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A one -to -one stadium has been added to the Battleground Training Center.

Craft Tone unveiled the 17.2 update of the Player Nom Battleground (Battleground).

In the update, a one -to -one arena, a dedicated stadium that can compete with users in a similar environment, was added to the training ground. Users can enter the arena via a signboard located outside the arena. In the event of matching success, the battle is carried out with the weapon worn before the Arena entry. The battle is in place over three rounds, and the user wins two rounds first. Other users’ fighting is also possible. If you enter the arena as an spectator, it will be moved to the watching space and the 1 -to -one battle status will be exposed to the screen in real time.

Some tactical equipment and weapons were balanced. Sporting scopes, including medium -range reconnaissance functions, are lowered based on user opinion. The enemy detection distance has been changed from 1 km to 600m, and the passive marker (white mark), which was automatically generated when using the scope mode, is created only after a long launch key and the enemy search is completed. In order to display an enemy with a passive marker with an active marker (red mark), the marker is changed by exposing the enemy to the rectangular area located in the center of the field of view and pressing the launch button.

DMR using 5.56mm bullets is raised. The MK12 improved the recoil recovery and adjusted the reaction speed balance to reduce the burden on users on gun recoil control. MINI14, which has a steady use rate, has increased slightly from 47 to 48. The mortar, which was available on the map, is a world spawn on all maps except Haven through this update. In order to boost the potential as a strategic weapon, the installation angle is not secured or the installation of all the terrain except water, and the inventory slot will be used instead of a main weapon slot.

The new rotation also applies to the map. In the general war, Erangel, Mirama, Tae, Sanok, and Bikendi are opened, and Erangel, Mirama, and Tae -gi are open before the competition.

In addition, we have updated the introduction of the throwing weapon cooking timer UI, adding farming recommendation functions, adding driver’s items, adding a training center in the custom match, and adding B.DUCK decoration in Sanok. Some weather colors, Tae, map -related bugs, and clipping bugs have been modified.

Battleground Belgium HALEN

Battleground Korean Partner Kim Blue and Streamer Collaboration Items will also be released. Through this collaboration, you can see a variety of items such as costumes, weapons, and sprays that contain Kim Blue’s unique personality. The item will be sold from May 4 to July 27 at in -game stores.

The Battleground 17.2 update took place on the test server for three days and will be held on the 11th on the live server. Along with the live server update, the Survivor Pass: Galaxy Squad begins. More details can be found in the official cafe.

Efootball 2022 has its Vapor

Efootball 2022 brings brand-new 1.0 variation, currently wishes to do whatever much better

That’s what the designers say to the new update: In an open message to the players Konami is stimulating as well as gives understandings right into the errors that have been made to release. Also then, the designers have apologized and positioned what they are doing again.

The release showed: The game remained in a catastrophic state. On Vapor it is now 6 months after the beginning, the title on the penultimate location in the reviews. The feedback from the gamer diminished troubling.

Currently Konami has announced a resurgence test and Efootball receives his 2nd 1.0 version in April.

As Konami has actually confirmed, Efootball obtains 2022, the Free2Play offshoot of Pro Evolution Soccer, a kind of re-release.

What is Efootball 2022 at all? After PES 21 followers actually have actually expected a PES 22 as a follower as common.

Efootball is to be a sort of long-lasting football platform that is gradually increased. There is an Ingame shop where various points can be acquired with real money, as you understand currently from virtually any kind of totally free online video game.

It was for that reason fallen short to the ambitions and also have actually approximated preparation from high quality. This brought the video game prematurely on the market:

Well, 6 months after release, you really feel all set and also intend to release an actual 1.0 variation. Therefore, Efootball is ultimately in the launch state that you desired.

You work hard to restore self-confidence. The gamers would have played a significant function and also their feedback would aid to boost the game.

We desire to offer football followers worldwide the possibility to enjoy a brand-new football video game that is as realistic as never ever before.
With this intent in the rear of mind, we began the two-year development time of Efootball 2022. We were too concentrated on bringing the game to the market in excellent time as that we had lost view of the most vital thing – the high quality.
Of training course, we were crucial of also disappointed followers.

Yet the update is only the start of the actual strategies for Efootball 2022, for which there is currently a roadmap.

What’s being available in the upgrade? The 1.0 version contains a lengthy checklist of fixes and also improvements. Here is a short overview:

When is the new version 1.0? The update comes on April 14 for all systems except mobile. When it is supplied with the update is not understood.

At the same time there was additionally a trouble for mobile players. They have to hold your horses longer until the upgrade comes.

  • The protective control as well as actions of the protection were revised.
  • Passes were boosted and also there is currently a command for a “magnificent pass”

* Boosted shots
* Boosted oozing
* Much better stability of on the internet networks
* There is likewise a new setting “Dream Team”, where you can develop your very own team.

According to Konami, this must only be the idea of the iceberg in the patch notes. You discover the previous, widely known material in the message office of the programmer.

Gamers rise and fall in between skepticism, dissatisfaction and also hope

The reason for this are the missing out on offline content. There are no cooperative modes in the F2P game. Particularly this factor is a disappointment for PES experts as well as likewise among the reasons they prefer PES 21 till today.

Some fear that Konami will certainly concentrate primarily on the new All-star team setting. They additionally think that the after-hanging mobile version consumes a great deal of time the programmer and hence delay brand-new modes and also content for the other versions.

The gamers react to the statement: in the official blog post to the upgrade from the subreddit to Efootball 2022 come generally hesitant voices.

There are additionally favorable voices. They are eagerly anticipating the brand-new web content and hope that it is currently back up with the football simulation.

While some specific hope can draw as well as eagerly anticipate the update, lots of do not think that EFOOTBall can be conserved.

What do you consider the announcement? Have you ever take care of Efootball? Or was the game passed to you due to the messed up start?

Name of following FIFA, most likely does not mean “FIFA 23”

As Konami has actually validated, Efootball gets 2022, the Free2Play offshoot of Pro Evolution Soccer, a kind of re-release. What is Efootball 2022 at all? The 1.0 version consists of a lengthy listing of enhancements and also solutions. When is the brand-new variation 1.0? ** The update comes on April 14 for all systems except mobile.

Neverwinter Update 9 66 Patchoties Carlos Hurtado

Riot Games, Inc. is a designer and also video game publishing as well as organizer people digital sporting activities tournaments based in West Los Angeles, The Golden State. The company was started in September 2006 to develop League of Legends, a multiplayer video game of online fight sand. Given that its launch in 2009, the company has actually produced numerous video games stemmed from the same franchise. For the video clip game, Riot Games operates 14 leagues of electronic sports at an international level as well as the world championship of League of Legends. Till May 2018, Riot Games had 24 workplaces worldwide, in which he used around 2500 individuals. Given that 2011, Riot Gaming is a subsidiary of Tencent Chinese conglomerate. Trouble Games has actually received objection of denunciations of sex discrimination as well as sex-related harassment in the work environment and, as a result, by its usage of forced adjudication in disputes.

Update 9.66 has arrived for animals winter, and here is the complete list of changes and corrections added to this patch. Currently, Never winter offers a great action at which players receive 20 free managed lockboxes when they buy the enchanted keys keychain, so hurry up and uses this offer. The update brought with you some small optimizations, so that nothing has changed exceptional. PC players get another chance to claim some reroll tokens. So if you could not claim them, this is your chance. Everything is new with Never winter Update 9.66.

Never winter Update 9.66 Patches

Content and surroundings

Echos of the prophecy

The Battle Pass Introductory Quest A subtle curiosity of Echoes of Prophecy has been changed to receive a reward currency once per account.
The portal, which leads you between the scar strong and the jagged access, now supports the content of Echoes of Prophecy correctly.
The Respawn Timer of the Pest Stranded Should in Burning Road was reduced by 50% to facilitate the completion of the Quest s Echoes of Prophecy.

Fight and forces

Classes and balance

Bard: Certain buff songs are no longer stacking on themselves under certain conditions. This has caused a problem in which the song buffs can be displayed incorrectly; We examine this problem, but it does not have a gameplay effect.

Article and Economy


Masquerade The Liar: The maximum batch number of handful of enchanted bristles is now 25 (previously 20).

Reward Claims Agent

(PC clients only) Since some players could not claim the 25 reward repeating tokens between the 26th of October and 2 November, all players between this update and 23.

Zen market

From this update, unbind tokens can now be purchased on the ZEN market in the category Inventories in 10 or 100 packs.


Campaigns / adventure

An outdated activation condition for accessing the Fountain of the Dragon s Fountain has been updated.
The campaign icon no longer lit after all available rewards have been redeemed.


When opening a reward packet or locker no longer incorrectly displays a blank page, while another type of reward package is currently open.

Siege of Neverwinter Guide! How get Griffon Mount & other Old Rewards Sill! Event Guide, Neverwinter


(Console Systems Only) When selling to a supplier, the cursor mark is again displayed.

Power and stability


A recently introduced crash in the inventory system has been fixed.

No content supplements were made in this update. Most changes have solved some problems in terms of the economy and the user interface of the game, but that does not mean that the update was useless. Many of the changes will make the game more enjoyable. The free bonuses get the players back to the title and experience it with their new items and well-deserved correction. If you have missed some updates, be sure to read our article about the update 9:52.

Never Winter is available for PS4, Xbox One and PC. For more information about this update in the official Never winter site.

Titan case 2 Warning Shooter was compromised

Shadowverse Unlimited Loxis Roach Forestcraft | Storm Over Rivayle (No Commentary)

Titanase 2 was compromised due to a security gap! Currently, it is not known if it concerns only the PC version or all versions of the game. The Respawn Support also covers and announces the following: > We have knowledge of reports on a security gap in titanium 2 and examine them. At the moment we have no further information, but will keep you up to date as soon as we have some. > > An update: We still examine this problem, but our technicians assume that it is a simple exploit that can be used to crash games. > > We do not believe that there are more serious risks for the affected players or their computers. We will update again as soon as we learn more.

It is said that it will be Shinobi ST Roto P 2 30 PTCH S

Naruto video games have stood for numerous gaming consoles from Nintendo, Sony as well as Microsoft. Most of them are combating games in which the gamer directly manages one of a pick few personalities based on their counterparts in the Naruto anime and also manga. The player pits their character versus an additional character controlled by the video game’s AI or by one more player, depending on the mode the player remains in. The objective is to decrease the challenger’s health to absolutely no making use of fundamental assaults and unique techniques one-of-a-kind to every character stemmed from methods they make use of in the Naruto anime or manga. The first Naruto video clip game was Naruto: Konoha Ninpōchō, which was released in Japan on March 27, 2003, for the WonderSwan Shade. The majority of Naruto video clip games have been released just in Japan. The first games launched outside Japan were the Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen series and also the Naruto: Saikyou Ninja Daikesshu series, released in The United States and Canada under the titles of Naruto: Clash of Ninja and also Naruto: Ninja Council. In January 2012, Namco Bandai introduced that they have marketed 10 million Naruto video games worldwide.

Update 2.30 is there for Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi striker , and here is the complete list of changes and corrections added to this patch.

Bandai Namco today released a new patch for Naruto to Boruto on August 26, 2021: Shinobi Striker. This patch appears about one month after the update 2.29 published on 30 July 2021.

Update 2.29 was pretty significant as it brought a new character into the game. The new character, who contraded to the game, was no other than Nagato (Reanimation).

He was for all for free, which is beautiful because you have to pay for new characters for new characters. Well, it looks like this new update should add more functions and objects to the game.

Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker Update 2.30 Patchotes

Unfortunately, Bandai Namco has not yet published full patch notes for Update 2.30. These details should be released later today. Normally it takes a few hours for this information to be published. You can read the previous Patnotes for Update 2.29 below.

Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker Update 2.29 Patchotes

■ DLC: Master Character Training Pack: Part 25 Nagato (Reanimation) is here!
Learn Master Ninjutsu and get new items
For your avatar Ninja from Nagato (Reanimation)!

He is even available as a free playable character!

Would you like to buy this package?
Then look at the cheap Secret Technique Ninjutsu 4 set!

Season Pass 4 is a DLC set that contains the special master ninjutsu training parts 24 to 28.
Make a special training with a total of five masters!

In addition, those who buy Season Pass 4, access to Secret Technique Ninjutsu Super Uzumaki Rasengan!

Do not miss this cheap Season Pass 4-set!

■ Newly balanced ninjutsu and secret technology Ninjutsu

[Attack Type]
▲ Disappearance of Rasengan
– Added effect that extends the cooldown of the enemy Ninja tool.

▲ Acrobat technology
– Added effect that removes the stunning time in a hit.

▶ Chakra mode in lightning style
– Increased secret technology display needed for activation.
– Increased attack speed when secret technology ninjutsu is active.

▶ Eight-tail chakra mode
– Increased secret technology display needed for activation.
– Increased Ninjutsu damage.
Tailed Beast Eight Twists (Secret Technique Additional Input)
– Increased damage to enemies.

▲ C4 Karura
– Reduced secret technology display needed for activation.

[Defense Type]
▲ Ninja Art: Needle Jizo
– Shortened Ninjutsu cooldown.

▲ Boruto stream
– Shortened Ninjutsu cooldown.

▲ Super Expansion Jutsu
– Reduced secret technology display needed for activation.

▲ Hidden Mist Jutsu
– Reduced secret technology display needed for activation.
– Changed by reduced target movement speed
Too reduced target operation speed with reinforced effects.
– changed by increased speed of movement of allies
In order to increase the action speed of allies with increased effects.

– Shortened Ninjutsu cooldown.

▲ Thought transmission Journal
– Next reduces the secret technology display of the target.

▲ Mind Transfer Clon Jutsu
– Reducing the secret technology display of the target is enhanced and the effect now starts before the additional entry instead of the additional input.

▲ Ninja Art: Mitotic regeneration
– Reduced secret technology display needed for activation.

■ Newly balanced weapons
[Defense Type]
▲ Environments
– Increased damage to enemies through certain strong ground attacks
– Increased damage added by enemies through certain strong air raids.
[Applicable Weapons]
Purple long sword
Deep black long sword
Blastsword: Shibuki
Purple blowing sword: Shibuki
Adamantine blowing sword: Shibuki
Siversidord: Henkersblade
Jet Black Siversidord: Henkersblade
Loveshade Siversidord: Henkersblade
Twin Sword: Hiramekarei
Hottau twin sword: Hiramekarei
Love Shadow Twin Sword: Hirame
Crimson Claw Club
Loveshade Claw Club
Pipe smoking
Adamantine rod
Hashiramas long sword
Ink brush
Bananas with chocolate coating
Siversidord: Henkersblade (demon)

▲ Shark skin weapons
– It’s easier now to break the guard of a enemy
with certain strong ground attacks.
– It’s easier now to break the guard of a enemy
With certain strong air raids.
[Applicable Weapons]
Shark skin: Samehada (Siegel)
Skin of Purpurhais: Samehada (Seal)
Adamantine Haihaut: Samehada (Siegel)
Shark skin: Samehada
Skin of Purpurhais: Samehada
Adamantine Haihaut: Samehada
Sword of Nunoboko
Haihaut: Samehada (madness)

▲ Sense weapons
– Increased damage caused by enemies through certain strong soil attacks.
[Applicable Weapons]
Violet giant
Loveshade Giantsense
Chocolate Marshmallow

▲ Fan weapons
– Increased damage caused by enemies through certain strong soil attacks.
[Applicable Weapons]
Giant fan
Purple giant powers
Loveshade Giant Fan
Madaras fan
Magic weapon: party broom

▲ twin sword: Hiramekarei (publication)
– Increased damage caused by enemies through certain strong soil attacks.

▲ Kagemasa’s sword
– Increased damage caused by enemies through certain strong soil attacks.
– Increased damage added by enemies through certain strong air raids.

▲ explosive sword: Shibuki (Release)
– Explosions add enemies increased damage.

■ Master character adjustments
Naruto uzumaki
– For opponents made by certain large soil attacks, replacement is deactivated.
– For opponents made by certain large soil attacks, replacement is deactivated for a shorter period of time.
– For opponents made by certain strong air raids, replacement is deactivated.

The information recorded above comes from the official Bandai Namco website. We will try to update this post when Patch Notes for Version 2.30 will be released. Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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