown here.

We have to hold the flap and work

Allegra never lost his eyes out of his eyes during this time and always reminded his protégés despite comprehensible excuses to the big whole, the success. Because success is always needed with a club like Juventus, that’s why players are finally changed there to constantly face the continuous pressure of a top club. We should be ashamed that we only have 15 points, the Coach Returner had left at the match day 9 (1: 1 at Inter). We have to hold the flap and work.

And the players did not do that. Although actors such as the Arthur 2020 came from FC Barcelona or also Adrien Radio still play far behind their possibilities and the return campaign of Miracle Panic (at the end of the FCB to Besides) has meanwhile burst, the squad has been more and more caught.. This also testifies to table space 1 in the Champions League Group H before defending chap Chelsea or the certainty, with four series A-wins (most recently a 2-0 against Cagliari) from the past five games (13 points) restored the connection upwards to have. At the front, Alvaro Morita and Mean — and also the defense works better again: There was no once a goal at the four wins.

Dr. Lazaro and Mr. Gorgeous

There is still a topic that currently represents the currently slightly mitigated June suffering 2021.

It carries the name Paulo Ayala. The 28-year-old, 2015 came for 40 million euros from Palermo, should actually be the star of this team. Or formulated differently: Vice-Captain Ayala is the star of the old lady, he is only often not there.

The two faces of the Paulo d.: Jubilant and injured. Imago Images (2)

Thigh problems, muscle fatigues, two corona disorders including long-lasting fatigue phenomena, an interior band injury and other muscular problems — and that is only the medical record since 2020. Fueled missing the technically savvy differences every second game. This season, La Joy (the jewel) of 19 possible league games is only on 13 missions, whereby the star has been replaced until late and has been replaced twice early. Nevertheless, the number 10 is five goals and three assists, is the most reliable JUNE attacker.

No wonder that the club has been extending with Ayala for months and apparently gladly looks over the regular failures. The Argentine is immensely important for the team, around him, in the next few years, an extremely successful troop should be built, which should successively rejuvenate. We are just before signing, had already announced Vice-President Nerved.

In the team itself, Ayala is highly watching, which already made Chilling in conversation with DAZN and has also closed the file Cristiano Ronaldo: If you have a world-class player like Cristiano, you can not help but use the team for him. We have to use it Cristiano Be grateful for everything he has done in those years at Juventus, but now we will continue without him. Now the team must become the team of Paulo Ayala. In recent years, he has lowered his average tor quot because of the presence of Cristiano, but he is a key player for this team and that is recognized by all. Also, from Paymaster Allegra: Paulo is a great player. We are waiting for him until he is with full fitness again.

Cristiano Ronaldo is TOO GOOD for his Juventus Teammates!

And until then? We have to hold the flap and work.

Gladbach Captain Lars Stindl criticizes team spirit at Borussia M nchengladbach Not Together as a Team

Martin Luther (in German, Martin Luther; Eileen, Germany, November 10, 1483-ibid., February 18, 1546), born as Martin Louder, he was a theologian and also friar Augustine Catholic that started and also advertised the Protestant reform in Germany and whose trainings influenced the theological and social doctrine called Lutheranism.
Luther exhorted the church to return to the initial mentors of the Bible, which generated a restructuring of the Catholic Christian Churches in Europe. The response of the Catholic Church before the Protestant Reform was the counter-reform. The contributions of Him to Western human being extend past the religious extent, considering that its translations of the Bible assisted develop a basic version of the German language as well as became a version in the art of translation. The marital relationship of it with Catalina de Bora, on June 13, 1525, launched an activity of assistance for priestly marriage within several Christian currents.
Three years prior to he died, he created a writing of Christian anti-jaws gotten in touch with Jews as well as his lies, where he exhorted the murder of Jews, to shed his homes and synagogues. The rhetoric of him was not only directed to the Jews, yet likewise the Catholics, Anabaptists as well as non-Trinitarian Christians. Luther died in 1546 with the excommunication of Pope León X even effective.

Borussia Mönchengladbach’s captain Lars Still has practiced after the next debacle of the foals in the Bundesliga sharp criticism at the team spirit of the eleven of the Niederrhein. It did not agree with the more and more coach ADI Hunter.

We really did not play well, said the fully concentrated Still after the 1: 4 clatter at RB Leipzig at SKY : We got together something and the second half was at least ok about the effort and use. We have On the other hand, it stems, are again arrested and get out of the back then two things again, and you go home here with 1: 4.

On the question of why the Gladbacher despite the connection hit by Ray Bensbaini just before the end (88) returned to their destiny and in the end again as against Cologne (1: 4) and Freiburg (0: 6) highly lost, the indicated Gladbacher play guide on that it does not vote internally in the team. Everyone did something for themselves and not together as a team. Then it is at the end 4: 1 for Leipzig.

Lars Stindl's brace helps Gladbach beat Arminia Bielefeld | Bundesliga Highlights | ESPN FC

This critique of his captain did not want to leave coach Hunter completely. You can see that differently. Everyone wanted to be the one who makes something special in this situation, he said. Missing team spirit, because Still had indicated, on the other hand, the Austrians referred to the realm of Fables: The team is a team, she has a very difficult and unpleasant situation at the moment. We have to come out together, despite everything, Frauen. I do not do that.

According to the recent negative experiences, the 1: 4-bankruptcy in the derby against Cologne and the historical 0: 6 debacle against the SC Freiburg on the 14th match day, Playback’s sports director Max Ebert had his in the critical trainer before the game in Leipzig still the Back strengthened and any, which is now increasingly significant discussions about the future of Hunter in Playback referred to as unacceptable. There are any foundation to do this now.

Gladbach-Keeper Summer with criticism: That’s Crazy!

On Saturday after the flap against Leipzig, Ebert did not want to comment. Hunter was changed last summer for a transfer fee of 7.5 million euros from Eintracht Frankfurt to the Gladbachern. On a stumbling start, the first thick exclamation mark of the Gladbacher under their new coach followed as the Russia FC Bayern in the DFB Cup with 5: 0 shootout. Playback then brought seven of nine possible points in the Bundesliga and took cloth sensation to international squares.

But then the crash followed within three weeks in which the Gladbacher 14 goals conceded in just three games. That’s absolutely crazy, Goalkeeper Yann Summer after the game in Leipzig regarding the non-performance of his foremen in the past weeks: We are not close enough to the men and are not aggressively enough in the duels. So you do It’s easy to achieve goals. So you can not win a game.

Articles and videos about the topic
Had everyone could exchange — so ADI Hunter responds to the historical defeat against Freiburg | BMG
Telescope fantastic Leipzig debut Straightened Playback’s crisis
The Bundesliga Fridays and Sundays exclusively live on DAZN — Register now!

The Russia is slipped in the table in place in the table in the table and lies only two counters before the relegation plate 16. Before the winter break, Playback still meets Eintracht Frankfurt and the TSG Cofferdam.

Braunschweig Schiele and the golden pineapple of the first round

Braunschweig currently has a run: six of the last eight league games were able to successfully shape the low-things. With 32 counters are located on the second table space, the third-best defensive and after the 5: 0 shooting festival against the SV Happen even the second-best offensive of the league. For Contract trainer Schiele a top performance.

Do not rest on laurels

Before the coming game against Viktoria Cologne on Saturday (14 o’clock, live! At Maurice Multhaups), however, no one of his players should rest on this success: The win week’s victory was great, but now a new game is back. He looks at this attitude very closely at his actors: After such a victory, she always looks as if the boys go a step less during the week in training. Should something like that happen, you have to take the collective aside.

Little things decide

Especially after the equivalent 0: 4 defeat of the coming opponent this is important. Because, so Schiele, The 0: 4 of Cologne sounds clearly. But it is still a good team. The explanation for this, he delivers immediately: They come about the playful and want to play back at the back. They have rectilinear actors in the team, but also technically savvy. Therefore, it would be in direct duel arriving at nuances.

Without Multan and big changes

Evil Assistant Takes the Golden Pineapple from Crystal with her Spooky Friends
Therefore, the failure Maurice Malthus heavily weighs. But the native Dagenham Schiele trusts his team and wants to rotate little: We can get out of full to Maurice Malthus injury on the weekend. That’s why there is probably not four or five changes in the starting eleven.

The golden pineapple in Bares

The project, bring the positive occurrence of the team on Saturday again on the lawn, is hardly anything in the way. But Schiele knows: It’s always going from zero. Therefore, he also does not interest him if his team is over numbering on one of the top places: The second place at the end of the first round is the golden pineapple.

Understanding so that he plans to play for his team only from game — in the hope to refine the golden pineapple at the end of the season.

Some of the best lol

Beleaguer of Legends find two of the best Midland the Western world for 2022 no new team more. For their team they want to not more up themselves, but want so much money for the hochdotieren professionals that no team starts and pays the high transfer fees. One analyst explains the problem.

Which player do it?

The Dane Nicolas Jensen Jensen (26, cover picture) is Midland for the team Liquid and playing there since November 2018. At 25, he has reportedly signed a contract for 4.2 million euros in 2020, which is to last 3 years.
The Belgian Basin Risky Dinner (23) plays in Fanatic since 2020th He still has contract until the 2023rd

10 GREATEST League Players of ALL TIME - League of Legends
Jensen said in a Stream on November 7, 2022 that he will probably not play. Since then draws the increasing ab.

What is the problem of the two players?

Both players have made public statements to the fact that they probably do not have a team for 2022, and will not play professionally Lol.

Jensen has the problem that his team for 2022 calculated Bergen obliged probably the most famous LoL players in the US at all. Who plays exclusively in the mid-lane. Jensen is obviously no place in the new team. But will TeamLiquid probably not leave his mid-lane-Star Jensen pull for free.
Risky turn will or will apparently leave Fanatic. 2021 had a traumatic experience in the LoL Worlds. But because he so long has a contract that calls for his team apparently a release. The sum is so high that interested parties have already turned down and broke down the negotiations. Actually, it was thought Risky would switch to Cloud 9 as a replacement for Perez, but who have now made their top Later Fudge in the mid-lane.

Jensen and Risky are among the 10 best mid-Lanern in the West

That says an analyst to be able to: The side devices, stock talked to the LoL analysts Isaac Azazel Cummings to the situation that experienced and established LoL professionals such as Jensen and Risky stand for 2022 without a team.

He says that both players would have earned a place in the LCS or LEC. There were 20 starting spots in the Western-lane professional leagues. Jensen and Risky included at least the top 10 on the position. They would have to play for someone:

The contracts were bigger and bigger. We see this fierce peel sums. I think: This has meant that some teams and players have screwed their transfer fees in unreasonable heights. And now, as a result, many players find teams, because no one wants to spend so much money for them.


Azazel says the peel-sum would depend on supply and demand. You can say Hey, the market value for the player is X million dollars. But if no one is willing to pay the price, it was just not the market value more.

As the next? Azazel is believed to find it at the moment already a downward revision instead. One way that he sees would be also to ensure that the LoL leagues can get a salary cap on time itself. That was the ultimate goal. Such a discussion would be already in China and could also capture more LoL leagues.

This correction of transfer fees down took place apparently already at G2 Esports. As should be the top Later miracles have sold for a third of the price that you originally wanted:

LoL: Fanatic loses his mega-talent and leadership Players — Buys favorably a miracle

Diagnosis Dreiflom Who wins the VBL Nord

With the Rather between the SV Welder Bremen and the 1st FC Cologne today the starting signal falls to a certainly memorable race for the title of the NBL Club Championship.

So far, I have participated in all three NBL Club Championship: 1x Divemaster with VfB Stuttgart and 1x Master with SV Welder Bremen. Today I act as an expert and give you my favorites check.

We start with the North-West Division.

VFL Bochum 1848

In mid-July, the ESPORT department announced from VFL Bochum to extend its FIFA trio consisting of predatorfifa, Chan and coach ideal. And despite the most successful FIFA season so far: Master of the North-West Division and winner in the Fut Champions Cup IV. Nevertheless, the VFL is the largest favorite for me from the Division — how can that be?

Although the three candidates were submitted to league competitors, however, Benedict Benecr7 Bauer from VFL Wolfsburg, Foray Foray Kükükgünar of Team Vertex and Justin XGODLY10 complain from SC Paderborn. Head coach of the team is now Hakan Asian, or as Esport boss Michael Fischer would call him Jürgen Klopp s Football.

That actually describes it quite well. Asian is able to make every FIFA player better. So happen with benecr7. Together, they qualified for the FIFA World Cup in the past season.

Foray was vice-champion at the FUT Champions Cup 1 in FIFA 21. XGODLY10, however, was equal to the second-best Xbox player of the entire season in its VB LCC debut season.

The VFL has played a successful preparation, is still hungry on title and has this season mainly in the width and in the depth probably the most busy squad of all NBL teams. For this you have one of the best coaches of the German FIFA scene with Hakan Asian.

  1. FC Cologne

The Effie belonged to the favorites in all three years to the favorites. However, twice the cathedral club had to be satisfied with the 10th place. Only in the past season they could meet their favorite roll. With 116 points the 2nd place was achieved in the North West Division. At the subsequent final tournament, one flew out in the semifinals against the later winner from Dagenham.

At the 1st FC Cologne firmly under contract: Tim Thestrxnger Katnawatos. 1. FC Cologne / Tim Katnawatos

Tim Thestrxnger Katnawatos goes into his third season as a representative of the 1st FC Cologne. He is two German champion and has been one of the best and most consistent exporters in Germany since FIFA 17. In the last season he was the point preservative for the Effie. With his experience he is an important pillar for the team.

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Denis Müller has replaced Michael Phenomenon German. An obligation that can work very well. Denis was able to qualify for the FIFA World Cup in FIFA 21 and was with the 1st FC Dagenham Master in the Virtual Bundesliga Club Championship. With its only 19 years he is still relatively young, but already has more than five years of esport experience.

The team is supplemented by Felix Flex Gunther. In his debut season as an exporter, he has provided for a stir and reached the top 16 of the Champions League. In addition, Flex could make a decisive contribution to the vice-championship in the DFB epochal. On the way to the final he was the only exporter of UMT Bulletin in the 90s mode, which remained otherwise unbeaten in NBL and DFB Epochal.

The team is coached by Lukas Idea Schmidt. His successes with VFL Bochum speak for him. He is very good with the team captain thestrxnger and knows him like no other. The constellation can work very well.

The Effie also includes this year undoubtedly one of the top favorites on the title of the Virtual Bundesliga Club Championship.

SV Welder Bremen

At Welder Esports it is not easy with objectivity, because my heart continues to hit the club of the Weber.

Since the introduction of the VB LCC, the club has always belonged to one of the great favorites on the title, so this year. Twice they could meet their favorite roll and are accordingly record carrier. The last season was a heart disappointment, accordingly it was screwed to play again at the top, because Welder s Esports s success.

Megabit secured Welder already one or the other title. Imago Images / Jan Hefner

Added to the squad are Ali Predatorfifa Soul Wheel and from the Newcomer Academy of the Newcomer of the Season Max Diviners Gone. For this, Welder now has a head coach with Marcel Market Lutz, a well-known and recognized face both in the national and international FIFA scene.

Predatorfifa as well as diviners have caused a stir in their way in the past season and are a great strengthening for the team. Both are able to play FIFA on a world-class level and can help playfully.

In recent years, it was said that the team with Michael Megabit Bittner stands and falls. If he is not in shape, then Welder is unable to perform. Furthermore, Megabit will be a very important factor for the team, which is definitely — we are talking about by far the best individual players of FIFA 19 and FIFA 20-season — Welder has now received both in quality and quantity growth Accordingly, the pressure is now distributed and no longer loaded alone on the shoulders of the Werder-Veterans.

The team is supplemented by Fabio Fifabio97 Sabbath. In this strongly occupied squad he may be the number 4. Nevertheless, he is an extremely important factor for the team structure. Fabio manages spread with his sympathetic style Positive Vibes and is an absolute team player. Both important factors for the VB LCC.

These are my three favorites in the North West Division. It is definitely busy in comparison to the South East Division, accordingly it was not easy to crystallize three favorites. But I set myself: the division will win the VFL, followed by Welder with Cologne in third place.


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