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Bai King appeared in the commercial of Earth Defense Force 6! What a earth!

Bai King Mizuki Nishimura, also dressed as a giant ants and spiders, monsters, and frog-type aliens in the heads of the popular comedy combination Bai King, dressed as Earth. 。 This situation, which has to be intense tsukkomi, is the Earth Defense Force 6 CM, which will be broadcast and distributed from August 18.

Earth Defense Force 6 for PS4/PS5 scheduled to be released on August 25. A new battle with enemies that afflict the earth for a long time is set in the first devastated world in the series. In front of the deep despair chain, the player fights to protect humanity as an EDF soldier. The same work, which is developed at the largest volume in the series, also supports online cooperation play for up to four people.

In this article, we asked about the appeal of the game while looking back on the Earth Defense Force 6 CM shooting by two people, Bai King, who appeared in the commercial of the same work.

――Please tell us your frank impression when the CM offer came.

Eiji Kotoge (hereinafter Kotoge): I was a little surprised because I was really making a control called Earth Defense Force about 20 years ago. There was a mysterious feeling that the contest that I used to do in the past came back as a commercial. I thought this was a fate. I was really happy. Thank you.

―― Do you remember the content of the control at that time?

Kotoge: Both of them are on the Earth Defense Force.

Mizuki Nishimura (hereinafter Nishimura): Yes. I am a defense army member. At the beginning, there is an emergency command, an emergency command, and a big occurrence in Akita.

Kotoge: You sitting back to the air chairs and pretending to be tying the computer in front of you with a puntmime.

Nishimura: So, I say something like Enter the code name 04ERX, 04ERX, and I’m going to sortie (laughs). I guess there was a good sense for that era.

Kotoge: I was still looking for a style when I started the entertainer, so I changed the story frequently. But the Earth Defense Force was a lot of times, so it would have been a good idea. I think it’s a so-called early representative work.

――It is a pioneer because the large outbreak is leading to the current game. How do you feel when Kotoge became Earth this time?

Kotoge: This is painted directly on the head. I don’t usually do any makeup, so I wasn’t used to sitting on the chair all the time, so it was quite difficult. Not only the front, but also the invisible back of the head draws a map firmly, and he does it very carefully. It takes about an hour and 10 minutes, but since I practiced in advance by molding, it seems that it will take more time without it.

—By the way, did you know in advance that it will be Earth?

Kotoge: I had a head mold a few weeks before the recording, so at that time I thought, This will be troublesome (laughs). I still didn’t know that I would be the earth.

―― Nishimura-san is a character like a colonist, but how do you feel like a frog?

Nishimura: I thought frogs were so hard to walk (laughs). It’s hard to walk and it’s hard to grab things… However, I was dressed in this, and the staff told me cute. Well, is it cute? The reproducibility is really high and the construction is solid. It’s definitely costly.

――If you struggled during the shooting, if it was difficult here.

Kotoge: CM shooting was quick. Isn’t there a director who shoots many times? I don’t know, Yes, it’s the best now! Let’s go again! (Laughs).

This time it was very speedy, and the director and the staff around me felt breathtaking. The instructions when I re-shot were accurate, Please do this a little more, and I thought it was somehow that kind of thing, and I was able to get it right away. I guess it’s a wonderful team.

Nishimura: Kotoge has a mess, but I just took a few patterns, so it was really easy. I really enjoyed it.

However, there is a scene where I brought a tent, a chair and a table, and I was relaxing there, but I brought my own tent, but when I set up in this style, it was a bit tough.

I thought it would be faster to do it myself than to get someone to give me an instruction, but it took a lot of time (laughs). But I am that much.

――In the commercial, there was a scene where Mr. Kotoge put in various tsukkomi, but was that tsukkomi decided? Or did you think of it in ad-lib?

Kotoge: For the time being, there was a script to say something like this, but I was told to do the wording. So, I’m converting it to make it easier to say. That’s the same, What a earth!

―― Then, can you tell me what you actually saw the video of the game?

Kotoge: I don’t usually play games, but I felt that the graphics were beautiful and the blast was powerful. Also, I’m just like a Super Nintendo, and the games are no longer played, and the latest games are too complicated to reach out. However, this Earth Defense Force has an easy-to-understand manner to protect the earth from aliens, so it seemed to be able to enjoy it even if he was not good at games.

――It’s insect-shaped creature is coming in the game. Did you remember the old part-time era?

Kotoge: Oh, pest control. Certainly, I have been killing rats and cockroaches all the time, so I guess the settings are certainly similar. A large amount of things, exactly. Really, I was exterminating that until about 10 years ago.

Nishimura: I also thought that the setting was easy to understand. With the Earth Defense Force, the extraterrestrial life forms that have invaded the earth are defeated with a simple and clear operation. That exhilarating feeling is boring. After all, it’s too comfortable and you’ll keep down so much that you don’t know the time to stop.

I remember playing the first work in the series, but I felt that the video was evolving tremendously.

-If a huge insect attacks, will they fight? Or can you escape?

Nishimura: Rather than facing, you will be done even if you escape. Because the tent is crushed in an instant.

Kotoge: Why are you camping in such a difficult time (laughs)? I want to run on a motorcycle.

Nishimura: You rush with a motorcycle and self-destruct!

Kotoge: Yada. Why do you have to self-destruct!

Nishimura: It’s good because it protects the earth!


—By the way, could you tell me the creatures that you would like if they came out as an enemy?

Kotoge: IKKO. It may be a little difficult if you come out. It’s a good idea to shoot people who are getting better.

Nishimura: There are many people who are doing well other than IKKO!

Kotoge: Isn’t it strong like How much-the beam? Avoid avoiding, but it’s hard to flip and attack.

Nishimura: Don-only-beam is so powerful that the grass will not grow in the future.

Kotoge: I’m sure it will come out of my eyes. If you think you want to get out of your finger, put it out of your eyes.

Nishimura: What a feint! Well, it’s hard to see Mrs. Devi. It is a very strong enemy.

――Are you looking forward to future collaboration (laughs). Finally, please appeal to readers.

Kotoge: I don’t really play games, so I can’t say that much, but I think it’s a very interesting and easy-to-understand game. Even if you have never played the previous work, or if you are not very interested in the game, it is easy to get rid of it, so I hope you can play it by all means.

Nishimura: I think many people are waiting, so I can only say one thing. Please rampage as much as you want!

Earth Defense Force 6 will be released on August 25, 2022 for PS4/PS5.

Even a lazy person can become a hermit!? Restful Hakusura Sennin Training RPG Zenjin Shusen Den 2 [Chinese Game Viewing]

The 103rd Chinese Game Viewing Record will deliver the hermit training RPG Zenjin Shusenbuden 2 with craft and hakusura elements.

In this work, the early access version was distributed by Steam on June 22, 2022 by Shura. The predecessor is a hermit training game called Jinjin Shusen Den distributed on STEAM on November 15, 2018. This work is the sequel. It took three years to develop, incorporating elements that could not be realized by 1, and approached the ideal game.

Popular game genres in China include martial arts, but there are also many hermit training games in the genre Shusen and are gaining popularity. The Sengo Monogatari and Explainful Shusen Memories introduced in Chinese Game Watching are also Shusen games. In a sense, the training for immortality itself is a genre that has become popular from ancient China.

It is the content of this work, but it is a negligible simulation game (by the way, the title 懶 means lazy). The previous work was mainly textbook, but this time he is also focusing on graphics. Let’s play what kind of game it is!

To the Sennin Training Journey!

First, choose difficulty. Casual mode or hardcore mode . In the hardcore mode, the enemy seems to be more difficult, such as the enemies become stronger or having to eat. It’s the first play, so let’s go casually this time.

Next is the character makeup. You can choose the gender of the character used. Six types of parameters and three types of characteristics are set randomly. If you don’t like it, you can reset as many times as you want by clicking the dice icon. Although it is a parameter, body (constitution, HP related), Shin (MP-related), Takeshi , Spirit (Spirit power. The strength of the so-called magic), body (self-quick), machine ** (machine, luck). By the way, more detailed parameters are prepared in the game.

For those of the characteristics, Kikai Niyo (true +10), Riki no Saddle (force +10), Family goods (copper plate (copper plate) It was 10000) of this work. Start playing with the initial setting for the time being. The name is Spa-kun .

Spa-kun is suddenly thrown into the field and does not know what to do. Visually, it has evolved a lot from the previous work. There is a quest called Talk to a mysterious elder person , so let’s try it. There is a mysterious elderly icon on the map, so click this.

A mysterious man hurts his legs and cannot move. He told him that he got his feet on his way to get the fruit. Please take three fruits instead, so let’s head to the nearby forest. It’s like an ordinary old man, although it is a mysterious old man.

When you enter the forest, the battle starts suddenly. In the left frame on the left of the screen, Spa-kun’s life (HP), legal power (MP), attack power, and on the left are enemy HP and attack power. The battle is automatically performed, and a new enemy appears when the enemy is defeated. There is no need to do anything, and if left unattended, the battle will be repeated. At the bottom of the screen is a battle log, and damage can be confirmed. The enemies are foxes, rabbits, and animals.

If you defeat the enemy, equipment and items may be dropped. They are automatically accumulated in the inventory at the bottom right of the screen. It can be equipped even during battle, so if you have a strong weapon, let’s equip it more and more. Depending on the item, it is necessary to judge.

Encounter the boss of the forest stage, fox king . I tried to fight, but because I had a small remaining HP of Spa, I sank for the time being. There seems to be no penalty even if you die, but you have to wait 10 minutes in real time to rematch with the boss. Considering the loss of time, it seems better to properly prepare the equipment.

Fight with your friends (rabbit)!

He continued to defeat enemies in the forest and accumulated three drop items. Once on the map, let’s deliver it to the mysterious elder. I received meat bun as a reward from a mysterious man. When eaten, one of the six parameters rises by one.

In addition to meat buns, you can also get training skills curing . If you set it in the Training item, the parameters of the constitution will increase as you age 1. By setting other items, you can get bonuses with each year. And in this work, after 10 minutes in real time, it takes 1 year (10 years old at the start of the game).

As a drop item of battle, you may be able to get a friend. In the forest, rabbit became a friend. Friends will be able to participate in the battle up to 1. There are also parameters and characteristics, and level up. It’s a good idea to find your favorite friends and train them. By being together for a long time, the intimacy with the ability bonus will also rise.

Re-challenge the boss’s King of the Fox. This time, the equipment is substantial, and there are also rabbits among friends. Because it is a two-on-one battle, almost one-sided attacks and victory! After all, if you have friends, the battle will be much easier.

Defeat the boss and proceed to the next stage. Of course, you can also earn levels on the previous stage. You can rematch with the boss, but you have to wait 10 minutes. Let’s proceed for the time being.

The days of hermit training!

It is an automatic battle on the next stage. The enemy is different and stronger than before. In a blink of an eye, the HP was gone and died many times. If you leave it as it is, you will not be able to earn experience, so you will return to the previous stage to earn levels.

By the way, the equipment dropped by the enemy can be compared with the current equipment as shown in the image. Like Hakusura RPG, there is an interesting way to replace it with stronger equipment. Depending on the equipment, there are various additional abilities, so it cannot be determined simply by simply attacking and high defense.

The weapons have both hands and one hand, and small weapons that can be equipped on the left hand. There are various options, such as using a high-powered two-handed weapon, such as a large hammer, an orthodox style of a sword / shield, or fighting in a two-sword style.

This work also has a craft element. It is possible to make food and items by combining enemy dropped materials. If you eat food, the parameters will rise, so let’s make it more and more. Cooking is important because it is hungry in hardcore mode.

By paying money (copper plate), you can enhance your equipment. However, note that the failure rate will increase more and more as the reinforcement level goes up. In the beginning, it seems more efficient to defeat the enemy and get new equipment than to spend money on strengthening.

A travel merchant appears. He said, I want you to take that enemy because I was terribly hit by the gorotsuki. It is said that rewards will also bounce. It looks really fragrant, but let’s take it. It was a mission to defeat 20 people, but after achieving it, I was told that there was no money, and I could not get the promised reward. Instead, get the skill of selling items. I had to throw away items that I didn’t need until now, so I don’t have to waste them.

Get the recovery skill wrapping by clearing the stage. In this work, there are four skills of Agency, Martial arts, Senjutsu, and Life , and it is effective by equipping it. Skills can be leveled up by consuming practice (experience value). Let’s make use of the synergistic effect by combining multiple skills well.

The bridge was broken and I couldn’t go ahead. When I talked to the girl on the river, she said, Water Yui appears and needs a treasure sword to defeat. Let’s go to search immediately.

When you go to the forest, you encounter a hunter. I want my brothers to be eaten by the tiger, so I want them to fight. Obtain the training skill hunting by achieving. When you equip it, you get the quickness as you get older.

There are some stages where you have to go to the goal without resurrection. If you die on the way without changing the equipment, start over again from the beginning of the stage. Let’s get ready and challenge.

Obtain treasure sword around various places. When I returned to the girl, he said, Fighting the water, and became a friend. When I challenged the water, the opponent was also in addition to the two water days and Kawakami appeared. It was a two-to-three battle. Please check with your own eyes if you can win the spa.

Highly addictive abandoned Hakusura RPG

This work is a hermit training game where you can play comfortably, such as thinking about the combination of equipment and skills while leaving the battle. As a play feeling, there is addiction like Hakusura RPG such as Diablo. Even those who are not good at action can enjoy a wide variety of characters, such as pursuing the strongest equipment and training skills.

There are stories and quests, and it is a good point that you can enjoy it as an RPG. If you clear the map introduced this time, a new map will appear and you can enjoy further adventure. New elements will be added as the story progresses. Currently only Chinese, if you can’t read the story and item skill effects, will it be difficult to play? Since it is still early access, I would like to look forward to future developments.

Product information

  • Some of the game titles and proper nouns used in this article are replaced with simplified and traditional characters with technical restrictions.

Jürgen Klopp demands the best atmosphere of all time

It is almost ten days, the hitherto last game of the FC Liverpool: with a tight 1: 0 defeated the LFC in the FA-Cup Nottingham. Since then, for the players of Reds, but hardly something like a break stood, most traveled to their national teams and completed plenty of games there.

In the Premier League something has happened during this time without playing a game: five changes are allowed from the coming season. Chief Jürgen Klopp spoke at the Game Tag Press Conference before the duel with Watford therefore from “Top News” for all involved. The players go to protect, which must now be in the foreground.

That also wanted Klopp in the case of Mohamed Salah, who lost again against the Senegal and Sadio Mané with Egypt and thus miss the World Cup. Stunk between the two offensive partners, the native Stuttgart, but not after the Africa Cup final, do not expect. Although the situation has been “not cool” in recent penalties.

If you can not scream and sing, please give your tickets please someone else.

Jürgen Klopp

As unsighted because of the “missing regeneration time”, Klopp described the early playing time at 12.30 (local time) due to the many travel and operations of its players. Nevertheless, the team was well prepared. However, the German coach let know that Liverpool will need “the best 12.30-clock atmosphere of all time”. He was clearly addressing the fans and adhered to, “If they can not scream and sing, then give their tickets please someone else and stay at home.”

Although Watford is only 18., Klopp takes the opponent very seriously. Finally, the descent candidate licked blood after the recent success in the league of blood, and the counterparty with the 74-year-old Roy Hodgson has a very experienced such as torn coach.

Alexander-Arnold already trains again – use possible

“Every single voice” of the audience demanded Klopp again. The fans may also cheer on a crowd pleaser: Trent Alexander-Arnold, who had reached a thigh injury a few weeks ago, trained, according to Klopp’s statement, sometimes again and could possibly “actually play”. Just like most of the team, which is supposed to make a hard-to-record opponent in the remote duel with mancity.

Diablo 4 offers new details and images of their environments, sanctuary and more about the dungeons

As usual, the Devil 4 development team has just published his blog at the end of the quarter. The previous one was dedicated to the fundamental mechanics of the game, such as booty and talent trees. This time, it is the aesthetics of the game that is shown. In addition to a long blog (in English) of developers, we can bring you very nice images of different environments. Given the format of the images, playing on an ultra wide screen it seems that it should not be a problem.

Diablo environments 4

Quoting developers, Diablo 4 aims to be a dark and low fantasy world. It is with this spirit that a wide variety of places has been developed. Five different regions are planned, as well as hundreds of dungeons. This will combine different popular activities every time: kill monsters, explore and collect booties.

Diablo 4 Quarterly Update March 2022 Environments and Art Showcase
The development team insists that environments will be darker and credible than in previous games. Its objective is that it is credible, not realistic, since it is not a recreation of the real world. The objective is still to offer exotic architectures and objects to players during their exploration of the dungeons and the open world.

The climate will also interfere and enrich the local biome and will present places whose position and evolution in time seems appropriate in a context of dark medieval fantasy. When it rains, puddles are formed, everything gets wet, the atmosphere is heavier. The ambience and light will also be more cared for to offer a real atmosphere. Upon entering a crossroads, you will find a rare refuge and a little heat.

On the other hand, there are also much more arid regions, with dust covering everything, which gives a different palette and sometimes a bit discolored. To represent all this correctly, developers are using new and modern tools to manage light and reflexes with much more realism. The elements are also created at the end to offer a much richer level design.

The world of sanctuary

In addition, developers provided information about different regions and environments, with attachments. The first zone is the SCOSGLEN coast, which effectively includes a coastal part, by the sea, and an inner part, with a transition. The beaches are desolate and covered with algae, decomposition corpses and debris. The fishing villages that struggle to survive in this environment whipped by the weather as the wave and the wind are also an integral part of him.

The following is the Orbei Monastery, located in the Arid Steppes. The Zakarum was once very present, but only the monastery continues to run more or less. It is an area with more or less herbous plains. In general, the environment is also flatter and more regular than others. To offer variety, there are also salted lakes, and other blue, full of alkaline substances, with geothermal wells.

Then comes KyoShad, a chubby and oppressive place, but still serves as a place of shelter for its inhabitants in some places. There is a fortified and strongly defended camp. Once out of the walls and barricades, we approach forests of coniferous and fractured peaks. The city of KyoShad consists of different neighborhoods, but the ghetto with densely concentrated simple shelters is the most important.


The rest of the blog has focused on the dungeons, whose content will be created in a procedural way, as in the previous games. However, features have been added to make them more interesting. There will be more than 150 dungeons, and environments are flexible enough to be used in many places, not only in a dungeon, which allows confusions.

One of the detailed locations is an ancient temple in which corruption is spreading. Bet a lot for terror, and one of the advantages offered by the fixed camera is that it is possible to place items in the background, without running the risk of blocking the field of vision, nor reducing the area where the character can be moved.

Other environments that adopt this philosophy of the game of “Return to Dusk” are the “miserable caves” and the sunken depths. Each of these places has its own atmosphere, a particular atmosphere and its own dangers. With a different approach from terror each time. The goal is not only to offer a huge world, but also a varied world, with rejugability.

LOL: T1 numbers in LCK showing the enormous power of an unbeatable team

2022 It could well be the year of all records for t1 and FAKER . The best player in the story of League of Legends accumulates one after other individual distinctions: 2,500 Kills in LCK, 1,000 games played in competitive… but it is not the only one that shines on his team since for the first time in history, We could well see a franchise Achieve a perfect split in the 18-0.

Currently, t1 accumulates already 13 victories followed in B03 (26 victories, 5 defeats) and no one seems to be able to stop them. But he does not sell the skin of the bear before hunting and there are still 5 opponents who do not think to let him go. For the record, the best collective action in the LCK was achieved by SKT T1 itself at Summer 2015 . We already found there the Faker team that, accompanied by Marin, Tom, Bengi, Easyhoon, Bang and Wolf, had achieved an excellent 17-1 in the regular season.

T1 EN 2022: Statistics are scared

It is always difficult to evaluate the strength of an international team during the regular season, since everyone stays good in their region. However, the observations seem unanimous: t1 is the best team at this time. In South Korea, it martirizes absolutely to all with its 84% ​​Winrate . The LCK is far from being a weak league as demonstrated by the 4 Korean teams that have come out of the flowers during the last world. As a comparison, Edward Gaming in China has “only” 71% victory ratio. ** But beyond this, all T1 statistics are stratospheric at this time:

  • +1,079 gold at minute 15
  • 84% of the first plates
  • 80% of the Nashor barons
  • 70% heralds
  • +215 gold per minute compared to their opponents

Beyond the statistics, the collective works perfectly in T1. Compared to last year, the team has not changed a lot. The lower lane of GUMAYUSI / KERIA is surely the best in the world at this time and the young Zeus , ascended to replace Canna , impress. As aggressive as the predecessor of him, the future of him seems brilliant.

DRX, the last great obstacle?

When looking at the T1 calendar, fanatics can be quite safe. Even if you should never underestimate your opponents, T1 has already stuck a 2-0 to its two main competitors: Gen.G and DWG KIA. The 5 bo3 that remain for playing seem very affordable:

  • Fredit Brion (6th)
  • KT Rolster (7th)
  • ⁠KWangdong Freecs (5º)
  • Liiv LiveBox (9th)
  • DRX (4th)

Therefore, DRX seems to be on paper the last big part. This will also come as a final boss since the confrontation will take place during the 9th and last week of the regular season… for the record, triumph this season in 18-0 would be magnificent. But we do not really know if the players value this achievement. Some teams, consciously or unconsciously, relax to concentrate and reach the playoffs in good shape. It is also customary that coaches show the lowest possible strategy to avoid being studied and dissected before large parties .



[Limited time free] brother simultaneous operation action ADV “The story of two brothers two sons” EPIC Games Store started

At the Epic Games Store, the free distribution of the StarBreeze Studios Development Action Adventure PC Version “ Brothers-A Tale of Two Sons ” free distribution of Japan ‘s Time February 25 It was started for a limited time until time.

Brother: A Tale Of Two Sons IS FREE TODAY! From The Epic Games Store! (February 10th 2022)

This game is a single play work that operates two siblings at the same time. “A way out” and “IT Takes Two” Josef Fares are working.

If you want to play with the controller, two analog sticks move each of the siblings, and two triggers have an interaction involved in each of the brothers, and operate all simultaneously as needed.

My brother is stronger, and I will work to bring back a “water of life” to bring back “water of life” to help and help my father while making use of the characteristics of my brother.

This work can be played unlimited after the procedure to obtain once within the distribution period. It also supports keyboard operation.

# # “Brothers: Two sons of son”

Next week’s free distribution is scheduled for RPG “ CRIS TALES ” affected by the new and old RPG works in Japan.

I like Cod: Warzone not – but since the pandemic it is there for me

For some time I have always made a huge arch around Call of Duty. First, it’s me too dull, and secondly I’m not good in it. At least that’s what I thought until the Corona Pandemic changed everything, so my gaming. COD: War zone appeared at the same time and has been able to process my real apocalypse in the game since then.

Gaming in Corona: The one sought peace, the other stress

The Coronavirus presented all people ahead of a challenge: In order to ensure the best possible protection against infections, the complete everyday life had to be reduced. To deal with this new situation, everyone developed their own strategy, including in gaming. Many people sought and found, for example, relaxation and community in games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I, however, felt a great meaninglessness and boredom. Before the pandemic, I had great fun when I saved kingdoms, worlds and galaxies in video games, but what did that still bring me? It was clear: I had other needs and therefore needed other games.

Cod developed here: War zone to my pandemic game. The Battle Royale booster, which sometimes came out in March 2020 on time for the first Lockdown in Germany, with his gameplay – could not reproduce the eternal fight in a time loop – my real life can not play better. The Iranian: I could never win Call of Duty before. To warble, to stump, too mainstream. And then also a Battle Royale game? Already three years ago, I explained in one of my first game tips articles that even Fortnite consists for me only from stress – and that I do not understand why someone wants to volunteer.

But now I did not want to experience stories, no Open Worlds and no shallow fun in video games: Now stress was the only thing I wanted. How practical that COD served nothing else. It was not only the stress, it was also the seemingly impossible task that irritated me, the task of winning this match as a last survivor. Or to make it better to make it better with another picture: Imagine you, you would like to get out with enough supplies in a bunker and has only a Rubik’s Cube. You know. This chunky cube, which is placed on average always after four minutes of shooting annoyed. Well was Cod: War zone My Rubik’s Cube . If I could not do anything anyway, I also could prove that I was very comfortable to shoot shooters and Battle Royale.

  • With this trailer Cod: War zone was first introduced. Since Verdant has changed a lot, zombies came and went, and meanwhile you are shooting on the tropical caldera map:


Cod: War zone – the wonderful hell, my new sport

The plane crosses Rebirth Island, here reigns eternal sunset. Soon we jump out with the parachute and look how far we come. I do not necessarily want to win, I just want to be thrown into as many hair-raising moments as possible. Since the delightful hiding and deserved in my very first round, two years and many fights have passed. It’s like in the Film Edge of Tomorrow, as well as Tom Cruise I have become better and better in this time loop, by experiencing thousands of situations, lost and sometimes won .

In no other game I will be so much aware of the meaning of my muscle memory: Even on the PS5 I play COD: War zone continues with my PS4 controller because I know this best and with this my thoughts can translate the fastest in movements. A completely new familiarity, on such a basal mechanical level. I do not need to home, I just need sports.

Even though Cod: War zone and I can not belong together as a game and player and I still like someone on the transit, at a time and a place I do not know, I will not be from the other players perceived as outsider or foreign bodies. Of course, it is over and too toxic, but in many cases we go correctly, praise, criticize and talk to us like loose friends, even if we got to know each other a few seconds in the plane. We know each other anyway, because we have the same goal.

Everything is so non-binding and appropriate, so fast-lived and chaotic, but thus mechanical and structured, every defeat is just as quickly forgotten as every victory . For the show continues, and I never wonder if I’m finally good, but only what I did in which situation did wrong. I have a challenge that I would never be completely masters and does not have to, I can arrange my situation, as in real life, I processed defeat better, I process stress better and does not have to be afraid of boredom. Because COD: War zone just eats it .

COD: War zone became my companion in the pandemic. I can play my everyday arrangement with a negative state of permanent condition and burn all emotions in this simulator. Whether Activision, Infinity Ward or Raven software that had in mind, is meaningless. Until the normality returns, I always know where I have a place – without having to like a cod ever.

BVB: Dahoud reveals that Brandt “Junior Beckham” is called

Mahmoud Aloud had just met for the first time in two Bundesliga games in a row for the first time thanks to his worth seeing 5: 1 final point, while his teammate Julian Brandt had found his head of double packer Thomas Meunière in the first half of the corner ball flank twice. Even in these scenes, joyful faces of the two had been captured.

Shortly after closing whistle at the interview with DAZN, where both professionals appeared on a strike and positioned side by side, the mood was slightly more turned up.

Does not Brandt has no flanks?

On the one hand, the 144-colored Bundesliga player Aloud, who often answered his partner Brandt after the questions with a broad grin. On the other side, that Brandt answered, but often had to look at Aloud smiling.

Correctly what they were going on, of course, too — such as Aloud, who was properly satisfied with the 5: 1 and admitted that, of course, so something is the most pleasure: It’s fun to date, definitely. When it works, it always does it Fun.

Rather, the former Gladbacher praised the former Leverkusen Brandt for his great flanks on double packer Meunière and even chatted something out of the team-owner sewing box: Julian really did a very good game today. So he has a good foot, he had to early aloud Do not train, we also call him Junior Beckham.

We make course standard training

Brandt himself, whose two templates were almost like a roulette, but quickly realized: Of course, we make standard training, we have our processes. What a bit unfamiliar has been today, is that then Thomas Meunière finds the way to the goal twice. But so, through training, is not all coincidence.

What the 25-year-old still wanted to get rid of: We left feathers to the end of the first round, we’ve been doing a lot and discussed the problems. I think that now more sustainability comes in.

Juve: What Cristiano Ronaldo has to do with the old suffering

Giannini Buffoon in the gate, Pavel Nerved along with Edgar Davids in the midfield and in front of the storm The dream duo David Trezeguet and Alessandro del Piero: With this team Juventus 2002/03, especially the Milan’s competition of Inter and Milan had put in the shadows and to Master crowned. In the episode, the club had gone on descent, especially because of the 2005/06 manipulation scandal, in which the titles 2005 and 2006 had been uninfected, including forced suspension.

So a new construction had to restore, also to restore the image of the club. An undertaking with difficulty. However, after direct recruitment and the following series A rankings 3, 3, 7 and 7, the time has come: The Turner crowned in 2011/12 again with the Students and stood again in front of the city of Milan, which is especially the case of Coach Antonio Conte, Thanks. So a man who had been the last title part of the Juventus midfield in 2003.

Overall, nine championships should follow in series at this time, the first three under Cone, the next five including 2019 under Maximiliano Allegra — two lost Champions League Finals (against Barcelona and Against Real Madrid) inclusive — as well as a Maurizio Sari.

Inter is spotted for the moment

According to the failed experiments with Sari, who should modernize the Turin football match as such (Naomi) moderately, and coach Novice Andrea Girl, since the Allegra has returned to the coach of the Bianconeri. And lo and behold: Parallels to at that time are on (including the investigation of the public prosecutor’s office — this time due to discrepancies in player transfers). The team stands according to the fourth place 2020/21, including a catastrophic season start 2021/22 at the turn of the year, only on a Europa League Square. Or better: after all, on a Europa League Square.

Initially, June was only in the second half of the table or to find far behind the international ranks. The scary: The Italian record champion lost all five games, including defeats against blatant outsiders such as Employ (0: 1) or Hellas Verona (1: 2). The team also began the team around Routines like defensive chief Leonardo ONUCI or Captain Giorgio Chilling constantly, from weeks of constancy, as in the Italian EM victory in summer, long time was missing every trace.

Clearly clear: Allegra is now a decal of Cone 2011/12, should and must reorganize the big club, refresh, improve, and return to the series-a-peak controlled by the current title medium for quite some time.

The sudden CR7 outlet

How the football teacher wants to do that? In any case, not as the historically bad season start (no victory from four games), which had happened to the proud club last 60 years ago and at all three times in history (1961/62, 1955/56 and 1942/43). So you do not win a title. I’m furious, Allegra had said about the performance of his team, which it seemed to be completely lacking of creativity in offensive play and momentum in the game structure.

Juventus suddenly left Manchester United in summer: CR7. Imago Images / Garibaldi / ImagePhoto

The coach also had to handle problems with the past and a recurrent setback.

First, the name Cristiano Ronaldo would be. The Portuguese was in his June time (2018-2021) of course the figurehead par excellence, which is ultimately to be disadvantageous. Because as CR7, which had contributed 81 hits in 98 series A-games, in the summer shortly after the start of the season Gen Manchester United had disappeared, Turin broke away the target player. Suddenly, the game, which inevitably has to be completely tailored to Cristiano Ronaldo in recent years, had to be red thought again during this time creative solutions of all players.

Time for new additions, no more so immediately before transfer was remained. The now available money after the departure of the top earner remained in the account, only the 21-year-old Italian national player Moist Mean (between 2016 and 2019 in the club between 2016 and 2019 in the club) could still be drawn by FC Everton on country. But Mean needs like summer transfer Manuel Pocatello visibly time to fully integrate into the stiffening Bianconeri team. On top of that, you realize players such as ONUCI, Chilling, Pocatello or Federico Chaise the strain of the EM summer. Time in terms of tank filling was also RAR sown here.

We have to hold the flap and work

Allegra never lost his eyes out of his eyes during this time and always reminded his protégés despite comprehensible excuses to the big whole, the success. Because success is always needed with a club like Juventus, that’s why players are finally changed there to constantly face the continuous pressure of a top club. We should be ashamed that we only have 15 points, the Coach Returner had left at the match day 9 (1: 1 at Inter). We have to hold the flap and work.

And the players did not do that. Although actors such as the Arthur 2020 came from FC Barcelona or also Adrien Radio still play far behind their possibilities and the return campaign of Miracle Panic (at the end of the FCB to Besides) has meanwhile burst, the squad has been more and more caught.. This also testifies to table space 1 in the Champions League Group H before defending chap Chelsea or the certainty, with four series A-wins (most recently a 2-0 against Cagliari) from the past five games (13 points) restored the connection upwards to have. At the front, Alvaro Morita and Mean — and also the defense works better again: There was no once a goal at the four wins.

Dr. Lazaro and Mr. Gorgeous

There is still a topic that currently represents the currently slightly mitigated June suffering 2021.

It carries the name Paulo Ayala. The 28-year-old, 2015 came for 40 million euros from Palermo, should actually be the star of this team. Or formulated differently: Vice-Captain Ayala is the star of the old lady, he is only often not there.

The two faces of the Paulo d.: Jubilant and injured. Imago Images (2)

Thigh problems, muscle fatigues, two corona disorders including long-lasting fatigue phenomena, an interior band injury and other muscular problems — and that is only the medical record since 2020. Fueled missing the technically savvy differences every second game. This season, La Joy (the jewel) of 19 possible league games is only on 13 missions, whereby the star has been replaced until late and has been replaced twice early. Nevertheless, the number 10 is five goals and three assists, is the most reliable JUNE attacker.

No wonder that the club has been extending with Ayala for months and apparently gladly looks over the regular failures. The Argentine is immensely important for the team, around him, in the next few years, an extremely successful troop should be built, which should successively rejuvenate. We are just before signing, had already announced Vice-President Nerved.

In the team itself, Ayala is highly watching, which already made Chilling in conversation with DAZN and has also closed the file Cristiano Ronaldo: If you have a world-class player like Cristiano, you can not help but use the team for him. We have to use it Cristiano Be grateful for everything he has done in those years at Juventus, but now we will continue without him. Now the team must become the team of Paulo Ayala. In recent years, he has lowered his average tor quot because of the presence of Cristiano, but he is a key player for this team and that is recognized by all. Also, from Paymaster Allegra: Paulo is a great player. We are waiting for him until he is with full fitness again.

Cristiano Ronaldo is TOO GOOD for his Juventus Teammates!

And until then? We have to hold the flap and work.

Totes MMORPG returns after 2 years renounced shop and give away subscription

Troy Edward Baker (Dallas, Texas, April 1, 1976) is an American voice and musician actor, known to play the main characters of various video games and animated series.
His best-known performances are like Delsin Rowe at Infamous Second Son, Joel at The Last of Us, Higgs in Death Stranding, Kanji Tatsumi in Person 4, Booker Dewitt in Bioshock Infinite, Joker in Batman: Arkham Origins, Batman in various video games, Revolver Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Samuel Drake in Uncharted 4, Rhys in such from the Borderlands, pay min at Far Cry 4 and Yuri in Tales of Vesperia.
He also expressed in a series of adaptations in English of Japanese anime shows, including Basilisk, Trinity Blood, Fullmetal Alchemist, One Piece, Bleach and Naruto: Shippuden.
Before focusing with the acting career, Baker was the singer and guitarist of the independent rock band Tripp Fontaine, who launched the single radio Burning Out from his debut album Random Thoughts on a Paper Napkin in 2004. His first solo album, Sitting In The Fire, was released on October 14, 2014. On October 6, 2017, Baker and the Sitting In The Fire accompaniment band launched a second album called Moving Around Bias under the new name Window To The Abbey.

On September 22, 2009, the final time MMORPG started falling Earth. In 2019, it was closed in a spectacular event and the servers were shut down a last time, so they thought. Now the game returns and does not want her to pay for it.

What happened to fall Earth? The end time MMORPG graduated in 2019 and finished his lifetime with a big event. At that time, a big monster fought against the players and made everything flat before the game was shut down.

On Twitter, the developers announced that it will not be the end of traps Earth and working on a version 2. So far, there is only sparse information.

But now the CEO of the developer is reporting to speak Via Twitter and then in the official forum and announces that the old version of the game will bring back. But different when you think.

The new version is not finished yet, but to make the players more comfortable, the developers have decided to restart the old servers. But not only that, because the version was adjusted and improved.

What is new to the old version? Originally, Earth was a Pay2Play MMORPG, so a game where you had to pay monthly to continue playing. That changed in 2011, but there were also three different optional subscription models that brought advantages.

The developers emphasize that this Classic version of fall Earth is just there for fun to make and play the game again. Therefore, all players will automatically have the benefits of the highest subscription level. Also the game itself costs nothing and a in-game shop will not exist.

Further changes see as follows:

The developers worked much on the structure of the servers in the background. Due to this, taking progress from 2019 is no longer possible and everyone must start completely from the beginning
The Steam version is not running first. Here you would have to wait for Valve how the developers write
Content from the online shop will no longer exist for the time being, as this is completely turned off and the developer does not want your money out

More details do not reveal the forum post so far. There should be another post if the Classic servers then actually go live. That should happen soon.

The community celebrates the developer

How does the community react? Although the Game has been shut down for two years, Earth is still pleased with a comparatively active community. This is very happy about the announcement and about it to finally play the game again.

Some also consider that as a signal that the originally announced version 2 will now continue to be ruined than many originally accepted. The general sound of the comments is more positive.

What the fans say? These are happy and celebrate Matt Scott, the CEO of the development studio for the post office in the forum (via

The User Sara Werner writes: Oh my god. I can not wait to come back to the game.
NySekzepope shows less excited: It s sad to see that I can no longer play my character or get my crafting kit, a pity. I will play it anyway.
User Tripp is looking forward to seeing: I can not wait until this great game comes back. I have more and more thought of this game over the years than others. You can not wait again to jump back in his pink suit and meet in the next bar, for such a real old-school roleplay.
Kuddleminski can hardly believe it: Thank you so much! I have cursed this game very much misses and can not wait for new stories to experience with all my friends.

Many comments in the forum are also simply different expressions of joy. The community is very enthusiastic about the announcement. You can read a lot of comments like yay or omg. The mood is very positive.


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Fall Earth is a fallout MMO

What is it in fall Earth? Fallen Earth is a final time MMORPG with survival aspectics. It plays in a postalypical version of the earth in which the remaining survivors do everything to continue surviving.

It is necessary that their objects collect and claim you in struggles. Here is Earth but more MMORPG as Survival Game. The game is also estimated by role-play lovers, which love to take up fully in your character.

You have the best cards to survive if you follow one of the factions in fall Earth and, together with other players, ensures that all in the group in the Badlands survive. Together, it is finally stronger.

Which features can you expect? fall Earth builds around the following features:

1st-person and 3rd person perspective
PVE and PVP struggles
Mounts and fight on these mounts
A stealth system, which also pays attention to noise
A classless character system
Character development and adaptation options, both visually and gameplay-relevant

How I made 2 MMORPGs using Construct - Devlog
What do you think about the return of the game? Have you ever played Earth and will be newly boarding on the Classic servers? Or are you rather waiting for the version 2 of the MMORPG? Write us in the comments here at Meinmmo.

At the same time with the end of fall Earth, another MMORPG appeared in 2019, which must already close again 2 years later.

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