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Roglike excavation strategy Grand Diver! ~ Good luck! Turuhashi -kun ~] announced for Nintendo Switch and released on June 30. Ark System Works handles

The Ark System Works was Grand Diver! ~ Good luck! Tsuruhashi-kun ~ will be released on June 30. The compatible platform is Nintendo Switch, and the price is 1650 yen including tax. PVs and trailers are released to the announcement.

Grand diver! ~ Good luck! Tsurugashi-kun ~ is a rogue excavation strategy game that deduces a rarear substance that sleeps underground. The stage of this work is one planet in a distant universe. The planet used to have an energy depletion. At one point, a savior who uses a tool called Tsuruhashi appears. The problem solved the problem by digging rare substances from underground, but the savior disappeared later.

On the current planet, the Grand Divers, a mining team that uses search frames for underground search, is active. The player belongs to one of the Grand Divers, Studio Tsurushi. As a pilot of the search frame Tsuruhashi-kun, he dies deep underground in search of rare substances.

As a pilot by Tsuruhashi, the player digs the stratum deep underground. Tsurugashi-kun acts toward the destination when a guide pin is installed on the map. The player sets a progress route for Tsuruhashi-kun, taking into account the various terrain and enemies that exist in the ground. If you get rare substances at the deepest part of the stage, you will clear the stage.

In terms of system, the stage changes randomly with each challenge in this work. Depending on the player’s skills, the difficulty of the stage will gradually rise. I would like to expect a gameplay that combines rogue and strategies to make an important strategy and player judgment.

In addition, this work has a system called Oen Energy. Pressing the button and putting a Tsuruhashi-kun, the support gauge rises. Tsurugashi-kun seems to be able to use the attack power and special move according to the situation of the support gauge.

In addition, Hironob Kageyama is in charge of the theme song for this work. Koyamashigeto, who has participated in the design and character supervision of Tsuruhashi-kun as a character design and original picture in many anime works. The character design is served by illustrator and manga artist Sho Kakeemaru. The gameplay of Ark System Works is a work that is colored by gorgeous creators.

Grand diver! ~ Good luck! Tsuruhashi-kun ~ will be released on June 30 for 1650 yen including tax for Nintendo Switch.

“Oh, my reward dead” Paypals service stop in Russia is a game translator, and the game is directly hit [Emergency interview]

The impact of Paypal stopping service in Russia also extends to a translator that translates Russian games. “ Stoneshard “, “ breathedge “, “ SUChart: Artist Simulator Curiu is influenced by Twitter that has been affected by Twitter Yes.

Mr. Muriho is the owner of the unique career who became a professional game translator from a volunteer translator. He game * spark in a long interview in the past in the past, but he attempted an emergency interview this time.

“StoneShard” aiming for professional translators Interview “Professional translator thought that a professional translator was completely different in the world of the world.”
“StoneShard” who turned from a volunteer translator to a professional “Idol Manager” Yuzchastics

– Currently, are you at work from Russian developer? Is there a impact on Ukrainian invasion of Russia?

Mr. Mekuru (hereinafter referred to as the honorold abbreviation), the title name does not matter, so the title name is not published, but I am involved in the translation in the title . After the start of invasion by Russia, it is currently that the reaction from development is generally slower or decreases. Although the works that are currently involved and translation work are in progress slightly, they are clearly paced down than before.

-I was addicted to Twitter, but is it difficult to contact the reward?

I’m not aware of it I can’t pay yet. It feels like something good to confirm.

-Are you considering the manufacturer?

It looks like it will come. It is probably supposed to be happy with unexpected situations, so I think that there is no way to increase the problem. It was originally scheduled for bank transfer, but it is said that “Can you change to PayPal” around February 20, who has begun to smell the situation, and it is a matter of changing the situation and changed.

-Is Paypal better than bank transfer for manufacturers?

Initially, “Because bank transfer is more convenient”. That was a bit uneasy because it became “Paypal”….

– Are there any hearts for specifying PayPal?

When I was already talking about economic sanctions at the time, I thought it would have been a Paypal.

– Have you experienced procedural issues regarding payment of compensation?

I’m just receiving this, so I do not know such problems, but I had one payment from the same publisher before February 20, and I received it without problems at that time.

– After that, there is no payment itself. Did not have plans from the beginning?

Relieving, except for the one that changed to paypal payment, there was no plan for deposit. However, the situation may be different in the situation because it was not a publisher but a direct reward from the developer, so it may be different.

– What are you going to get more difficult to contact with the manufacturer in the future?

I am going to continue my work while the project manager of the field is moving. I do not intend to ask what will happen from here.

– Was depositing canceled?

The spacing of the deposit is not so short, so it’s not so short.

I would like to press me for a while, but it was not said that never “do not pay” from the beginning. Simply planned to be paid by PayPal is only unpayable due to the PayPal. I am also an individual, Russian game companies, game developers, and personal disgust do not have any personal disgustment . However, I was unlucky.

– Did you assume a situation where payment is impossible to deposit in war when contracting with manufacturers?

Canada's Free Dumb Convoy, Episode 1314

I did not think that the war was caused and the deposit stopped. I do not confirm, but I think that the other party will be unexpected. In terms of the Country Risk of the contract, there was a payment delay from the Chinese translation company before, so I personally avoid exchanging with Chinese companies. However, I do not hear the story that Chinese companies are generally so, and I think that we will not choose the other party in consideration of the country risk.

– Do you know the game translator with familiar problems?

I do not know. There is a translator working together in another game, but the translator did not charge regular work from this publisher, and the negotiations were doing even when I worked together.

– Is there any other impact of war?

Thank you very much for your unhappy fortune, Trading with a manufacturer with a development studio in Ukraine’s Harikov and Lviv has yet been made. . Since the head office is Sweden, it seems that it is all right unless the development work is completely stopped. I heard that I was doing my best to escape the staff of the staff, but after that Ukraine issued “National Memorial Ordinance” and I was forbidden to the 18th to 60-year-old men, so it was in time I do not understand.

– Have you ever wanted to convey?

I do not want to work because I have no incompetence, so I would like to translate with responsibility for your work.

– Thank you for dividing valuable time today.

Russia and Ukrainian wars have definitely affected in the Japanese game industry in this way.

Drift Action “Buck Up and Drive!” -Cell-sording is based on works of arc system works [Developer interview]

An interview with the developer of the new indie game I’m worried about this project. This time, we will deliver a mini-in-tavy to the drift action “ BUCK UP and DRIVE! ” released on January 11 for PC / Linux development.

This work is a drift action affected by a masterpiece arcade game. While deciding the road that lasts endless, I will run through a brackly well. Equipped with one-to-one match mode that can fight with other players and CPUs. At the time of article writing, it is not Japanese.

“Buck Up and Drive!” Is delivered for 820 yen.

– First of all, please introduce yourself. What is your favorite game?

Fábio Fontes (below Fábio) Hello! Fábio fontes. It is from Portugal and is a freelance illustrator and indie game developer. This work is the first game I made.

If you were asked “the most favorite game” in a few years ago, he would have answered “Ocarina at the Legend of Zelda”. However, I stopped doing only one game of games. It may sound as a little selfish, but there are many games in the world, each of which makes a completely different experience. Therefore, the act of choosing one of the best to choose to narrow the real excellence of the game. However, I still love the “Ikarina at the Legend of Zelda”!

-Why did you start developing this work?

Fábio This work has begun to create 3D graphics experiments on a game engine that is not as good as GameMaker Studio 2. I will try to do it if I can do it. At that time, I watched old game videos using super scarf such as “Outrun” and “Afterburner” on YouTube, and understand how these games are working, like this style I wanted to try in a 3D environment.

– Please tell me the characteristics of this work.

Fábio This work is an endless driving game, with a guardrail as a skateboard game. You can earn points and earn points, attack other cars, and you can make techniques like charging attacks and fighting games, and have a one-to-one match mode. You can also customize the car as you like with Decal! You can also use your favorite pet’s inco photo!

– What kind of person do this work do you want to play?

Fábio This work is originally a personal experimental work, so I am making it without having to play for any person. I just wanted to make a cool thing. If you look at the trailer and look interesting, you may not be the target of this work. (Lol)

– Is there a work affected by this work?

As mentioned on Fábio, main inspiration is received from a masterpiece arcade work like “Outrun”. Other affected things, in terms of speed boost, “Mario Cart”, “Burnout” series, battle system and “Shifty Gear” are several modes, It is influenced by the fighting game of. In addition, cell shading used for cars of this work is based on the techniques used in the recent work of Arc System Works. The focusing on visuals and drifts when running is also influenced by the anime “initial letter D”, and the same thing similar to AE86 comes out.

– Is there any plan to support Japanese work? Is it possible to translate?

Fábio I want to be a project of myself, so there is no plan for translation. However, if you can make a translation MOD, you will not deny it. This work is an arcade-like game that can be played with Succeed, so there are not many texts and you can not enjoy even if you don’t know English?

– Did you have an impact on development by new coronavirus?

Fábio I am a freelance illustrator, so I work at home before and all work is online. Therefore, the pandemic did not affect my daily life and the development of this work. I have not been infected so far. Please be careful about everyone!

– Is it okay to deliver and monetize this work?

Fábio Mochisdo! If you are indie developers, the distributors are a wonderful friend to be famous for your game. If you are a lot of fans, it is still more. It is content for the distributor and is entertainment for viewers, and we are advertising for our developer. Everyone is winner!

– Lastly, please give a message to the Japanese reader.

Fábio If you look forward to watching this work, I’m glad to play by all means! Also, if you would like to develop a game with people reading this, there are many tools and tutorials online, so it is much easier than before. Most things can be used free of charge, so please try without hesitation!

–thank you.

◆ About “attention indie mini questions”
This series is a serialized plan that interviews the works with indie led by indie led by ** release immediately after release. Questions are formatted to format a regular serialization, and we aim to deliver the voices of many developers as much as possible. Enjoy more than 500 other interview articles.

Hakusura & Rogue Light Action “DEFLECTOR” Battle of the Battle of the Battle! [Bakuple play repo]

The latest game is released a lot of daily life. Maker and store game introduction only “I don’t know what kind of game!” And I am not a GAME * SPARK reader. I am crying because I can not grasp it until I play. Therefore, this plan is to deliver the contents of the raw game to the motto “as soon as possible”, “explosion play repo”.

This time, ARROWFIST GAMES has developed, is publisher, and on January 28, 2022, the contents of the raw content for Hakusura ADV “ DEFLECTOR ” that has been released early access to PC (Windows) at STEAM I want to deliver.

# What is “DEFLECTOR”?

This work is an action adventure with plenty of Hakusura and rogue elements that will destroy the approaching virus. On the stage of the experimental environment, the player operates the sample “specimen” to run through the map generated randomly while strengthening yourself.

While being the stage of early access, it was a play experience that was already sufficiently completion, such as “tradial defense” and “trade-off strategicity” and “upgrade elements” in the battle. Let’s introduce it immediately.

# About setting

The setting items will line orthodox contents such as video, audio, control and language. Operation systems that can also set keycomdings are compatible with keyboards and mice and controllers, and personally played in the former from the good response.

Unfortunately the language is not Japanese. Since this work basically, the battle is main and the explanatory sentence displayed when strengthening capacity is also a simple sentence, so even if you play in English, you may not have a hard time to play. In addition, as the story is also a flavor that comes out of fragmentally from the information obtained fragmentally during capture, it is a impression that there is no major impact on it.

# Tutorial is a big deal

The difficulty level of this work is relatively high, so it may be a player who is familiar with the action, and people who are not. However, I think that is a salt plum ** that can feel the response of growth steadily.

The capture climax was that the basic elements learned in the tutorial are properly practiced. However, in the flow operation only to follow the instructions that appear, the tutorial of this work was very important in map capture that can be strategic selection.

# Research and grow

From the title screen, the first time the experiment starts, research and specimens will line. A map capture that can be spent in the battle starts by choosing the start of the experiment, and the item item contains the unlocked release list due to so-called results.

Under such circumstances studies are important elements that can not be captured . In the item, tabs such as Immunity (immunity) “” Adaptability (adaptability) “and” Mutation “are lined up, each of which is mainly the basic capacity of the sample, the shop price price reduction, and the capacity bonus can be upgraded. increase.

Research requires a cost that can be acquired during map capture, “DNA (gene)”, and the early stages may be difficult to gather. However, even if the acquired gene can be brought back on the way, it is salvation that there is a merit that retry many times.

Personally, I was upgrading focusing on physical strength at the head of “some damage to some degrees”. The more you’re going to get caught the fierce, so I want to keep it with a reliable power-up.

# Strategicity required for map capture

Capture start. Select “Start Experiment” from the menu, select the operation character Specimen (currently all four, unlocked expression), and head to a start point called HUB.

I have access to each map from here, but only one is. If you clear it, other maps will be released.

Maps called Living Entrails

There are multiple stages in the map, and the contents of each stage are random except for some.

At the end, the boss is standby, and as a point of capture, I feel that how much he can preserve or upgrade how much the ability is possible.

If you clear the stage, you can choose from there…. Although each stage is prepared for reward items and combat rules, players will be bothered by a balance.

Remuneration is briefly organized, and three types of “DNA” “Cell” and “Mutation”. DNA is the above-mentioned research upgrade, Cell is available only in the shop being captured, MUTATION is the content of the ability upgrade available only during capture.

I want to go with an easy route, but the recovery item is a difficult person… When I say, I will do it because of the expression of Kaiji Bar.

From there, thinking is further progressive, and it will give up the DNA that you want to take up as much as possible, and if you want to get rid of the DNA, you will be able to collect Cell in a randomly lined item and collect Cell… I will go to the swamp of my swamp.

If you think about it, there is no Kiri! The tradeoff that suffered from these heads is just a good balance, but it is interesting in this work.

# Simple, Don’t, and high speed combat…… Movement is calm

The battle is a very simple operation based on four movements such as “attack” “defense” “dash” and “special skill”. However, it will be a point of capture how to combine them to process self-or other attacks.

When the player’s physical strength is exhausted by the player, however, no matter how many capture maps are in progress, even if they were reached to the boss. Other than DNA, all Cell and capabilities have been lost, and will be reed from the beginning.

Therefore, it is important to combat “How do you reduce your physical strength” on shaft. Of course it is attacking to win, but personally it is important to defense.

Because the defense is to bounce the enemy’s attack and damage it, and even if it is a Boomerang attack (in the early SPECIMEN), it can be used as a real damage source, with a bounce back and return to the enemy. **

On the other hand, the main attack of the enemy is a single shot, a continuous shot, shot cancer, or a self-destruct from an assault, or a tentacle attack and its variation. When the enemy appears more than one, the screen is filled with a barrage like STG.

Personally, it takes time, but as much as possible, it was safely saved to the other party. In addition, it is less likely to get caught up with the opponent’s attack without getting worthwhile, and it was less damaged.

However, boss matches can not say such tricky movement, so it is important to keep moving anyway.

Some stages, enemies’ yellow energy bullets can not bounce. Therefore, the avoidance behavior at which invincible time occurs is also important.

If you are avoiding, you can also get a stage gimmick that is usually damaged.

# Mutation advantageously

“Immunity” is an important upgrade item for strengthening specimen, “Immunity”, which is available through stage capture rewards and shops.

Once roughly, three types of attack power, defense, basic capacity, for example, “ability itself is enhanced”, etc. “The ability of the ability itself is enhanced”, etc. Each fine effect is set.

These are all randomly emerged and when the route selection on the map is selected, it can be expected to be what kind of rewards, but it is unknown about what item of what effect is actually available. It is also possible to arrange it in the shop, but because it is random, it is extremely difficult to get the targeted items and strengthen it planned.

If you get an item, it will be displayed as a block (tile?) On such a dedicated screen. Each block has an empty slot that extends to one of four directions, and you can set another block to that slot.

Here, interesting is a system that randomly, powerful “additional skills” are released by arranging these blocks from the initial position. Since the skills can not be achieved by arranging skills without thinking, strategic judgments are also required here.

in conclusion

Strategic decisions “** Risks to or safe to” in this work are required not only for combat but also the entire capture. Because this basic stance is thoroughly complete, this work is deeper with the simple components. It is the best taste to promote capture while worrying about your head.

Free Lo-Fi Healing Game Chill Corner in Steam is popular. Interactive work BGM just looking at the room with cats

Chill Corner is under distributed cost-free for the PC at Steam.

For this work at first, it had actually also been directed out troubles.

Considering that the variation 1.0.5 as well as later on ended up being feasible to transform the ceiling of the graphics quality and also fps, allowed the establishing to suit the player of the environment. Was shown in the trial, the case of the writers of the center specification GPU (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER), the default setup display size 1280 × 800, graphic quality high, 60fps GPU use rate of about 9%. Maximum collection of screen dimension 1920 × 1080, graphic high quality Ultra, 120fps was a GPU use 33%. It could be a great be changed according to the application and also its very own atmosphere.

At Heavy steam, it appears the application of the phrase healing and teeth system has ended up being popular higher. Chill Corner is, leisure game that began distribution on December 18 in 2015. In the corresponding platform PC, it can be downloaded cost free. Likewise, it corresponds to the Japanese.

Room of the atmosphere can be differed in many methods. It can be chosen, such as also the room and living as an interior of the area.

Feel free to think ~ Chill Lofi Hip-Hop Beats ✨???? [Chillhop / Lofi hip hop music / lofi beats]

The materials of the Chill Corner is basic. Cube-shaped little room is displayed on the screen. The room and also family pet one pet kick back To grumbling, residents character is the one individual some work.

Practically with game elements minimal work that Sogiotoshi likewise, this work won the 1000 of more than Heavy steam store review in 3 weeks from the distribution begin. Due to the fact that of this work there is additionally a function that permits you to set the alarm after a particular time, I question some people are making use of as a tool to concentrate on work or research.

The game components, if entrusted to begin this work, we built up the money to be slowly called Chirutaimu. By eating this, such as ornamental plants as well as fish tank to place Several of the area, it is feasible to acquire a selection of furniture. Some furnishings, such as it is watering at the click, even those where there is a moderate interacting elements. For it is also possible to start with the room to finish vacant residences, most likely also have the ability to coordinate the preferences of the space. Songs moving in this work, also recorded 22 songs in the default album. On top of that, it is additionally feasible to get a brand-new album as a paid DLC.

For it is likewise feasible to begin with the area to complete vacant residences, likely likewise be able to coordinate the choices of the room. Music flowing in this work, additionally recorded 22 tracks in the default album. Nearly with game aspects minimalist work that Sogiotoshi additionally, this work won the 1000 of even more than Steam shop review in 3 weeks from the circulation beginning. Since of this work there is likewise a function that permits you to set the alarm system after a certain time, I ask yourself some people are making use of as a tool to concentrate on work or research study.

For this work initially, it had likewise been directed out problems. It appears GPU use is really high for some people. Initially look, although the director-consuming concern is not seen in all, according to the Heavy steam store testimonial, it appears there was additionally the case that reveals the GPU usage rate of 50% or more. From this, from the component of the user it had actually likewise more than suspected that it is a cryptographic money mining tools.

He says, in the version 1.0.5 and also earlier, the game is constantly running in graphics setting Ultra, there was no upper limit to fps. It claims the developer, this is the default setting of the Unity video game, not a point in the extent programmers can control.

Dead by Daylight wants to be work of love players say Lol no

Dead by Daylight would like to win an award. But the players one and say clearly: Can you get something of kink!

On Steam every year together with the autumn-sale also takes place the nomination of the games of the year. There are numerous categories, such as best VR game, better with friends or work of love. Exactly the price would like to get the developers of Dead By Daylight and ask their players to tune. However, they are angry.

What is the work of love ? This is a special category for games that have been on the market for a while and are no longer really considered new. However, games can be set up here, which will still be supplied with new content after a long time — this applies to Dead by Daylight.

Community reacts angry: For many players, the Work of Love is also a category in which games should be honored where you realize that the developers let their passenger blood flow into the game and to the wishes of the Community. Exactly this feeling is probably not available for many players. Under the announcement there are therefore numerous comments and almost all of them are negative. A few excerpts from it:

Bruh, you do not deserve.
Work of love – tells me a joke.
How much crack do you actually be smoking?
Work of ignoring the community sounds rather suitable
You are interested in shit for your game and your play scale, but then you want to have our voice, ha, lol, sure.

The consequence on all these comments: just, just under an hour after the request, but to vote for Dead by Daylight, the article was closed and new comments no longer allowed.

Why is the mood just so bad? That has many reasons:

On the one hand, the players have been complaining for years that each patch always brings many new bugs and needs several hotfixes to run around.
At the same time, many design decisions of recent years and months are criticized harsh. The BMM (Skill Based Match Making) is controversial as players never see a value for comparison and can only advise how well they are. Also, the evaluation of this system is extremely simple, which is why it often comes to unfair matches.
Also some innovations, such as the Boon-Perks come negative in parts of the community.

After all: The Reddit post, which deals with this community award, has collected over 10,000 up votes, with 97% positive feedback — an extreme rarity in Dead by Daylight. Here most players seem to agree on the Subreddit.

Dead by Daylight stream #143

That’s somehow the absurd-beautiful at Dead by Daylight. The only thing killer-mains and survivor mains combined in the heart is her shared hatred for the game you play for hours day for day.

Purge Puzzle UNPACKING It at the time of loading with partners with partners

An interview with the developer of the new indie game Im worried about this project. This time, we will deliver a mini-in-tavy to the development puzzle UNPACKING released on November 2 for Witch Beam Development, PC / Mac / Linux / Xbox One / Switch.

This work is a puzzle game that puts luggage removed from the box at a new home. While being a puzzle game that fills a limited space well, you can also enjoy the way of decorating the living space. It is also a healing game where there is no timer, meter, score, and relaxation is possible when loading. For more information on the game content, please visit the play report. Customary to Japanese.

UNPACKING is distributed for 2,050 yen (Steam).

— First, please introduce yourself. What is your favorite game?

Wren Brier (Wren Brier) This is the Wren Brier responsible for the creative director of this work. I have a game art history, but in this project, I was in charge of game design, production and business. Before involved in this work, as a freelance artist, he worked as an artist in Half brick Studios before that, and he was in charge of updating Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride.

It is difficult to choose the most favorite game, and it is quite different, but Psychopath 2 Ambush him Banjo and Kazoos Great Adventure DONt Starve Gone HOME is not it.

-Why did you start developing this work?

Wren This idea came up when I started living with my partner Tim Dawson. I was notifying him by two people, but I realized that there is a game-like element for this work. The player can unlock the box below by emptying the box, and put it out more and more items and place it in a suitable place. Usually, in other games, I think there is an element that finds suitable for items in a variety of places, but it is similar in this work. However, this work has made such packing as it was.

Anyway, I talked to Tim when this would be a good idea of ​​the game and did something to be a game or brainstorming. A few days later, we used the system of this work to draw her story by loading at various timings of female character life. At this time, TIM and his company Witch Beam is thinking about the next project, and I was working as a freelance artist, but because I was working as a freelance artist, it was so busy, so it was so busy to start making prototypes of this work I thought it was!

— Please tell me the characteristics of this work.

From the people who played Wren, such a game I have never played so far. There are now many elements in most games in this work. For example, a score, a timer, etc. Instead, it has a quiet attraction that makes people crazy. Also, I think that it is a unique point that draws a story using only the core system and the one in the house. Visuals are also quite different from other works. You can see it immediately after watching a screenshot.

— What kind of person do this work do you want to play?

I would like to play with people who like to organize WREN things and those who like to collect the piece of story based on hints. I am very happy to enjoy this work for all types of people. Couple people can play together, and parents can play with children, and hardcore gamers and casual gamers are also enjoying delivery of this work. It is a single player game, but it is very fun to see it sideways.

— Is there a work affected by this work?

Besides EVENTIM and I started cohabitation, this work is affected by others. The idea of ​​telling the word of womens life in less words, from Florence. GONE HOME is influenced in that it draws stories from items and the environment. And of course, the first The SIMS is referred to in terms of putting items according to quarter views and masses. Besides, there is also the influence of the song The Bed Song of Amanda Palmer. This song is a story that draws a dating with a snapshot. A song that resonates with a very heart, and I wanted to express something similar to this feeling in this work.

— Did you have an impact on development by new coronavirus?

Wren We all worked from home, so there was no impact. However, although I wanted to exhibit this work, I wanted to exhibit on overseas game shows like PAX and SUMMIT, they all have been canceled.

— Is it okay to deliver and monetize this work?

Wren Yes, its okay! Please do it. I love to see the figure of delivering this work.

— Lastly, please give a message to the Japanese reader.

Thank you for your support! Im glad if you enjoy this work, and I am looking forward to seeing you at Japanese game events held in 2022!

–thank you very much.

◆ About attention indie mini questions
This series is a serialized plan that interviews the works with indie led by indie led by release immediately after release. Questions are formatted to format a regular serialization, and we aim to deliver the voices of many developers as much as possible. Enjoy more than 500 other interview articles.

Henry Cavill de The Witcher analyzes an injury during season 2

In case you have lost it, Henry Cavill suffered a leg injury last year while filming. The Brujo Season 2 as Geralt de Rivia for Netflix. The production of the new season, which will be launched on December 17, finally advanced without much fanfare while Cavill took the time to recover and filmed other scenes. According to a recent interview with the actor, he did not see his leg injury as a reverse but as an opportunity to restore and heal.

I think one of the skills I have acquired over the years is to move forward regardless of difficulty, hard work or trials and tribulations, said Cavill recently. He told people about his injury as part of a broader interview on physical condition and mental health. Then, when the lesion arrived in the corva tendon, I tried to see the positive side. It was like, ‘it’s fine. I was working crazy hours and was exhausting and now I can not work physically because I am in crutches. ‘ So I was concentrating more on taking a free time and going, how can I cure me better?

When it comes to my mental health, [i] focus on what I can control and work on that, Cavill continued. And that gives me something to work instead of something with what to deal with or work or manage my life.

The first eight episode season of Netflix The Brujo is now available at Netflix. Haking the Brujo, a special documentary, is also available to transmit on Netflix. The first season of The Witcher: A look inside the episodes is also, Admás available to transmit on the platform now. The Brujo Season 2 will be launched on the transmission platform on December 17. Lauren S. Hissrich works as Showrunner at The Brujo. He is starring Henry Cavill as Geralt de Rivia, Anya Chalotra as Yennefer, Freya Allan as Ciri and Joey Batey as Jaskier. The new cast members of season 2 include Kim Bodenia (mulling Eva) as Vesemir, Yasen Atour (wallender young) as Coen, Agnes Bjorn as Vereena, Paul Bullion (peaky blinders) as Lambert, Basil Eidenbenz as Eskel, Aisha FABIENNE ROSS (The Danish Girl) as Lydia, Kristof Hivju (Game of Thrones) as Levellen and Mecia Simson as Francesca, among others. You can check all our previous Netflix coverage The Brujo right here.

Why DEADMAN WONDERLAND isn't getting a Season 2

Are you excited about Netflix’s new season? The Wizard? What do you think of Cavill’s comment about the injury? Let us know in the comments or do not hesitate to contact me directly on Twitter in @rollinbishop to talk about everything related to games.

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Secret World Legends Review - Funcom's Greediest Mistake

PlayStation: an incredible secret discovered on the start screen nearly 27 years later By the talented bitead1000 handyman, admire the work. > DIY: it manufactures its transparent PS1 > > We are never better served than by yourself !! ???????? > > Posted by handyman on Friday 30 July 2021 Discover all our images of the day here See you tomorrow at 19h for a new image!

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